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kenderoreander 3/14/2010 3:29:31 PM

no DS9 ?  no no Farscape? Farscape should definitly have made the list. oh and how bout Twin Peaks? huh, didnt realize that it was st elsewhere that had the infamous crappiest ending ever.

karas1 3/16/2010 4:24:28 AM

Kenderoreander, which Farscape ending?  The ending of the series proper where Crichton and Aeryn got reduced to dust by an enemy weapon?  (Yeah, awesome cliff hanger)  Or the ending of Peacekeeper Wars which gave a good sense of closure but wasn't quite so memorable?

karas1 3/16/2010 4:29:53 AM

EagleManiac, Space 1999 was a good show.  I remember it fondly.  It had an episode with a giant spider creature that gave me nightmares for months (hey, I was pretty young).

But let's face it.  The idea of the moon traveling at speeds that would put it in a different solar system every week due to an explosion of nuclear waste is silly beyond belief.  And with no guidence whatsoever it would be more likely to be drawn in by some star's gravity and destroyed than to scoot safely across the galaxy. 

But the tech of the Eagle spaceships and the base itself were pretty good.

Kara S

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