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DarthDuck 2/10/2010 8:35:09 AM

I don't see how they could ever pull off a remake of Freaks.  There is no way, and the original is so unique and 'of its time' that a remake would destroy it.

Leave Rosemary's Baby alone!!  You said it yourself  "Still terrifing after all these years"  As has been posted above, did we learn nothing from The Omen?  Outdated special effects is no reason to throw together a remake.  Great effects do not a great movie make!

tjanson 2/10/2010 8:50:47 AM

Darth...it's not so much about modern special effects but just making the films more contemporary.  Rosemary's baby looks so outdated as do most of the films on the list.  The Night Stalker is a great film but its so Kitschy 70's...

silversurfer 2/10/2010 9:11:21 AM

The Legend of Hell House is a good candidate for a remake. Even though the original is excellent, I think it could stand an upgrade.

Rosemary's Baby wouldn't get the treatment that it should...I could see this one getting screwed up.

The Black Cat would be a great candidate as well, but the Censors would have a heart attack....same with M

Dr. Phibes could be good....it would be better if they didn't go the route of Saw or Hostel as far as not giving the reason for the torture until the end. The reason would have to be in the forefront. This way the viewers would be in tune with why he's doing what he's doing.....

AgentCoop 2/10/2010 9:43:28 AM

When I think of all of my favorite classic horror films, the thing I want most is to lock them in a special vault where they can never be remade or *gag* rebooted. Look what they did to Halloween.

monkeyfoot 2/10/2010 11:01:25 AM

Tjanson, what in the storyline of Rosemary's Baby is so outdated? The clothes? Language? The directing style? Yes, it could be remade since it came from a book and a new writer and director could get more stuff from that. But you might as well say the same thing about The Godfather. "That movie's not done in contemporary style so it needs to be re-done." No to that in my mind!

You could remake it but what are the chances that what they create will be considered even close to the original as a classic? Little and none! The only reason to remake it is just to make money by using a familiar name.

Other movies on the list are great movies that can be remade. Some are very old and can be contemporized. Some have very dated FX and might look better. They are all favorites but probably the two most considered universally as "classic" are probably M and Rosemary's Baby. There's little chance of doing a new version of those that the public and critics will hail as the new classic.

I'd rather somebody make a new film that the original helped inspire than remake a new one just for money.

chervil 2/10/2010 11:32:04 AM

I have seen clips from "Freaks" over the years, but never the whole thing.
If they remade it, I feel they would be obligated to use people with actual deformities.
To do it CGI is like using someone who can see or hear to play the deaf or blind.
Or like using CGI to make regular people look like "little" people (or dwarves or midgets or whatever it is they prefer these days).
There are so  many out there that are talented, why not use them?

Didn't see Dr Phibes until a few years back, and immediately was left wondering why it hadn't been remade yet!
Such a great story of revenge and so well twisted!
Of course, it would be hard to find someone who filled that role as menacingly as Vincent Price!

Rope is another classic that deserves updated, not as frightening, but definitely sick and twisted.

myklspader 2/10/2010 12:25:31 PM

 I am all for most of these (though ‘The Astronaut's Wife’ was a loose remake of ‘Rosemary's Baby’) but the big thing to me is that they are made as horror movies with suspense and such, not these blood is everywhere and that is scary crap that passes nowadays. I am not an older guy (only in my late 20s) I just grew up I think in the last really good era of horror flicks coming out and expect that tradition to continue to some degree. 

I cannot remember exactly what Dan Curtis says on ‘The Night Stalker/The NIght Strangler’ DVD word for word but he basically just says that a great horror movie has to have a great story and characters you care about. 

swisshammer 2/10/2010 12:39:24 PM

Remake the Re-animator? Horrible, horrible idea!!! And NO on a remake of Funhouse. I can think of about 40 other movies that deserve remakes.

keithdaniel 2/10/2010 12:50:21 PM

I strongly agree with Darthduck and Monkeyfoot. Some great films from the past don`t necessarily need to be remade and that obviously would include Rosemary`s Baby. So what if some of these films are dated in terms of fashion and technology,why should that matter? I can understand if a film from some time ago can be made better in terms of story,characters,and suspense etc. A film shouldn`t be remade because the fashion and technology of a past era offends some so much that they cannot sleep at night!

Those that think past films should be remade soley because they need to be more contemporary are missing the point. It always comes down to story,characters,atmosphere,and good old fashion suspense! If past films have all of that,to the point of being a classic(Rosemary`s Baby,The Omen),then there`s no real need to remake them. Like I`ve stated,if a past film has been good but not great then perhaps it should be remade,but other than that the only other logical reason to remake past films would be to improve upon the effects,stunts,production design etc.,but only in conjuction with putting a different,interesting spin on the story.

tjanson 2/10/2010 1:00:32 PM

Would love to see Re-animator remade but done strictly for horror without the comedic elements.  That's the angle I'm looking for.  More than anything else its to rescue some of these films from relative obscurity among modern audiences.  There's people who flat out refuse to watch a movie thats in black and white.  I think we all know a few of THOSE!

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