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10 Fangtastic Vampire Con Photos

Where all the Fangs Come out to Play.

By Liana Aghajanian     August 19, 2009

10 Fangtastic Vampire Con Photos
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With vendors to attract even the most undead of them all, thought-provoking and entertaining panels, as well as blood rushed fans, Vampire-Con at the Music Box at Fonda Theatre in Hollywood was the place to be, whether you like your vampires classic, Southern or sparkling.  Those waiting to get a glimpse into the world of a figure that has been celebrated in literature, film and music for centuries lined Hollywood Boulevard on the third and final day of the Vampire extravaganza earlier than 11 a.m. While fans received free bottles of Venom, an energy drink that has a whopping 160 mg of caffeine per container, Vampire Wine proudly displayed its Merlot from the “vampire vineyards” of Paso Robles, Calif. Here's what we saw at the fangtastic event.
 Dracula & Suckmate

Vampire Con


Main character from Red Velvet

Vampire Con

Count Smokula

Vampire Con

Scarlet Rose

Vampire Con

Viking Bat

Vampire Con

Van Helsing

Vampire Con

Vampire Wench

Vampire Con



LaDanse Macabre Designs

Vampire Con

Real Blood is For Suckers

Vampire Con

Vampire Wine

Vampire Con


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Darkknight2280 8/20/2009 6:51:09 AM

Love the term "suckmate", and the chick its referring too is very yummy! :)

Love the Vampire Wenchs HUGE glasses from the 1980's. They not only enhance your eyes vision but your forehead and cheeks.

wessmith1966 8/21/2009 12:31:47 AM

 A friend bought me a couple of bottle of Vampire merlot a few years ago and we served it during a big halloween bash my girlfriend and I hosted...it was awful, but everyone thought it was cool.

PolkaHauntUs 8/22/2009 2:34:49 AM


I am the woman in the "Viking Bat" photo, and am very honored you published my image. I am garbed as "HELLga, The Devil's Beemaid"- Official Spooksmodel of my recording "Polka Haunt Us: A Spook-tacular Compilation."

The tracks on the record are each based on authentic supernatural folktales from around the globe, and was a selection on the Grammy ballot.

The goal of the recording is to become a Halloween family classic, because besides "Monster Mash", "Dead Man's Party", or "Theme From The Adams' Family", or a few film soundtrack here and there, there's a frightful shortage of music for the occasion.

FANG you for the exposure!

Beastly regards,

Veronique Chevalier, Executive Producer, Polka Haunt Us: A Spook-tacular Compilation




hanso 8/23/2009 11:02:48 AM

Yo check this out, I just saw Count Smokula on an old episode of the show Blind Date!  LOL!

That dude got issues.



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