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karas1 3/12/2010 4:33:57 AM

The Greatest American Hero theme got some top 40 airplay at the time.  I always liked it.


marcd30319 3/12/2010 4:47:25 AM

Wait a minute!  You mean you were actually listening the theme of Wonder Woman?  Screw the lyrics, dude, I was concentrating on Lynda Carter!

cheekymonkey 3/12/2010 5:20:35 AM

I totally forgot the Spiderman theme from Electric Company

I still like the Greatest American Hero theme...especially when George on Seinfeld used it for his answering machine

Cfancher 3/12/2010 6:10:08 AM

I agree that Knight Rider and Greatest American Hero, they fit the shows, Dawson's Creek and the first One Tree Hill song (I dont want to be) should be on that list.

NDorado 3/12/2010 6:21:14 AM

Wonder Woman, Land of the Lost, and Greatest American Hero were classics!  :)

-- Nick

from City of Kik


WarCry 3/12/2010 6:28:35 AM

The Ballad of Serenity (The Firefly theme) shoud NOT be on this list! Screw that Hulk "walkin' away" crap, The Ballad of Serenity is what I'd want for a funeral....

"Take my love / Take my land / Take me where I cannot Stand / I don't care, I'm still free / You can't take the sky from me"



That, or Wherever I May Roam by Metallica...

"Carved upon my stone / My body lies, but still I roam"


But I digress...

Wyldstaar 3/12/2010 6:29:01 AM

Some of these songs are bad, but the ones that are bad do so in a guilty pleasure kind of way.

I've got the entire Firefly soundtrack on my ipod, and I like every bit of it- the theme tune most of all.

ddiaz28 3/12/2010 6:37:28 AM

Knight Rider definitely belongs nowhere near this list.  Awesome theme.  How can you go wrong if Busta Rhymes makes a song out of it!  Lemme hear ya say fire it up!

I like the Firefly theme too.  And I wish SarcasticCaveman hadn't mentioned the Dawson's Creek song cuz now its stuck in my head!  Put it on the list!

hertensteine 3/12/2010 6:50:21 AM

I don't care what they say, "You can't take the sky from me!"  RIP Firefly

Tevii 3/12/2010 6:54:58 AM

WAIT!!!! BLASPHEMY!!!!! The Knight Rider theme is GREAT!

and the Firefly theme is not bad at all, and very appropriate tothe show

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