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10 TV Actors We Want To See In More Movies

By Hanso     August 20, 2010

10 TV Actors We Want To See In More Movies
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They grace our TV screens on a weekly basis but their awesomeness is too amazing to be contained on such a small venue. Today we take a look at a few very talented actors that are full of win and must show up in more films.

Actors Who Should Get More Movie Deals

10. Tom Welling/ Isiah Mustafa
Tom Welling’s claim to fame is playing a young Clark Kent in the CW’s hit series Smallville. During his time off from the show he made a few films (The Fog, Cheaper by the Dozen), not surprisingly he was absolutely terrible in all of them. Now that we think about it, we don’t want to see Tom Welling in any more movies. So instead Tom Welling is getting replaced by Isiah Mustafa. What movies should Mustafa be in? No idea but if Welling can get a few movies then why can’t Mustafa get a movie where he is baking a cake in the dream kitchen he built with his bare hands as he is shirtless riding a horse backward while offering people two tickets to that thing they love? Look at the person next to you, now back to here. This article is now diamonds!

Actors Who Should Get More Movie Deals

9. Alexander Skarsgard
Alexander Skarsgard does the occasional film over in his home country of Sweden but over here in the USA he’s only known for his TV work in HBO fare like Generation Kill and True Blood, where he currently shines as Eric Northman the vampire sheriff of area 9.   Hopefully his turn as Eric allows Alexander to eventually branch out into more films and develop a solid movie career stateside like his papa, Stellan Skargard, has done. 

Actors Who Should Get More Movie Deals

8. David Tennant
David Tennant is a big deal in England where he made a career out of being both a theatre actor; doing tons of Shakespeare with the Royal Shakespeare Company, and a TV actor, mainly known for his portrayal of the 10th Doctor in Britain’s Doctor Who series. He has displayed great acting range over the years but for some reason film work as mostly eluded him. Outside of a small role in Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire he hasn’t been in much. With his tenure at Doctor Who over, now is the perfect moment for Tennant to bring his talents stateside and land some nice movie roles.

Actors Who Should Get More Movie Deals

7. Vincent D’Onofrio
Vincent D’Onofrio is acting truth who after working in many films, including genre fare like Men in Black, Strange Days and The Cell, decided to take his talents to television where he currently stars as Detective Robert Goren in Law & Order: Criminal Intent.    It’s a nice gig that has kept him busy for the last eight to nine years but he really needs to schedule more movies in between his off season. The guy is too good of an actor to be stuck playing the same role for so long, it’s time for him to cut loose in more films.

Actors Who Should Get More Movie Deals

6. Michael Chiklis
It was sad to see Michael Chiklis’s great portrayal of Detective Vic Mackey come to an end but the silver lining was Chiklis could now shift from TV to a full out movie career. It was clear that he could deliver on that end because he was one of the few saving graces on the Fantastic Four movie and a welcomed presence in Eagle Eye. Sadly, despite his solid work in those films Chiklis opted to return to television by attaching himself to ABC’s No Ordinary Family. A show about a family with powers sounds cool but not as cool as seeing Michael Chiklis star in more movies.

Actors Who Should Get More Movie Deals

5. Nathan Fillion
Nathan Fillion and TV show failure went together like Mel Gibson and crazy. Every TV show the man was involved with simply failed. Drive? Canceled. Firefly? Canceled. Two Guys & A Pizza Place? Well you get the picture. Yet somehow he has crazy fans who nominate him for any and every role that is out there especially if its comic book related. Think of any comic book character, chances are that no matter how obscure the character you just thought of is, he’s been linked at some point in time to Nathan Fillion. It seems Fillion has finally broken his TV curse with his latest tv show, Castle, getting a third season. Now that he can’t be directly linked to failure it’s time to give the fans what they want and what they want is more Nathan Fillion in any and every movie.

Actors Who Should Get More Movie Deals

4. Jensen Ackles
From Dawson’s Creek, Smallville to Supernatural, Jensen Ackles has basically made his living working on the CW network. He doesn’t have much of a film career outside of My Bloody Valentine 3D but he did good job in that. We’re fans of his Dean Winchester and still get teary eyed by his fantastic work in one of Supernatural’s most emotional episodes “What Is and What Should Never Be”. Just based on his workin that episode it's clear he definitely needs to star in a few more movies. So please Hollywood, stop giving Ackles’s Supernatural brother (Jared Padelecki) movie roles and instead give them to Jensen Ackles.

Actors Who Should Get More Movie Deals

3. Jane Lynch
Jane Lynch does a few films here and there but not nearly enough as we would like. She is straight up one of the funniest actresses today. Take for example Role Models, a movie that ain’t nearly as funny without her. While she’s mainly known for her funny bone she has no problem stepping outside of the box and doing some drama like she did in Julie & Julia. Lately Lynch has been shining on the tube, starting with the canceled before its time Party Down and following that up with her hilarious portrayal of Coach Sue Sylvester on Glee. More Jane Lynch on film can only be a good thing because it’s obvious the woman can do no wrong.

Actors Who Should Get More Movie Deals

2. The Cast of Lost
Their island trekking days may be over but that doesn’t mean we are ready to let go. From A to Z, Lost had a fantastic cast, one that can’t simply be forgotten. It’s now time for Jack and the rest of the 815ers to start popping up in a theatre near us.  Obviously they all can’t be the lead in a flick, Hollywood doesn’t work like that, but in supporting roles they would be fine. Need the poor woman’s Kate Beckinsale? Kate is your gal.   Looking for creepy villains? Locke and Ben, come on down. Sayid playing the muscle for some nasty villain? Yes please! Funny lovable best friend? Hurley step right up. The one guy that should be leading a film is Josh Holloway because who the hell doesn’t love Sawyer? The point is it’d be a crime to let so much talent go to waste; these guys deserve to start getting some movie work.

Actors Who Should Get More Movie Deals

1. Jon Hamm
Unfortunately nobody can be told how awesome Jon Hamm is, you have to see it for yourself. Fortunately all you need to do is tune in AMC’s critically acclaimed Mad Men to find out. His superb work in that series may lead some to believe Jon Hamm can only do drama but this isn’t the case. He is actually a pretty funny guy as can be seen in his work hosting Saturday Night Live and on 30 Rock. Jon Hamm is basically the complete package; he looks like an old school movie star, has great presence, acting skill and charisma. Simply put the guy is a manicorn! He is pretty much perfect for any role out there cause he’s cooler than cool and even more interesting than The Most Interesting Man in The World. Jon Hamm doesn’t always drink beer but when he does he prefers Dos Equis. Stay thirsty my friends.


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3rdSBS6 8/20/2010 2:49:44 AM

  I would love to see more of Edward James Olmos. After a fantastic role in BSG and a very strong foundation in films, ("Stand and Deliver" and "American Me" are two of my favs...) its time to se some more.

fatpantz 8/20/2010 3:05:04 AM

As much as I like like Jensen Ackles in Supernatural, and as much as I like even more to say his name......Jeeeensen Aaaaackles....I dont find him to be a very diverse actor and dont think he would do that well on the big screen.

As for Nathan Fillion, all I want to see is a sequel to Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog!!!  Ok and maybe some more Firefly :P

SarcasticCaveman 8/20/2010 3:28:37 AM

I still love it that the first thing I remember seeing Alexander Skarsgard in is "Zoolander."


He's easily one of my two favorite characters on "True Blood", the other being his bouncer, the chick who dresses like a Dominatrix slut at work, and like June Cleaver off the clock.

Dazzler 8/20/2010 4:47:13 AM

I of course would like to see any role offered to Shita lablah given to Justin Long. 

rgtchtiger 8/20/2010 5:23:28 AM

 Carlos Bernard.  It's a shame Tony didn't pop up anywhere in the final season of 24, but considering Tony went from good guy sidekick to rogue agent to bad guy, he can clearly make anything convincing.  He could make for a great bad guy in an action film.

And I'd also suggest Goran Visnjic (ER) would make for a great Bond villain.

Hobbs 8/20/2010 6:41:36 AM

I can't argue with any of these but I would like to add Terry Crews.  I think not only can he do comedy (he was the redeeming quality in white chicks) but can do action as well.

More Terry Crews!!

Muenster 8/20/2010 6:47:34 AM

I like Nathan Fillon as much as most people, but some people on this site have a 24/7 boner for this guy. It's time to move on folks... Serentiy was cancelled because it was not good enough to hold an audience.

Original 8/20/2010 7:03:30 AM

This is controversial I know - but Jon Hamm could do Indy.

SarcasticCaveman 8/20/2010 7:10:05 AM

You mean Firefly was cancelled because it couldn't hold an audience, but I really don't think for the reason you gave.  I've got a lot of friends who aren't even sci fi fans that begrudgingly watched it, and they all went out and bought their own copies afterward.  I honestly don't think Fox gave it a fair shake while it was on.  I don't just like Nathan Fillion for Firefly anyway.  Castle is a pretty good show also, and (I know I'm in the minortiy, most likely) I also liked him in Slither.  It's either an awful scifi/comedy, or a REALLY great B movie...I tend to go with the latter.  Come on, you know a movie is great when a giganitc alien slug moster turns up Air Supply on the stereo.

ElBaz13 8/20/2010 7:28:02 AM

Hey,  I have a boner for Fillion! LOL!

It's too bad he's not Ant-Man. That would have been cool with him and Longoria as the bickering couple. Perhaps he could play Guardian in the Alpha Flight movie? :)

As for the rest of this list, honestly, I'm not sure if Mustafa is the real deal. Sure his Old Spice commercials are funny but compared to the resume of the rest of the people on this list, he's not even close. We'll see how good he really is with the proposed sitcom he has for the fall.

Lost cast is definitely one of the most talented. Big fan of Mitchell (and deservingly leading V). Emerson and O'Quinn will find jobs in no time as supporting players. But I think the one to really break out is Henry Ian Cusick. Give this man a gig! Every Desmond-centric episodes were some of the best. I would see Josh Holloway as Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider instead of Nic Cage.

I'm not big on remakes but I am looking forward to David Tennant in Fright Night.


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