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mbeckham1 11/3/2009 5:35:18 PM

One of the first things I thought when i saw the V trailer was,  "I waant to see Lord of the Rimngs on one of those New York Sized Screens on the bottoms of their ships.  I'd like to see the Battle of Pelannor in 3D too.  That wiould be awesome.  

Judi1231 11/3/2009 6:29:28 PM

I LOVE 3D movies!! 3d makes the movies so much more fun to watch on the big screen! Can't they all be 3d?? Not to mention there are so many more i'd like to add to the list. If you like movies as much as me you need to check out this site http://www.ranker.com/list-of/film where the list of movies goes on forever.

EagleManiac 11/4/2009 5:47:30 AM

KeithDaniel, ALIEN is one of my all-time favorites, not because it was "pure sci-fi" but because it was pure entertainment! Alien got almost all the elements right to scare the crap out of you, with quite possibly the most frightening creature ever created for film. Alien isn't sci-fi as much as it is horror, hense why I said it's the best sci-fi/horror film IMO. Aliens was a roller coaster ride. A great sequel, and possibly one of the best sequels ever done, but I personally think Alien was the better film. But that's just me. We are jaded to the chest burster, the face hugger and the "mouth" because of the sequels, and the AvP films. But when Alien first came out, there was NOTHING like that ever seen before in film. I was 13 when I saw it in the theater in 1979, and that movie scared the living sh*t out of me. It affected me like nothing ever had before, and really, since. The furvor over the chest burster had people talking about boycotting the film, and some groups saying it was far too violent for a R rating! We are so used to it today, but in 1979, Star Wars was still playing in some theaters, and Alien turned the notion of "cute sci-fi" on its ear! It shocked people like nothing before ever had. I mean, the big sci-fi films that were of recent memory were Star Wars, Logans Run, Soylent Green, The Omega Man, and 2001:ASO, to name a few. Alien was so different, so "real" looking(with the lived in look to the sets), and so damned scary, it set a new standard that is still being duplicated today!

NDorado 11/4/2009 7:56:20 AM

Strange Days was crap, sorry.

TKay42one 11/4/2009 9:36:22 AM

I totally agree with you EagleManiac...Alien, IMO, is the best movie in the series...and much more similar to the horror genre than your typical sci fi movie...I just thought that Aliens would make a better 3-D movie because there's more parts to ooo and ahhh at in 3-D, know what I mean?...by the way, I saw Monsters vs. Aliens for the first time last night...loved it, but gotta say, in hindsight, kind of disappointed that at no time did they make fun of or reference the Alien series...lol.

keithdaniel 11/4/2009 11:08:08 AM

Eaglemaniac,I agree with the vast majority of what you've stated,even though we can disagree on which film is better,Alien verses Aliens,I love both films for different reasons. As I've stated in my last comment,director Ridley Scott,had to have been influenced by the 1965 film "Planet of the Vampires" because there are similarities! A lone ship landing on an alien planet,an alien entity boarding the ship,the crew one by one become comprimised,the dark,misty,inhospitable landscape of the planet. I'm not saying that Scott didn't take that idea and do much more with it,he certainly did,but concerning the overall idea,he and the producers of Alien cannot justy claim that they came up with it all by themselves because they obviously just spun that concept  from another movie,Planet of the Vampires! Scott himself has admitted that the Alien concept was a horror b-movie. Alien also did not introduce the "live in look" because Star Wars achieved that two years before! Luke's home on Tatoine,the Mos Eisley Cantina,the Death Star(especially the trash compactor come to mind!),and the Falcon introduced the live in look in a bigger way,although Alien continued that trend in a big way. Having said that,Alien does belong as the greatest,sc-fi horror film of all time and,in my opinion,top 3 on the list of all-time,overall horror films. Aliens cannot lay claim to being the first in terms of introducing anything as significant as Star Wars or being the first great sci-fi horror like Alien. However,given how great Alien turned out,director James Cameron had an even bigger challenge than Scott because he had to figure out a way how to make another great alien film but without copying the original. He did so in spades,given how much more Aliens brought to the franchise like I've stated in my last comment;including more aliens,increased jeopardy,more memorable characters,much more and better action,more sets,more effects etc. and it's rare that a film is at least as good as it's predecessor and even more rare when it's better like Aliens,which brings more to the table. Alien does deserve another big check mark in it's corner for having a relatively small budget($11million)and doing so much with it but the same can be said for Aliens($18 million) and Cameron had even more things to do with more sets action etc. I'm not just comparing the two as films,but what they both did with what they had,especially in terms of budget. At any rate,they are both very different films,so despite there relation to one another being in the same series,perhaps they should be compared to other films in their respective categories,horror(Alien)and sci-fi(Aliens).

EagleManiac 11/4/2009 1:14:26 PM

KeithDaniel, I agree. Alien is Horror, and Aliens is action sci-fi(actually, it could be considered a thriller!). Lucas did get that lived in look in Star Wars, but it's not as noticed by the average movie goer as the look from Alien, simply because Star Wars has never been considered sci-fi, but instead sci-fantasy, or space opera. Alien took the idea of the lived in look and made it for US, humans from Earth, and not of some far away galaxy. They all have their "look" that sets them apart. Look at 2001. It has some of the best FX ever done, yet everything seems sterile and almost too clean, but also, very much like NASA would be with those kinds of crafts and environments.

Aliens, next to The Empire Strikes Back, has to be hailed as one of the best sequels ever done. To take what Alien did, and expand upon that so brilliantly was a stroke of genious from Cameron. BUT, since it was such a different film compared to the first(much like ESB was to Star Wars), they do need to be in different categories. Alien 3 sucked, to me, and Resurrection was crap, so I never include those two when discussing the Alien saga. Alien was the "haunted house" in space, and Aliens was the "rollercoaster ride" in space. I really think they should have stopped and never done 3 or 4. I consider Alien/Aliens a duology, and just pass on 3 and 4.

I love both Alien and Aliens simply because they work so well together. Alien set it up, and scared the crap out of us, and Aliens took us on a thrill ride like no other! And Aliens introduced an even SCARIER crerature with The Queen. The first Alien was so scary because is was so intelligent, and adapted to its environment so quickly, and that was the same seen with The Queen in Aliens. She knew what to do, where to go, and who to KILL for blasting her eggs! The original Alien was so much bigger than the soldiers aliens seens in Aliens, so he was called, I think, a Queen Guard, much like the two that were seen in Aliens when Ripley rescued Newt, and was in the Queens chamber. The two that came at Ripley from the sides, and the Queen basically told to "back off"! Amazing creatures, and the best designs for pure horror! And those face huggers! What a concept! HR Geiger was insane!

BlindJustice 11/5/2009 12:06:42 PM

Say what you will about the movie as a whole but there are even some scenes in Fantastic Four ROTSS that would look good in 3D. The chase scene where Torch is after S/S and he emerges through the building, the farris wheel rescue, or even the final battle from the t=storm at the Great Wall to the wrecking ball hit on Doom.


I also wonder how the Gun Kata from Equalibrium(en extremely underated Christian Bale film)would look in 3D not to mention Stargate, Robocop, Mission Imposible hell even Van Helsing would be fun




Buthey....that's just me

ultrazilla2000 11/5/2009 12:29:06 PM

I want to see Debbie Does Dallas in 3-D.  Imagine the audience fun as they dodge "money shots"!

originaldave77 11/5/2009 1:41:42 PM

The Incredibles! So many action sequences beg to be given the 3D treatment. I hope Pixar does the double bill every year for their back catalogue.



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