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lracors 5/19/2010 7:01:36 AM

O.K. here's another reason why this list is just a little bit offbase To quote Rotten Tomatoes.

A Knight's Tale 59%

Con Air 57% but 86% among top critics

Contact 65%

So some of these films are not as bad or unforgettable as we would like to pretend.  For the rest of the list, I agree there are some stinkers, but me personally i enjoyed Waterworld and Hannibal.  Anyway that's my take on it.  Please note i didn't see "A Knight's Tale" but i did see and like the other two above.

Roqueja 5/19/2010 7:13:03 AM

IMHO Darth Maul was killed by a rookie jedi that was stronger in the force, and Vader lasted because he was strongest in the force.  Physical strength and length of training had little to do with it.   A little weak, but it works.

Loved Contact, and the sci-fi as a possible realistic near future without having to be an action flick.  I did not walk away from this movie feeling that my intelligence had been insulted, and it had Matthew McSurferdude in it.  Thats a feat in itself.

Hobbs 5/19/2010 7:15:03 AM

First off...ON WITH THE PREQUEL BASHING!!  It never gets old.  ;) Not trying to change anyones mind either, they just sucked Shirley Manson balls to the nth degree....at least ep 1 and 2 did.  3 had some moments but not enough to save it.  SW will always be known as the original trilogy and the prequels and not the "saga" the faithful fanboys want it to be.  They already are talked about that way and only time will prove me correct for future conversations but you watch in the years to come that's how they will be referred to as.

I think the problem people had with Contact was the alien dude that looked like Jodie Fosters dad.  WTF moment...and I still love South Parks rip of that.   I know it was more an intelligent movie but I get the problem people had with the alien taking the form of her dad.

Reign of Fire had such potential.  Still want to know why they have a big arse tank and don't use it...oh yeah, that would be called budget restraints.  Also, lets walk into the lair of the biggest and badest dragon in the world and march in single file so the fire breathing dragon can take us out in one breath.

I actually like the Knights Tale...as crazy as it was in places, it was brainless entertainment. 

monkeyfoot 5/19/2010 7:45:40 AM

I don't like this article very much. It's not really the choices, though I don't agree with alot of them. It's more the tone of it.

It reminds me of the Cracked list articles which I despised. Those articles Mania used to run from that website before they started doing their own. Those pieces always take a condescending attitude towards the subject matter and the reader of the article. They always make it sound like the writer is lowering himself to even discuss the matter and if you happened to enjoy the topic you are an ignorant individual for having the thought. Very, very cynical.

This article doesn't go nearly that far. I applaud most of Mania's own written articles on fun subjects like these. They make for lively talkback and they treat the topic in the geeky attitude they deserve and are just plain fun. This one, however has the hint of "You couldn't possibly like this movie, or this or that character!?!" That puts me off.

Love the subject - don't like the tone.

UberGeek 5/19/2010 7:58:45 AM

Neither of the Fantastic Four movies were forgetable. Those were excellent films that captured the feel and tone of the Fantastic FOur comics perfectly.

skyn3t 5/19/2010 8:09:15 AM

Obviously, EagleManiac is a SW fan. And if you read my earlier statement CAREFULLY, I'm not bashing the prequels. I'm bashing the ENTIRE SERIES. If you really watch the series in its entirety, it doesn't make sense (damn suspension of disbelief when the logic that's used in the story doesn't add up).

Basing things off of Roqueja's argument, ok fine... Maul wasn't strong enough with the force, so Obi kicked his tail... thus force trumps skill. Ok fine. And let's also agree that for the ENTIRE SERIES, Vader (or Anakin...watever), was seen as the one who could be the most powerful with the force (MORE powerful than Obi Wan). Let's also agree that by Eps 3, Anakin has surpassed Obi Wan, at least the Obi Wan from Eps 1.

If you watch the clip posted here, Obi does a SUPER JUMP to assist Qui Gon. Now, if you remember Eps 3, Anakin is at least an EQUAL with his mentor Obi Wan with the force, and at least more powerful than Obi was back in Episode 1 (which is why the Emperor chose to corrupt him). So, If that's the case, why couldn't Anakin SUPER JUMP over Obi and avoid getting dismembered??? The distance over Obi Wan was less than what Obi had to clear to assist Qui Gon. Oh. I think I know why... because the creator was stupid, and so his creation was just as stupid. Just like a series of Owe Bol flicks. He should've just been a producer/director and had someone else write the movie.. then maybe we would've had Maul in 3 movies and the shite they shoveled us for 6 movies would've never been cleared for production.

The only thing I give Star Wars is credit that the movie was a trail-blazer in terms of special effects and involved a multi-ethnic cast, other than that, the film was crap. And Lucas knows this, which is why he keeps tweaking his film with every re-release.

And Keaton was a great Batman, but sucked as Bruce Wayne.... Why? Because Burton didn't know what to do with Bruce when he'd spend half the movie talking about villains. Bale's interpretation has dimension. He can play Bruce AND The Dark Knight, without melding the two...this is something Keaton couldn't do - he came off as a manic depressive throughout both movies. And to be fair, the only thing Bale needs to do to trump Keaton in terms of Batman is add bass to his voice when he's Batman instead of doing that raspy crap he's done in the past two films (which was suggested by Nolan anyway). He could go to Robin Williams for voice acting lessons and he'll be fine.

SelectiveRealism 5/19/2010 8:15:53 AM

 "Neither of the Fantastic Four movies were forgetable. Those were excellent films that captured the feel and tone of the Fantastic FOur comics perfectly."

Since when was Reed Richards a bumbling, nerdy buffoon?   
joeybaloney 5/19/2010 8:20:41 AM

What's with this 'enough with the prequel bashing, it gets old' happy crappy? Does that also mean enough with praising, say, The Godfather, that gets old too?

TheDrow 5/19/2010 8:41:46 AM

I agree this is a pretty poor list.  Most of these movies were hardly forgettable and several were pretty amazing.

I'm a fan of over half the list and Reign of Fire is an awesome movie.

TheDrow 5/19/2010 8:42:44 AM

@joeybaloney actually it does. 

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