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Hobbs 2/19/2010 6:24:41 AM

How on Earth could Sidney Poitier NOT be on this list?  And yeah, I know you said sci-fi but if you are going to put Jackson in there then that man needs to be mentioned.

hanso 2/19/2010 6:29:46 AM

Michael Jackson died a white man so he's automatically disqualified from this list.

jedibanner 2/19/2010 6:37:58 AM

Come one Hanso....really???

Anyways, MJ as # 1 is right I think. Thriller changed how videos were made and how music was made at the time. His influence over all artist at the time is so huge, Thriller changed TV forever. His persona mighv'e been ''weird'' and ''out-there'' but still, his music is forever and no one, NO ONE on this list can beat that MJ has done to music and videos.

AmbyWarhol 2/19/2010 6:48:39 AM

LMAO @ Hanso!!! Where's Billy Dee Williams? 


aka formerly Godsonfilm...

trollman 2/19/2010 6:50:24 AM

Uhmmm, No Levar Burton?  His work on STNG aside he is also famous for a little tv mini series called ROOTS as well as his work on READING RAINBOW.  Glaring oversight.

isgrimner 2/19/2010 7:40:54 AM

I agree with Wesley Snipes being more deserving than some others on the list.  Granted he hasn't had a lot of genre films,  but Blade was the first Marvel comic movie that I can think of that succeded.  In a way all the Marvel movies and the entire Marvel Studios, in part owe their existance to the success of Blade and Snipes. 

Forest Whitaker has played in some genre films too.  Granted the first one most will think of is the craptastic Scientology-fest Battlefield Earth, but there are others.  Acting wise he can be as good and better than just about anybody on the list, ie Last King of Scotland.

isgrimner 2/19/2010 7:49:21 AM

Oh yeah, did anybody think of James Earl Jones?  The voice of Darth Vader?

ElBaz13 2/19/2010 8:37:05 AM

Tony Todd? Where is he?

He might be a b-movie actor but has appeared in practically every sci-fi show on TV in the past 20 years. X-Files, Star Trek, Stargate and most recently on Chuck and 24.

Also in the remake of Night of the Living Dead and was Candyman.

Please remove MJ from this list and put Tony Todd on it. Thank you.

fft5305 2/19/2010 8:47:27 AM

Michael Jackson??!?  Really??  a) He may have influenced music videos, but this list is about Sci-Fi. He had zero influence on the genre. b) It may not be PC, but I gotta agree with hanso...

Kara, I actually find it more interesting that Uhura influenced you, even though you are white.  Shouldn't that be what we're aiming for anyway?  To be color blind?  She was a strong role model for you as a woman.  That she was African American was irrelevant.

I have no problem with Octavia Butler being on this list.  Just because I don't personally know who she is doesn't negate her influence.  Also, I never new McDuffie was black.  Never knew that he wasn't, either.  Makes no difference either way.  Again, kind of the point?  Finally, Richard Roundtree was on Heroes for 5 episodes. And who can forget his brilliant and poignant turn as Uncle Joe in Steel?

Krasch 2/19/2010 9:17:40 AM

Maybe on the list yes, but #1? Michael Jackson as an influencial African-American in SCI-FI doen't deserve to be anywhere NEAR #1. Sure in music and other areas, but not in Sci-Fi.

Nichelle deserves #1 for her ground breaking portrayal of Uhura, without whom most of the others likely wouldn't even be on such a list. And Sam Jackson ahead of Will Smith for the sheer breadth and longevity of his career.

I'll allow Roundtree on the list simply for showing Hollywood an African-American could be a legitimate leading man. But no higher than #9,  MJ deserves #10 at best. And yes I'd replace Dorn with Burton. Much stronger choice.

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