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Aurenne 7/31/2008 1:46:36 PM
I know we are rolling in the way back machine for most of these scenes, but I gotta say one that is new and destined for the top of the list is the "magic trick" death in Dark Knight! Also I agree with jknizzle, Emil was not forgettable. He was in the movie the whole time. By the definition of the article, these were deaths of characters who "entered a scene just to die.." Try again on that one.
Flint521466 7/31/2008 2:14:54 PM
The Untouchables when out of nowhere DeNiro beat that guy to death with the ball-bat.
snakeplissken007 7/31/2008 3:09:32 PM
I like the death in the opening sequence of the horror movie "CUBE" The person stumbles from one room to another and when he lands in one room a metal grat comes down on him and chops him up into little pieces. little cube pieces. That death sequence was redone later in the Resident Evil movie involving lasers, but it wasn't as cool as "CUBE"
iamcuriousmauve 7/31/2008 4:24:39 PM
Total Recall for the win. The escalator scene - bad buys on both ends of the escalator, machine guns drawn and about to fire. What do you do? That's right - grab the guy in front of you and use him as the ultimate human shield! That guy must have taken about 25-30 bullets - and then Arnold throws what's left of him at the guys behind him to get away!
rgtchtiger 7/31/2008 5:53:40 PM
Before I even got to the comments my first thought was, "Where's the magic trick from The Dark Knight?" I can only assume it's because it's too current and the clip couldn't be loaded here. I LOVE the suggestion of the dude used as a human shield in Total Recall! Emil in Robocop was far too important to the story, so he is definitely not an extra or nameless guy to bite the dust. My nominees: The dude in The Rock crushed by an air conditioner unit (?) shot up by Mason. The group of punks led by Bill Paxton in The Terminator who were the first ever people to be killed by the T-800. The two cops killed by Michael Corleone in the restaurant in The Godfather.
almostunbiased 7/31/2008 6:10:46 PM
I haven't seen RoboCop for a long long long, long time. I wonder if I'd still like it. I remember at the time it was one of the nastiest movies I'd ever seen. And very cool special effects, but everyone made fun of it before it came out. Then everyone jumped on the bandwagon.
almostunbiased 7/31/2008 6:15:21 PM
Oh and that ghost ship scene is rediculous.
goirish83 7/31/2008 11:52:21 PM
OK......great list. Here are 2 rather famous "exploding head" scenes: 1) Opening scenes of the original "Dawn of the Dead" when the SWAT officer kicks in the door of the apartment and blows the guys head off with a 12-gauge. 2) Scanners.......a classic ! I was surprised no mentioned Scanners. AMiSHPiRATE, great call on TDK scene, that is gonna be talked about forever.
mckracken 8/1/2008 12:08:26 AM
I'll second JKnizzle, Emil was hardly a "forgettable throwaway character" although his death scene was probably written long before his character was ever even written. No, if you're going to pick an infamous forgettable throw away death scene from ROBOCOP, its the dude in the boardroom scene that raises the gun to the ED-209, then lowers it, then gets turned into spagetti sauce by the ED-209, who apparantly doesnt know the meaning of the words "cease and desist"!!!!! ok I JUST saw BATMAN TDK on Monday, so of course now I know what the "magic trick" scene is... one word for you assholes... ***SPOILERS***. cant you retards keep your damn trap shut for a FEW weeks? NO... you just had to come in here and spoil every cool scene dont you? fuck, Aurenne, you wanna blow the whole goddamn movie before everyone sees it? Thats what the <spoiler>white text</spoiler> is for in THE MANIA FORUMS ...Thanks but no thanks.
mckracken 8/1/2008 12:14:20 AM
also that scene in Ghost Ship technically couldnt have happened like that, every other person gets sliced at the waist EXCEPT for the ships captain, who happened to get sliced right above the tounge? Wouldnt the cable have siced him at the waist too, slicing the girl in the process? c'mon...she wasnt THAT short.
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