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10 Must Own Toys from Toy Fair 2012

Mania’s Toy Maniac Picks

By Robert T. Trate     February 17, 2012


Imagine a place where every aisle has something you want. Each time you turn your head you see something more amazing and more spectacular. That is what Toy Fair is like, especially if you love toys. Now the flip side of Toy Fair is that you can’t buy anything. Not one damn thing. If you are lucky you’ll get one maybe two pieces of swag. One of which you might actually keep (check out next week’s Toy Maniac for that column). The following “10 Must Own” items will be on the radar from now until December. I’ll be combing the aisles from Hot Topic to Wal-Mart trying to get each and everyone of these.
10. Drunk E.T. by NECA

10 Great Genre Toys at Toy Fair 2012

I always thought that E.T. figures would come back. With this being the 30th anniversary, their summer release date is perfect. What I didn’t expect to find at Toy Fair was a “Drunk” E.T. by NECA. This is a giant version of the little rubber one I had as a kid. I cannot wait to own this one again.
9. Jabba the Hutt by Funko

10 Great Genre Toys at Toy Fair 2012

Funko already has a wide assortment of Bobble Heads. This one of Jabba the Hutt out weighs them all. It is that perfect mix of Star Wars and kitsch.
8. Sweet Henrietta by NECA

10 Great Genre Toys at Toy Fair 2012

There are already tons of Ash figures from Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2. It’s high time they started making more of the monsters. Henrietta comes with two heads and can appear as if to float. Finally, that Ash on your desk is going to have one of his own adversaries to fight again.
7. Marvel Legends Arnim Zola Build a Figure 2012

10 Great Genre Toys at Toy Fair 2012

There is just something so incredibly wacky and terrifying about Arnim Zola. Hasbro will release this Captain America villain in pieces as he will be the second “build a figure” of the year. Yes, that means you have to buy 5 other figures to make this one. That sounds like a great idea to me.
6. Salvador by NECA

10 Great Genre Toys at Toy Fair 2012

Outside of the tag at the NECA booth saying “Salvador – Borderlands 2” I haven’t a clue who this is. All I know is that I love this figure and its sculpt. These really are tiny works of art with multiple points of articulation that should be celebrated and displayed. Salvador, I’ll be looking for you.  
5. The Big Wheel by Jakks Pacific

10 Great Genre Toys at Toy Fair 2012

Not only does this mark the return of the classic Big Wheel (by Jakks Pacific) we all knew and loved but it is completely American Made! Sadly this is going to have to be one for the kiddies as they are not making ones for adults. I don’t think it can support me; no I’m pretty sure it won’t. Well one ride around the block isn’t going to hurt anybody.
4. Mumm-Ra by Mezco Toyz

10 Great Genre Toys at Toy Fair 2012

I saw the new figures at Target the other day and I was unimpressed. I hate to sound like an old guy but they had no character and looked as if they would break in seconds. Mezco Toyz has giant sized versions of the classic (yeah I’m old) ThunderCats characters. This Mumm-Ra arrives in May and is sick (now, I am trying to sound young).
3. Mars Attacks Martian by Mezco Toyz

10 Great Genre Toys at Toy Fair 2012

There is this strange resurgence of the Mars Attacks happening. LA-LA Land Records released the complete score (buy it here). Funko has two different Mars Attacks Bobble Heads and now Mezco Toyz is releasing their own. I was happy with the Funko ones until I saw these two guys. Oh yeah, a must own figure for sure. I just wish it wasn’t November until they come out.
2. Cobra Commander by Hasbro

10 Great Genre Toys at Toy Fair 2012

I don’t care if the movie (GI Joe: Retaliation) is good or not. I simply must have this Cobra Commander. Since the character has his face completely covered this time around it’s a shame they couldn’t get Chris Latta to do the voice. Much like Peter Cullen doing Optimus Prime, his voice makes the character.
1. Laser Tag

10 Great Genre Toys at Toy Fair 2012

Almost every high-tech toy at Toy Fair this year involved the iPhone, iPad, the Kindle Fire and the like. It made me sad when they showed me how interactive and inactive kids we’re going to become. Then I was shown the new Laser Tag. Your iPhone fits inside (an incredible protective case) and becomes your view screen. Your iPhone then shows you the laser blast and keeps score. The gun arrives in the fall but with part of it being an app for your iPhone, the possibilities are limitless. Dear Hasbro and Nerf, thank you, thank you so much. The whole clan is going to get these.
Check out Robert’s Toy Fair 2012 coverage this week here on Mania. Check out Mania’s Facebook page for the runner up toys and additional photos of the “10 Must Own Toys from Toy Fair”.
Robert Trate writes three weekly columns for Mania: the DVD Shopping Bag, the Toy Maniac, and The Geek Life. Follow Robert on Twitter for his for Geek ramblings, Cosplay photos and film criticisms.


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Kronus44 2/17/2012 5:44:58 AM

Yeah its a shame they couldn't get Chris Latta to do the voice, kinda hard when the guy has been dead since 1994.

ripum853 2/17/2012 6:54:45 AM

At first glance I thought number 7 was Krang

Wyldstaar 2/17/2012 7:33:18 AM

Those Arnim Zola figures look as though they have the Red Skull's face on the monitor.  Hope the final product doesn't use that image.

I understand that the Laser Tag gun uses the iPhone as a screen as a scope, but does the gun require an iPhone to function? 

themovielord 2/17/2012 10:19:13 AM

 the runners up and additional pictures are up now! Yeah its a shame Chris has passed away. 

scytheofluna 2/17/2012 3:22:36 PM

 Dude, no GORDON FREEMAN?  People have been begging for Half Life figures for years & NECA is delivering.  He was in the same display as the Borderlands figures.  The Mass Effect figures from Square Enix will be huge too.

demonfire 2/19/2012 3:20:31 PM

Have to admit looking forward to that armim Zola figure for a guy who has his face in his chest area is hilerious. plus also love that cobra commander movie figure for finaly hasbro let cobra commander look the way  he is suppose to. the later tag looks cool to have.



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