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Jasinner 4/17/2010 11:45:39 AM

 I'd like to add an honorable mention for the Sentinal from the Matrix. 

Redshirt1 4/17/2010 3:53:37 PM

I had the Six Million Dollar Man.  It was the ultimate in coolness.  And I agree that Stretch Armstrong should've made the list.

animefanjared 4/18/2010 9:04:00 PM

Maybe I'm just a huge Batman: the Animated Series freak, but I'm so glad to see Clayface make the list.  Actually, all of the toys on that line were excellent and looked like they just walked right off the screen.

I agree with ultrazilla, the AT-AT from "Empire" rocked!  My brother and I flipped out the Christmas we got that one.

Jeremiah29 4/19/2010 5:34:13 AM

Where's G.I. Joe's "Crimson Guard"?!  Or Robocop of the" Ultra Police"(it featured a cap roll firing system!)

Volton was pretty cool too, and no He-Man? (Man I am a child of the 80's!)


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Yosfefar 4/22/2010 5:46:35 PM

My favorite toy is the www.whatsyourobsession.com/revoltech-transformers-review/ Optimus Prime Revoltech.  That guy did some reviews of a bunch ofthem.  I know this isn't about what toys should have been added but the Transformers fans might like them! 

They don't transform but Optimus can hold almost any pose I've thought of.

boogel 4/24/2010 2:30:17 PM

How can anyone not add their 2cents to this one.  In no particular order.

1) The MAXX! figure by McFarlane

2) V.I.N.C.E.N.T. from the Black Hole

3) Droid Factory from StarWars.

4) The robosquid from The Matrix  McFarlane

5) Death Row Marv...very cool

6) Hellboy from Mezco

7) Master Chief  Racing Champions

8) Kaneda with Bike  McFarlane

9) Jack Skelington w/ interchangable heads from NECA

10) Micronauts Force Commander/Barron Karza

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