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mike10 3/12/2010 7:06:37 AM

Half the songs on this list do not belong there and you missed some classic crapfests like Kids from C.A.P.E.R.

Hobbs 3/12/2010 7:34:46 AM

Firefly should NOT be on thsi list.  I agree with jaw, it was perfect for the show. 

And thanks Rob....now I have that Wonderwoman theme stuck in my head.  :P


PAGE 3/12/2010 8:04:26 AM

C'mon Rob! TJ Hooker, Knight Rider, The Greatest American Hero, Firefly - Should not be on this list! You're crazy!! Create another article with the bext 10 theme songs because I seriously would like to see which 10 you think are better.

lordheinrich 3/12/2010 8:18:21 AM

I was going to disagree on 4 (vehemently on four songs), but after listening to a few seconds of Wonder Woman and Spiderman for the first time in decades, they aren't as apealing as they were when I Was 5 and 12 years old. I will however take you to task for both Knight Rider that is a nice track though it would be great without the voice over; and Greatest American Hero which is not only one of my all time favorite theme songs but favorite over all songs. It along with the Cheers theme, Old Time Rock and Roll, Jailhouse Rock, and Friends in low places are the most played songs on my ipod and computer.

Loafy 3/12/2010 8:48:17 AM

 Wonder Woman is the greatest tv show theme song ever written and I will not listen to anymore of your lies! 

MaddMat 3/12/2010 8:49:07 AM

 Knight Rider?  You might as well have put the Airwolf theme on the list.


rockapellaman 3/12/2010 8:52:06 AM

The Greatest American Hero is my favorite TV show theme of all time. How can that possibly be on this list?!? What's wrong with you?

millean 3/12/2010 8:58:28 AM

Is this supposed to be the 10 worst theme songs, or 10 best?  Greatest American Hero, Knight Rider, Wonder Woman and my favorite Star Trek: Enterprise.  (I really like that actual song, but I also can understand some of the controversy from the Trekkies as it wasn't the traditional Fianl Frontier voice over).  I'm actually looking forward to when I get home so I can actually listen to some of these songs on a non-work computer.

Oh, and if genre can be defined as "any property that Mania has ever covered", then the number one annoying-theme-song-that-you-can't-get-out-of-your-head is that stupid Smurfs tune... "la la la la la laaaaa..." (there was even a version with some lyrics, if I recall correctly)


everdreaded 3/12/2010 9:01:34 AM

 Sigmund the seamonster..if you ever heard it, you'd shoot it straight to number one...trust me!

millean 3/12/2010 9:05:14 AM

Oh, and my new favorite theme song is that for none other than Mania writer Rob Vaux.  (It's sung to the tune of Rawhide).


"Trollin', trollin', trollin,...

Keep these articles trollin'

Get those comments rollin'... Rob Vaux!"


Sorry Rob, I kid because I care.

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