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monkeyfoot 5/19/2010 8:56:54 AM

Skyn3t, I think what Lucas was trying to show in the Obi / Anakin fight was that the arrogance and negative emotions of the Sith were his downfall. If he was going by Jedi rules he would have been in control and able to do the force jump, but because he was powered by the Dark Side he was over-emotional and reckless. Thus his undoing.

Sorry you don't think much of the Star Wars series and Lucas. Yes, it certainly has its flaws. More or less of them depending on how you like each movie.To each his own.

But I hope you realize that without Lucas and his franchise all the Sci-Fi, Fantasy films, most of the big action movies and many of the horror films, most any TV show or movie with major and minor FX, any big "Event" movie that comes outsince then would not have EVER happened without Lucas. That is why- whether he is a good or bad director/writer-he is possibly the single most influential filmmaker in history.

Wiseguy 5/19/2010 9:00:25 AM

Gort in The Day the Earth Stood Still new version

The Spirit in The Spirit, all the characters in The Spirit

The plants in The Happening

bigiff 5/19/2010 9:00:59 AM

Whoever wrote this article needs some lessons in punctuation and grammar.

CaptAmerica04 5/19/2010 10:17:32 AM

I'm still waiting for someone to explain to me about those laser walls in Phantom Menace.  They weren't a trap set by Darth Maul, because he looks as surprised and confused at them as the rest of us.  They weren't there to protect anything, because there's nothing beyond to protect but a large hole in the ground.  And why were they on a timer, if they WERE there to protect something.  Really, George Lucas... WTF?!?

karas1 5/19/2010 10:21:01 AM

skyn3t, I have the opposite oppinion.  I think Keaton was a terrific Bruce Wayne but somewhat lacking as Batman.  He had the goofy, airheaded playboy thing down but wasn't intense enough as the Dark Knight Detective.

Now, I don't like Bale generally, but he did have the intensity to play a good Batman.  Unfortunately, he brought that same intensity to Bruce Wayne.  His Bruce Wayne wasn't a harmless airhead.  He was a serious and dangerous guy.

Bruce Wayne/Batman should almost play like a guy with multiple personalities, not one guy who puts on and takes off a costume.

FerretJohn 5/19/2010 11:59:13 AM

I'm not sure what the energy walls in Phantom Menace were for either, but since they were designed and built by an alien civilization with technology vastly beyond ours I'll take it on faith that whatever their function was it's not something I'd be able to figure out on sight.  I'm pretty sure that whatever their purpose, the roll of barrier was purely incidental

gnolam 5/19/2010 12:55:42 PM


I don't know why I keep checking back here occasionaly.  I guess maybe I have a morbid fascination with the idea that I will try to bring up this site and then see "site not found".   How do you guys keep this bulls*t running anyway lol.

Tonebone 5/19/2010 12:57:01 PM

I enjoyed the FF movies.

I liked Hannibal

I like the Star Wars Prequels

And I still love Prince of Thieves to this day. So those I totally disagree with

gnolam 5/19/2010 1:02:53 PM

@bigiff- I imagine there are one or two guys actually still running this site in their momma's basement or some crap.  They're probably typing while at the same time beating off to Miley Cyrus videos so it's understandable.

Rheul_home 5/19/2010 1:37:20 PM

Reign of Fire kicked ass. There is nothing I can think of that beats dragons and helicoptors.

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