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AgentCoop 4/9/2010 6:23:06 AM

What, no love for Castle Grayskull?

themovielord 4/9/2010 6:36:57 AM

Grayskull was 11! So damn close...  ~ Robert

HudsonTaco 4/9/2010 6:43:22 AM

I had over half the stuff on this list but I would replace the Gi-joe Hover Craft with the Cobra night raven, http://crimsonguard.tripod.com/raven.html

I also think we are missing some Ninja Turltes stuff like the Blimp or the Turtle Van.

Wheres Castle Grey Skull and Snake Mountain?

Loved my Photon and Captain Power I think I had every figure vehicle and movie, except Hawk he was always sold out dammit.

HudsonTaco 4/9/2010 6:49:07 AM

Whoever said Atari should be on the list and not Nintendo needs to have his head examined, Atari killed video games Nintendo was it's savior. Glad I'm not the only one who thiks Greyskull ommission is strange.

Wyldstaar 4/9/2010 7:15:01 AM

While I didn't have many of those, there was at least somebody in the neighborhood who did.  For the most part, I have to agree with this list as being fairly on the money.  I would make one exception- the GI Joe hovercraft.  My best friend had the hovercraft.  We played with it alot for the first few days he had it, but it quickly fell to the wayside.  We got far more use out of the GI Joe Skystrikers.  Once I got one of those bad boys, it became my weapon of choice for all neighborhood wars.  With the cool variable position wings and handy fuel tank on the bottom to use as an handle, plus the fighter's huge size, the Skystriker was the embodiment of Kick Ass.

Wyldstaar 4/9/2010 7:20:42 AM

Oh, and the Atari definitely did not kick ass.  I grew up with that thing for years, and it made for something to do when it was raining or too cold outside, but that's about all.  It was what we played with when we couldn't play outside, and had grown bored of playing with our regular toys in the confines of our homes.  The Atari was the toy of last resort.  The NES changed all that.  With awesome graphics that were just as good as an arcade game, but without the constant quarter feed, it kicked some serious ass.

Boombatty 4/9/2010 7:20:46 AM

I remember when I got Photon for Chanukah.  While it was cool and all I lived in a po' neighborhood and no one else got it so I gave up and told my dad to return it.  Probably for the best looking back as all the kids just played pick up football, hockey and basketball games.  As a result none of us were fat like today's kids.  I am also dating myself here being a child of the 80's but we had one token fat kid back then in every grade unlike today's standard of 50/50...60/40....70/30....keep going....

I loved me some transformers and GI Joe then but I have to tell you that as a kid the most important items from my elementary schools days were as follows:

1) Storm Shadow.  He had a giant head, Ninja Weapons galore, and he jumped right out of the ninja movie wave of the day (Enter the Ninja, American Ninja and all things Sho Kushugi).  Not the greatest toy mind you but the coolest and every kid in my class had to have one.

2) Soundwave and the Tapes.  Similarly, THE TF to get get was Soundwave and the assorted tapes (Rumble, Frenzy, Laserbeak, Buzzsaw and Ravage).  Every kid in class pined after the coolest TF ever and his awesome bots that fit into his chest.

3) Camo clothing.  Right around 5th grade if you didn't have Camo you were "uncool".  Why play with GI joes when you could be GI Joe?  Unfortunately being 5th graders, we were all evil at heart and my nnickname became GI Jew the greatest American Hebrew.  *Sigh* Sh*t  still makes me laugh on the outside and cry like a girl on the inside *chuckle*.

4) Parachute pants.  OK these weren't toys but daaaaaaammmmmnnnnn if Michael Jackson didn't make these all kool & the gang in 4th grade.  Eventually they were replaced by the camo.

5) Skeletor.  Not that Skeletor was the coolest but I remember every kid had He-Man but finding Skeletor was a bitch.  When a kid got one he was king for a day at school.

6) General Lee.  OK, so kindergaten and first grade, in the late 70's, if you didn't buy this one you might as well have been left back.



mike10 4/9/2010 7:21:31 AM

Wasn't the Colecovision out before Nintendo? I know it had DonkeyKong and alot of other arcade games and the graphics for their time weren't bad.

 Also, I used to love my Green Machine, it was nice to see that they brought it back for this generation of kids.

Darkknight2280 4/9/2010 7:53:31 AM

HudsonTaco..i agree they should have taken out the GIJOE hover craft. I had it but it was NO CatleGreySkull!!

steppingrazor66 4/9/2010 7:57:46 AM

What? No Defiant: Space vehicle Launching complex?!?!That thing was like FLAGG on wheels? It had more plastic than the car I have now! I was suprised that it didn't have a working engine!

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