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TheWORstFan 6/24/2010 6:41:23 AM

Wesley should have been in the Blade tv series. He would've been better than that cross-eyed shrimp that played him. The series got better at the end.

Thorn 6/24/2010 6:45:11 AM

 An excellent list. Kudos.

Laszerus 6/24/2010 6:52:58 AM

I ran into Wesley Snipes at E3 one year. The guy is a humongous jerk. I have no doubt the stories of him being impossible to work with are true. He's fun to watch, but he wrote his own acting obituary with his behavior.

ddiaz28 6/24/2010 6:57:30 AM

Awesome list Hanso.  Out of all of them, I want to see Val Kilmer make a comeback the most.  He's such a great actor.  I'd have to say the last great movie I saw him in was The Salton Sea. Loved that film. 

All he's gotta do is drop a few pounds, team up with Warwick Davis, and get a Willow sequel made.  Madmartigan returns!!!  That's a sequel I really want to see.  Or how about Top Gun 2?  huh, huh?  Who wouldn't want to see him and Tom playing volleyball together again?

lracors 6/24/2010 7:19:08 AM

Paul Reubens, Barry Pepper, and Christian Slater i could care less.  I was never really a big Val Kilmer fan so no big loss there.

Harrison Ford. damn look... dude's 68, he's bangin Calista Flockhart and I love him as much as I love Sean Connery (without getting weird).  He has given us lots of quality work, Cowboys & Aliens may be his final solid genra film my point is to put him on this list is not really fair, yah 2000's was a little bleak for him but still.

The rest of the list needs to make smarter choices... you mentioned JCVD and "The Expendables" yah he screwed the pooch on that one methinks.

Oh one last thing... Betty White is funny as Hell... and one of the last great's from that era of comedy so no don't go mocking her!

Tevii 6/24/2010 7:42:43 AM

I cant agree more about Michael Keaton being number 1.

I had no idea JCVD turned down The Expendables. Wow what a bad decision... and too bad. It would have been great to see him with the others.

SONYMANswallows 6/24/2010 8:14:12 AM

I remember thinking how does Keaton get less billing than Matt Dillon. Of course Lindsey did not want to share her dying spotlight. I think this movie was when I predicted sacasticly that Lindsey would prefer girls and start doing poooornoooo. Her role as Deep Throat may not be exactly the same as her chest is in need of major CGI.


Keaton could rock a honkey Nick Fury. Or The Dark Kight Returns plus he could give Reed Richards integrity and maybe even possibly Dr Strange- Hugo or preferrably Steven.

violator14 6/24/2010 8:28:53 AM

Dam, now this is a list! another great job Hanso-san. I really miss Keaton as well. STILL the best Batman BY FAAARRR IMO. I also miss all the actors on this list except for maybe PeeWee Herman. THey should all just get together and make a movie where they all play their very best characters.

Imagine a movie w/, Indiana Jones, Doc Holiday, Batman, JCVD as JCVD, Pee Wee, Blade,.......uuuhhh wth am i sayin?? Been watching too much Robot Chicken or something.. hahaha



dbrock06 6/24/2010 8:41:37 AM

I know Paul Reubens is bringing the Pee Wee character back.  I think there is a limited time only return to Broadway(New York) either this summer or this Fall.  I really hope that I get a chance to see it.  Hopefully this will get him back into the limelight a bit.  His one shot appearance on 30 Rock season 2 was hilarious as well.  The guy is really talented, but somewhat of a degenrate.

trollman 6/24/2010 8:42:51 AM

If I NEVER see JCVD again that's still too soon.  The last thing I saw him do was play a version of himself on the NBC show VEGAS.  He was doing a stunt sceen in a fictional movie being shot in Vegas. The stunt went wrong and he drove a mortercycle off the roof of a casino and plunged to his death!! That is the JCVD image I want to be left with.  Lets not mess that up with a lame comeback attempt.

If He pays his taxes I have no problem with Snipes. Just because you're a celebrity doesn't give you a pass on supporting your country. Prince Harry of England serves active duty in the british military. Hell even Elvis served in the US Army at the hight of his career. Poor ol Wesley can't be bothered to get an accountant and perform his due dilligence by JUST PAYING taxes?

I guess I'm the only person that watched Christian Slater in BOTH My Own Worst Enemy & Forgotten. I liked him in Broken Arrow with Travolta.

Cuba gooding Jr - I can't think of anything he can do that another actor can't do as well or better.

Michael Keaton - Now I have to agree He has talent and range. I'd like to see him come back big. I liked him in WHITE NOISE.

Carrie Ann Moss should hook up with Milla Jovovich and do a flick together. My mind just took a pornographic turn, sorry,,, better now. But I really had meant a buddy cop with chicks kinda thing. Carrie is the hard nosed by the book cop forced to team up with Milla's Blow s#!t up first and let CSI identify the parts.

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