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trollman 5/14/2010 5:50:26 AM

Your Thundar is actually a good idea.  Milla Kunis as the Princess is good casting,  Andy doing the Mok is fine, but I don't see Valley as Thundar, maybe Andy Whitfield from Spartacus.

WarCry 5/14/2010 6:01:45 AM

I want to see Spiral Zone. Hell with even a movie. At this point, I'd be thrilled if they'd put the cartoon out on DVD!

AmbyWarhol 5/14/2010 6:04:39 AM

Fighting Crime... in a Future Time!  I loved cops.  And I was talking about the need for a M.A.S.K. movie last week.  Although I think one of the best untouched ideas from that period is Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors or Visionaries,

rgtchtiger 5/14/2010 6:20:13 AM

Creepy thought...I had discussed a Jem movie with a couple friends a while back and the idea popped up to have Robert Pattison as her boyfriend with the purple hair in a movie.  We all agreed how disturbingly perfect that casting idea would be.

And I do remember Visionaires!  That would make for a kick ass movie for sure.  I'd also suggest Centurions as a movie idea.  All the tech gear used in that cartoon would look crazy awesome in a movie.

Wyldstaar 5/14/2010 7:39:33 AM

Yeah, that Strawberry Shortcake poster is just screaming, "Porn Parody" which seems to be all the rage lately.  Not that I watch enough porn to know that.. or know anything about trends in the porn industry..  or, umm..  Look over there!  A monkey!

goldeneyez 5/14/2010 7:39:58 AM

SarcasticCaveman, Chris Latta was the actor of whom you speak, Cobra Commander and Starscream will never have such iconic voices again.  He died in '94.

This was a pretty cool article you made.  I thought the JEM & Turbo Teen ones were pretty good.  It'd be cool if you did a part 2 of this article for either more 80s movies or 70s movies. 

Rheul_home 5/14/2010 8:18:02 AM

Yeah, I'd go see a Thundarr movie.

lracors 5/14/2010 9:07:18 AM

It it April Fool's day...

Chopsaki 5/14/2010 10:23:09 AM

Wyldstaar lol

RaithManan 5/14/2010 11:25:21 AM

Why in the hell would you even entertain the idea of "Turbo Teen"??  That show was one few dark moments of the great 80's lineup. 

"Jem" has been talked about being turned into a movie over the past 3 years and was a surprsingly entertaining cartoon back in the day--and I may be in the minority of guys who will actually admit that.  "Voltron" to my knowledge is stuck in developmental hell right now, "Snorks".....(see Turbo Teen). 

Technically, "Thundarr" began in '79, and lasted until '80 (GRUMBLES), but would be what kicked off the great run of the 80's toon era and seeing that as a movie actually would be promising since the theme of the show is adult-oriented and currently runs of Boomerang late at night.

"M.A.S.K.", show was kinda goofy, yet cool and has one of the most entertaining themes and has been the most often talked about cartoon that should be turned into a movie on sites like this by fans.

"C.O.P.S."--villians were tacky, but concept was cool and also had an awesome theme.  Surprised its not been ran in syndication since it ended after one season, but you can get them on DVD. 

"Strawberry Shortcake" and "Care Bears", just far tooooo creepy.

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