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WhiteKnight 11/3/2009 8:15:23 AM

Yeah, I'm thinking you shouldn't include a movie on any of top ten list if you can't properly identify the main protagonist. Grammar and spelling gaffs I can forgive since I've made more than my fair share working for the newspaper. It's incorrect content that burns my ass.

Anyway, I'm with Dark Duck in thinking this might just be another fad that will eventually go away. At least I hope so. It's not like Hollywood needs any more excuses to focus only on VFX and even less on plot and character development.

superrichtheman 11/3/2009 9:06:16 AM

Gotta agree w/ Flint, Strange Days is friggin' sweet.  Pretty heavy movie at times, but to see the bank robbery in 3D, that would be cool.

TKay42one 11/3/2009 9:13:54 AM

Okay, glad somebody brought up Starship Troopers...Yeah, it's not a great movie by any means, but I love it for some reason...Wiseguy, that's another one I would have on my "fun list" that we've discussed before...lol.  Anyway, I agree with most of the movies on here except  Alien...sorry, and I love the movie, but it gets pretty effing slow at times, and just not sure it'd be worth putting in 3-D...Now Aliens is another story...Aliens is to action what Alien is to suspense.

And just a comment on the Star Trek...well, comment/question...one of the biggest gripes I've heard about it, and what Kara brings up here, is that it's a mindless action movie...but also wasn't Star Trek: First Contact, and it's often viewed as the best of the Next Generation movies?  So action with alien robot zombies is okay as long as it still fits into the classic and accepted Trek timeline?

DarthDuck 11/3/2009 9:50:09 AM

I think action played a big part of making First Contact successful but I think it's real success come from how close it was the television series.  Much like Wrath of Khan it brought to the big screen a memorable villian from the show and forced the Captain (Kirk then Picard) to faces his fears of the past and overcome them.  First Contact is far from mindless and is the movie most like the series.  That's why it was so successful.

Time travel never hurts either...

fft5305 11/3/2009 12:59:54 PM

Mrs. fft likes Strange Days, too.  I have never been able to bring myself to watch it because I can't stand Juliette Lewis.  Ick!

Klingons?  Aye yi yi...

keithdaniel 11/3/2009 1:53:14 PM

The arguement being presented,of course, is not how great the films that were shown to us on this list is,it's how entertaining they would be in 3-D,HD. While for the most part the films given were acceptable in my opinion,I wouldn't have ranked them in that order or that high,for there are many others that are at least as worthy or more so! Among them are the Star Wars films,some of the superhero films,2001:A Space Odyssey,and Blade Runner! Why the hell were they left off the list? Amazing! Strange Days would be more fun to watch than those films on 3-D? I doubt it! I respect the opinions of others but those films that I mentioned were glaring omissions and there are many others. Eaglemanic,while I share your love for the original Alien film,I wouldn't say that the sequel wasn't as good. Aliens,in my view,is a better movie because it simply had more,whether it was the terrific action,even more aliens,increased jeopardy,more memorable characters,humor,more set designs etc. Alien is what it is,sci-fi masquerading as horror,while Aliens was more sci-fi in the conventional sense but with some great action and there's nothing wrong with that. Ridley Scott's Alien is without a doubt,inspired in part by the 1965 film,Planet of the Vampires. James Cameron's Aliens had a bigger hurdle to climb after Alien because of how great that first film turned out but he succeeded those expectations and made an even better movie for all the reasons that were given above. Anyway,I digress! Going back to this idea of having a list,I've got my own,and here it is. Again,bear in mind this list is presented for 3-D HD reasons and not a best movie all-time list.

40.The Planet of the Apes films 39.Jurassic Park films 38.Dragonslayer 37.Conan films 36.The Dark Crystal 35.Labyrinth 34.The Neverending Story 33.Batman Begins,The Dark Knight 32.Excalibur 31.Minority Report 30.Close Encounters of the Third Kind 29.Brazil 28.Legend 27.Logan's Run 26.Harry Potter films 25.Chronicles of Narnia 24.The Fifth Element 23.The Abyss 22.James Bond films  21.Indiana Jones films 20.Space 1999:Alien Attack(yes,it was released as a film back in 1979!) 19.Superman,Superman 2(either cut!) 18.The Mummy,The Mummy Returns 17.King Kong(2005) 16.Lawrence of Arabia 15.Terminator 2 14.Total Recall 13.The Matrix 12.Starship Troopers 11. Clash of the Titans,Jason and the Argonauts,and the Sinbad films 10. The Spiderman films 9. Hulk,The Incredible Hulk 8.Iron Man 7.2001:A Space Odyssey 6.Tron(and the upcoming sequel!) 5.Blade Runner 4.Alien,Aliens 3.The Star Trek films(except part 5 and Insurrection!) 2.The Lord of the Rings 1.The Star Wars films

I know,I went on too long with this list,but I was having fun and I geeked out! 

hanso 11/3/2009 3:23:00 PM

But they show Juliet Lewis's tits in the movie. I saw Strange Days about 2 months ago cause I didn't remember it and it is a cool film. Surprised how many films I like that Kathryin Bigelow has directed.

Fuck rereleases in 3D!

kow626_home 11/3/2009 3:26:39 PM

titan a.e.? fifth element? seriously, almost all big special fx flicks would work in 3d.

Boombatty 11/3/2009 3:49:00 PM

That is a good point.

Blade would be cool, Part 2 as well.

Wouldn't mind seeing Evil Dead 2 in 3D.  Raimi has a tendency to try and be as 3D as he can in two dimensions (Drag Me To Hell, The Evil Dead/Army of Darkness Trilogy, The Quick & the Dead and Darkman all lend themself to this).

erikx111 11/3/2009 4:13:11 PM

I agree with Karas to some degree. The novelty of 3D can be distracting from the movie itself.   Since the article is about rereleasing movies in 3D format.  I think it's more of rewatching a movie one's already seen with the added novelty, since you're already familiar with the story in order to bring in extra bucks on an existing film. I'm all for it! 

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