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keithdaniel 11/22/2009 11:52:45 AM

It's certainly debatable as to which transformation scene is better,American werewolf in London or The Howling. With AWIL,as great as it's transformation scene is and always will be,it wasn't as scary as it could've been because when you watch it,you felt more pity and almost laughter to an extent because of how the scene was done,especially the music that was played gave the whole thing a crazy sort of sense of humor. I know that was done intentially for comedic purposes but it also made the transformation scene less scary. The Howling on the other hand can make a case for being at least as memorable because when you watch those transformation scenes,you get truly scared and rightfully so because it was taken more seriously and played out as horror! WarCry,not that there is a long list for werewolf transformation scenes(I think this list is stretching it a little)but such as there is,I agree that Underworld should be mentioned but near the bottom because they used much more CGI than I care for! Good call about the Michael Jackson Thriller video transformation scene although it was still well done! TKay42one,the reason why actress Dee Wallace looked more like a ``shi-tzu`` at the end of The Howling was because director Joe Dante wanted the audience to feel more sympathy for her and that she was a good person so he wanted that to be reflected in her werewolf appearance! Dante says so in the retro documentary of The Howling Special Edition dvd that I have!

Glenderry 11/23/2009 2:26:59 AM

Nice to see some support for the Howling( just got word they are remaking it - god help us all) on here. Just thought I would mention a little film that certainly wouldn't make the list because the transformation  doesen't exactly have the whiz bang factor to really get noticed. But within the context of the film it is pretty creepy and subltle. Check out "The Beast Must Die". Nice spin in the werewolf genre too.

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midwest216 11/24/2009 7:03:39 AM

good list, but i just watched Trick 'R' Treat and the wolf transformation in the flick was cool, and the spin on the storyline was cool also.

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