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Apropos 12/23/2009 8:47:08 AM

I disagree with you on your choices for the 2 Agatha Christe characters you sugested

first off makeing Miss Marple yonger wouldn't be bad it just misses the point of the character she is suposed to be the old woman that puts together the mystery buy overhearing the conversation and as an old lady  they ignore her until she has enough evedence for the cops Scarlet Johanson is to Young and Hot to be ignord. a better choice would be Hellen Mirrien (Prime Suspect) Renee Russo, or Kim Katrell if you want Miss Marple to be hotter

As For Hercle Periot I'm fairly sure Johney Depp would shave his head, Put on some pounds and grow a mustashe for the roll but I would have to go with character Alferd Molia yeah he played him in a crappy made for TV movie but he was not the worst part of the movie.

SuperFan 12/23/2009 8:54:24 AM

 The Hardly Boys........................................................ I'm getting such a raging clue.

SarcasticCaveman 12/23/2009 9:15:40 AM

SuperFan, which way is YOUR clue pointing?  Mine's pointing over here....oh yeah....I've got a RAGING clue....Mania is about to be covered in Clue Goo....

almostunbiased 12/23/2009 9:16:11 AM

I'm with you wise.  Eastwood is Harry.

monkeyfoot 12/23/2009 9:23:17 AM

Rmilner, I agree. I'd love to see a new Charlie Chan movie. I think he actually had the longest running movie series than anyone, even James Bond. Do it modernized, of course. Can't go back to those stereotypes or have a white actor play him.

Actually, the guy Chan was based on would make a great film. His name was Chang Apana and battle gangs  and other bad guys without a gun, only a bullwhip. Be a great movie for Jackie Chan or Jet Li.

creekwoodkid 12/23/2009 9:45:11 AM

Magnum P.I., people!

citizenk41 12/23/2009 9:49:24 AM

Regarding the Agatha Christie characters, the fact is that both Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple are doing quite well in the ongoing series made in the UK and seen here in America on PBS. Suchet, in parrticular, has made such a mark on the character of Poirot that I pity the next actor who tries to take on the role.

dbrock06 12/23/2009 10:13:33 AM

What about a Shadow Reboot?

I know most people thought the Alec Baldwin movie was bad, but I kind of liked it.  Surprised it is not on the list.

dragon261 12/23/2009 11:42:42 AM

I think that Dirty Harry will be remade at some point but not until after Clint kicks but hopefully that won't be for a very long time.

If the True Grit remake makes bank there will a stampede to remake every other John Wayne classic ever made.

ManiaHasIssues 12/23/2009 3:46:31 PM

huge void of female detectives? off the top of my head, what about Nancy Drew, the chick from Castle, Olivia Benson, Veronica Mars, and charlie's angels? and if you really want to promote female detectives, why didnt you mention cagney & lacey?

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