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almostunbiased 8/1/2008 6:28:13 AM
mckracken, there are a lot moire things wrong with that scene than the fact that they weren't bent over that far, but I'm glad you see it is as stupid as I do, yet part of me almost thinks its funny (in a make fun of a movie sort of way). Is the whole movie that rediculous?
mckracken 8/1/2008 9:22:37 AM
almostunbiased, is the whole Ghost Ship movie rediculous? I'd like to think it was, yes, but I've forgotten everything that came after that slicing scene so its completely forgettable as well... LOL! Plus when it comes to being rediculous, Mythbusters actually TRIED slicing a dead pig in half on their show with a wire similar (they were trying to wrap the wire around an object and decapitate or dismember an arm or leg when pulled taught) to the one shown in Ghost Ship and the myth was completely busted (but it did break the skin and create a pretty nasty laceration) they found that using razor-wire created the best results (for slicing) but most of the over torqued tests broke the CABLE instead of the pig. Apparantly the wire thing really happened once on an aircraft carrier runway, some dude got his leg caught wrapped in the wire and was yanked across the deck of the ship but it STILL didnt take his leg off, from the footage of the real incident, I think it only pulled his leg out of the hip socket and threw him about 50 feet.
BwareDaWolf 1/18/2012 9:41:36 AM

The Running Man penal collar gag (which now that I write it, sounds like a BDSM sex toy) was copied in the Rutger Hauer movie Wedlock in 1991.  That was a terribly underrated movie.

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