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10 Unusual But Effective Weapons Used in Movies

By Dirk Sonniksen     September 28, 2010

10 Unusual But Effective Weapons Used in Movies
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Our list pays respect to the creative and the resourceful. It’s homage to those who want to maim and kill but are lacking the proper tools. While a gun or a knife is a no-brainer for a weapon, it’s takes a special someone with that inventive knack to pull off the beauties that grace our list of unusual, but effective, weapons used in movies.

Awesome and Weird Movie Weapons

10. Deadly Friend – Basketball
Deadly Friend is a horrible film with an interesting death scene. This film has a rather intriguing premise, with a robot’s brain being installed into a dead girl’s body, but that’s where the intrigue ends. The one shining moment is when dead-girl-with-robot-brain decapitates someone with a basketball, probably the only reason to rent this failure.

Awesome and Weird Movie Weapons

9. Casino – Pen
Here we have an entry that deserves a nod not only for spontaneity, but also for sheer brutality. Joe Pesci is an actor who exemplifies the gangster genre and typically plays a guy with a short fuse. Casino is no different as Pesci comes to the defense of his friend, Bobbie De Niro. Word to the wise: don’t ever tell De Niro to shove a pen up his ass when Joe Pesci is around. 

Awesome and Weird Movie Weapons

8. Student Bodies – Paper Clip
Student Bodies is a ridiculously bad slasher flick with a humorous slant; it does however, feature some ingenious weapons. Yes, when you are a crazed lunatic running low on knives and axes, you must improvise. Enter the paper clip, a useful tool for your mundane daily office tasks, and a great murder weapon. In this cinematic disaster, our victim is used as a pin cushion, a somewhat desperate attempt at theatrics if you ask us (oh no, did we give away a critical plot point? Too bad).

Awesome and Weird Movie Weapons

7. Lady Terminator – Vagina
Lady Terminator is a complete piece of crap, but a really fun piece of crap. She’s not a cyborg, but a student possessed by an evil sea queen (something like that). She kills, quite literally, at random, and as long as there is a horny guy in the vicinity, her thirst cannot be quenched. Sure, she’s easy, but when her eyes bug out, beware: that’s the signal that her girl parts have officially switched to kill mode.

Awesome and Weird Movie Weapons

6. Witness – Corn
It’s a mystery that centers on the Amish community, and these horse-and-carriage-bound folks will never be the same. Harrison Ford is our star, who is…yep, a cop who becomes embroiled in a case of murder and intrigue. Our finale features Harrison Ford at his best, fighting the bad guy, who meets an untimely end inside a corn silo. Hey, it was better than being run over by a horse and buggy.

Awesome and Weird Movie Weapons

5. Fargo – Woodchipper
This film has made many of our Mania lists, and for good reason. Essentially, Fargo has it all: great acting, great directing, appropriate setting, references to uncircumcised guys, and a woodchipper. When you’re low on time and you have to dispose of a body, look no further than your own rural background. While this is technically not a weapon in the film, it’s close enough.

Awesome and Weird Movie Weapons

4. Gremlins – Microwave
They’re cute and then they’re not. These insane little guys wreak havoc and have fun doing it. But if you push mom too far, you’ll pay, as seen in the famous kitchen scene in Gremlins. This scene features not only one of the best ways to dispatch a Gremlin, but another fantastic use for a TV tray, namely as a shield. Set microwave to high, and watch ‘em explode.

Awesome and Weird Movie Weapons

3. The Lost Boys - Stereo
One of our favorites from the 80s, The Lost Boys was the first vampire flick to deviate (at least in a mainstream way) from the typical vampire fare. While there are many great moments to pick from, the one that makes our list is the Death By Stereo scene (not to be confused with the band). Yes indeed, someone had to explode in this film, so why not do it in an unconventional way. A little holy water to the face, an arrow through the heart, enter stereo…and you’re toast.

Awesome and Weird Movie Weapons

2. Shaun of the Dead – Records
When you’re dealing with zombies, rules don’t apply, and anything goes. What was once a formidable collection of vinyl quickly becomes a tasty weapon. If you’re old enough to remember what a record is, you probably used some of the crappier remnants of your music collection as a Frisbee. This old school, nostalgic activity was obviously not lost on the makers of Shaun of the Dead, one of our favorite zombie movies.

Awesome and Weird Movie Weapons

1. The Dark Knight – Pencil
Probably the most engrossing boardroom scene for bad guys, The Joker makes an ominous entry (love the shot of his back as he enters) into the den of thieves, and then, to top it off, pulls off a bit of magic. What can we learn from this? Don’t discount the common household item as a weapon, and don’t shoot your mouth off to someone that is obviously psychotic.


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SarcasticCaveman 9/28/2010 12:11:12 AM

I would like nominate (even thought it wasn't a killing weapon) a bowling ball, "The Big Lebowski".  Didn't kill the nialist, but definitely knocked the wind completely out of him, leaving his friend open for Walter to bite part of his ear off.

karas1 9/28/2010 1:03:33 AM

Aliens and the forklift/mecha thing Ripley used on the Alien Queen.

Mars Attacks, the aliens were killed by yodeling at them.


xenomorph 9/28/2010 2:42:10 AM

The high heel shoe from single white female. Death by Fashion!

CastBroad 9/28/2010 4:41:38 AM

Dan Aycroyd taking the television to the head in Grosse Point Blank. When you see him afterwards lying on the ground with the television completely covering his head… great stuff.

WarCry 9/28/2010 5:29:55 AM

 I was always partial to icicles myself. Die Hard 2, for example.

EagleManiac 9/28/2010 5:51:45 AM

Zombie: Death by Door Splinter to the eye! Pretty girl gets her head pulled right into a huge splenter and it slowy enters her eye(and done very graphically!), as she screams for her life! NASTY!

LooneyBinJIm 9/28/2010 6:38:39 AM

Great list. Can I pleas add a few?

What about the weapon (captive bolt pistol?) use by the bad guy in No Country For Old Men?

Or. Clockwork Orange's death by porcelin penis?

Then there's Shoot 'em Up where someone is killed by a carrot stick.

Although there's alot to choose from in this one, how about death by car engine from Final Destination 3(IIRC)?

And I can't remember if it was Godzilla or a ripoff monster, but they killed it using itching powder. Causing it to scratch himself to death.

Mhalakai 9/28/2010 7:22:39 AM

Don’t forget "death by vegetable" in Shoot ‘em up. Who new carrots could be so lethal? :D

littlemikey979 9/28/2010 8:06:46 AM

I know its been done more than once, but death by getting thrown into a jet engine like in The Losers.

Or in Demolition Man, death by that freezing solid them having your head kicked off.

We could do this all day!!!

lracors 9/28/2010 8:16:50 AM

Fargo didn't belong on this list, despite your claim to the otherwise.

What about No Country For Old Men??? That was a messed up weapon of choice.


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