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littlemikey979 6/12/2011 7:09:09 AM

The Smallville picture attached to Alan Scott at #4 just reminded me how pissed off I still am with the show. Thanks.

I really enjoy seeing these types of list. Even if I am not a fan of the characters, sometimes they have great figures made after them. And of couse there was going to be at least one MattyCollector toy on here. They make such awesome products. I am getting the same feeling about the movie being like Thor, which is not good being that it looks like the final fight will be on Earth.

demonfire 6/12/2011 4:46:58 PM

could not agree more with this list for have the hard traveling heroe's hal and dc direct manage to nail him . kilowag that version captures him perfectly. and was going t  to surprised  if the super powers gl had not made the list for its the first time dc was done toy wise featuring most of the dcu . plus also its the line even mattel with their dc stuff tries to be worthy of it.



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