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Cineman 1/15/2013 9:15:32 PM

Someone should of put Jackie Earl Haley somewhere on this list.

TheStormrider 1/16/2013 7:24:36 AM

 Johny Depp sort of faded into obscurity by his own actions but made a hell of a come back.


blankczech 1/16/2013 9:20:27 AM

Surprised no one is questioning the legitImacy of Ingrid Bergman, Gloria Swanson and Judy Garland on this list...Oh, wait...maybe it's because they made their comebacks before you born.

God...I miss the Cinescape website

isgrimner 1/18/2013 9:38:47 AM

I'd kind of like to see Christian Slater make a comeback.  His last two TV shows were both cancelled pretty quickly.

Tarantino should hook him up as he was great in True Romance.

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