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10 Superhot Superhero Girlfriends

Superheroes are the luckiest people

By Dirk Sonniksen     November 09, 2009

Mania Presents 10 Superhot Superhero Girlfriends
© Bob Trate


Every handsome, chiseled superhero needs his gorgeous superhero girlfriend to make him look all the better when he's fighting bad guys, smashing buildings or just chillin' in a dark alley, awaiting a totally unexpected attack from more bad guys. In fact, it's these luscious ladies that often save our heroes from certain death, or in some cases, actually hasten the process. For your enjoyment, we have compiled 10 of the hottest superhero girlfriends... to keep the men folk happy. 

10 Comic Hot Girlfriends

10. Emma Frost/The White Queen
Boyfriend–Cyclops, Tony Stark, and countless others.
Hot Attributes– Incredible abs, natural blond, highly intelligent, great sense of humor, and apparently swings both ways (good or bad depending on your point of view). Emma is known as The White Queen, which could warrant some explanation when introducing her to mom and dad.

10 Comic Hot Girlfriends

9. Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff
Boyfriend – Daredevil (Matt Murdock)
Hot Attributes – Russian red head, sticks to walls, and looks damn fine holding a sniper rifle. Natasha is also a ballerina, a martial arts expert and quite limber, skills that any imaginative superhero can appreciate.   

10 Comic Hot Girlfriends

8. Sharon Carter/Agent 13
Boyfriend – Captain America (Steve Rogers)
Hot Attributes – Tight clothing, natural blond and looks extremely sexy handling a variety of firearms. Sharon is also great with computers, which makes her indispensable when trying to navigate Windows Vista.

10 Comic Hot Girlfriends

7. Jean Grey/Phoenix
Boyfriend/Husband – Cyclops, but has also been known to have a wolf fetish.
Hot Attributes – Tight clothing, intense come hither looks, and catches on fire, which has gotta be a lot of fun. She also apparently remembers everything, which can be a plus for the absent-minded superhero.

10 Comic Hot Girlfriends

6. Misty Knight
Boyfriend – Iron Fist
Hot Attributes – Intensely tight-fitting clothing, sexy afro and bionic right arm. Has the distinguished honor of having super-hot counterpart, Samurai (Colleen Wing).

10 Comic Hot Girlfriends

5. Samurai/Colleen Wing
Boyfriend – Cyclops (This guy gets around)
Hot Attributes – Ample cleavage in skimpy white jump suit, menacing look that turns men into schoolboys and a giant Japanese fighting sword. Has the distinguished honor of having super-hot counterpart Misty Knight.

10 Comic Hot Girlfriends

4. Black Cat/Felicia Hardy
Boyfriend – Spiderman and Puma
Hot Attributes – Intense black, glossy jumpsuit, crazy hair that reminds you of an older woman (if you're into that) and retractable claws. Black Cat is the most likely candidate on our list to end up dancing at a topless bar when the superhero thing runs its course.

10 Comic Hot Girlfriends

3. Elektra/Elektra Natchios
Boyfriend – Daredevil
Hot Attributes – Hot-tempered, Greek, ninja assassin chick, uses a groovy sword, known as a sai. Elektra also gets our vote for best outfit were she to appear on So You Think You Can Dance.

10 Comic Hot Girlfriends

2. Catwoman/Selina Kyle
Boyfriend – Batman
Hot Attributes – Costume that doubles as great sex play clothing (see pointy cat ears), carries a whip and purrs. Catwoman also scores points for occasionally incorporating a tail into her crime-fighting ensemble.

10 Comic Hot Girlfriends

1. Mary Jane Watson/MJ
Boyfriend – Spiderman
Hot Attributes – Pouty then happy, looks great in a tight pair of jeans and has that “Marian the Librarian” look, but still manages to come off as incredibly hot. MJ cries a lot, but even that can have its appeal.

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karas1 11/9/2009 3:43:12 AM

Can't help but notice that all but one of these women are Marvel characters.  Don't they have hot girlfriends at DC or other comics companies?

ponyboy76 11/9/2009 4:29:40 AM

No karas1, they don't. Okay, maybe a few do. I mean in DC you have Green Arrow's girl Black Canary. She is hot. You have Batman's woman Talia al Ghul. Lois Lane is hot in the comics.
This list is pretty bogus. MJ is no longer with Spidey and Jean Grey is dead. Sharon Carter, essentially killed Captain America and Colleen Wing hasn't been with Cyclops in years.
You also didn't even mention Jessica Jones or Pepper Potts.
Bad list!!!

Darkknight2280 11/9/2009 4:41:12 AM

WOW those artists sur do know how to draw some hot @ss Chicks! Wow

Marvel has the most hot chicks in my opinion...although..Love Power Girl and super girl! :)

Matador 11/9/2009 6:16:09 AM

Didn't the Nightowl from Watchman have a hot chick too? 

Heck even Hulk and Wolverine had hot chicks as well.

Not to mention the Ultimate hot chick Mystique a chick that can be another chick everyday now how cool is that.

Ozymandas 11/9/2009 6:16:41 AM

About 1/2 of these gals belong on the list, which is pretty wank. Crack open a DC book once in a while, eh?

DarthDuck 11/9/2009 6:25:43 AM

There are lots of hot chicks running around comics but the topic was HOT GIRLFRIENDS!  And yes there is an absence of DC girls but outside of a few Marvel's in control of this topic.  And just because someone isn't around anymore or they're no longer together doesn't mean they weren't hot when they played to role of girlfriend.

My own nitpicks, no Sharon Carter and Black Cat should be higher.  Me-ow!

dbrock06 11/9/2009 6:40:17 AM

Believe me,  I am not DC biased in any way, but what about Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, and Black Canary?  I think they should have shown DC some love.  At least they are somewhat relevant characters.  Samarai/Misty Knight??/  Not saying they don't look good, but you have to make some marvel cuts somewhere.

Also in my humble opinion, Black Cat should be higher.  #1 in my book.  She has that bad girl thing going for her that MJ doesn't.  Always drawn sexy. I just preferred her to Catwoman even though they technically are similar.  Catwoman just seemed like the hot crazy cat lady.

gj430 11/9/2009 7:14:51 AM

How could you not have the First and Hottest Superhero Girlfriend Lois Lane on the List. Wonderwoman and Black Canary would have been good too or at least a couple from DC. Who cares about Samurai and Misty Knight or Sharon Carter, I'm a comic person but I don't even know who they are.

goldeneyez 11/9/2009 7:21:30 AM

Just out of curiousity:

Boyfriend/Husband – Cyclops, but has also been known to have a wolf fetish.

Were you trying to imply that Wolverine is named after a wolf?  A Wolverine is an entirely different animal than a wolf and no where near related.  They're closer to baders, otters, and ferrets than wolves.

As far as the girlfriends, what about Storm? If you're gonna mention DC than Starfire, Hawkgirl, and Donna Troy should be up there too.

Darkknight2280 11/9/2009 7:38:05 AM

MATADOR...Yeah Silk Spectre was his hot girlfriend, played by hottie Malin Ackerman in the movie! YUmmzz!

Yeah i would agree DBROCK, Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman totally hot Girlfriends of other DC characters.

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