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10 Upcoming Directors New Movie Compatibility Test

By Hanso     March 22, 2010

10 Upcoming Directors New Movie Compatibility Test
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Hollywood is always tapping upcoming directors to helm a potential franchise. Sometimes those crazy bastards make a genius pick (Chris Nolan and Batman), other times their pick is a bust (Tim Story and Fantastic Four). With that in mind, we here at Mania take a look at some upcoming directors to find out the compatibility these directors have with their respective new projects.

10 Compatible Fresh Directors

10. Juan Carlos Fresnadillo

Juan Carlos Fresnadillo is known for his film, 28 Weeks Later. The sequel to 28 Days Later was a surprisingly welcomed addition to the played out zombie horror genre and featured an opening sequence that was scary, tense and action filled. The film never let up and may have bested Danny Boyle’s work on the original. Fresnadillo’s efforts earned him the unenviable task of trying to deliver a video game movie that doesn’t suck and is now attached to give movie going audiences their first trip into the dystopian city of Rapture with the video game movie adaptation of BioShock
Is he compatible? As they say in his native Spain, Si! Search your feelings; you know it to be true. Just switch the “infected” with Splicers and the Isle of Dogs with Rapture. BAM! You got BioShock.

10 Compatible Fresh Directors

9. Marc Webb

When most romantic comedies make you poke your eyes out so you won’t endure the pain of sitting through another minute of film, Mr. Webb delivered (500) Days of Summer and actually made you care about what you were watching. Due to his work on that movie, Sony Studios tapped him to rescue the Spider-Man franchise from the grip of Saturday Night Fever inspired emo dancing.
Is he compatible? It’s too early to tell; while he delivered a very good small budget film we are not quite sure how tracking Cobra Commander’s relationship with Zoey Deschanel through a non-linear narrative will translate to a new Spider-Man 3-D franchise set in high school. The only thing we can say is that if Peter Parker has to do more dancing then he’s in good hands. See (500) Days of Summer’s dance sequence for proof. Other than that it really is 50/50 at this point; it could go Iron Man good or Daredevil suckfest.

10 Compatible Fresh Directors

8. Matt Reeves

With $25 million dollars, Matt Reeves managed to direct and deliver a monster movie more interesting than what Roland Emmerich did with $130 million and Godzilla. After Cloverfield, Reeves is back again to deal with monsters although a more familiar one. It’s a little perplexing that a guy associated with giving a fresh new take to the giant monster genre as opted to join the current vampire craze by remaking the Swedish film, Let The Right One In but Hollywood is a weird place.
Is he compatible? Nope. No shaky cam vomit-inducing style is going to work with the remake, now titled Let Me In. Matt Reeves is going to have to switch up his style and unlike Cloverfield which could not be compared to anything, Let Me In will undoubtedly be measured up to the original and that cuts his chances of succeeding. About the only thing Reeves has going into this film is his leading lady, Chloe Moretz soon to be better known for her Hit Girl role, and the benefit of flying under the radar because while Let The Right One In was great only like fifty seven people have actually seen it. 

10 Compatible Fresh Directors

7. John Hillcoat

The man delivered a pretty violent western with The Proposition and then followed that up by teaming with Aragorn and delving into the post apocalyptic world of The Road minus the baby eating.  After those two films Hillcoat is now slated to return to observing Walter and Peter Bishop on Fringe. Ok that’ not true but look at the guy, he bears a freakish similarity to the “The Observer.”

Is he compatible? : John Hillcoat is upset that science fiction is concerned more with gadgets and technology instead of the human experience so look for his future films to deal on a more intimate level. Sounds like John cares more about plot than blowing shit up so yes, even though he has nothing next we are sure that wherever he lands next it will be a good fit for him.


10 Compatible Fresh Directors

6. Breck Eisner

Breck Eisner underwhelmed with his first film Sahara but we’re going to look the other way because that film had Steve Zahn in it so there was no way for it to be good. He bounced back nicely with his remake of The Crazies and now is set for Flash –Ahh-Ahhhhhhh, savior of the universe! Yes sir, Breck will sit behind the camera and take audiences to Planet Mongo to watch Flash Gordon battle Ming the Merciless in the new Flash Gordon 3-D movie. 
Is he compatible? Eisner’s adventure experience in Sahara may serve him well but his lack of special effects work may end up costing. The decision on Eisner’s compatibility with Flash Gordon wasn’t easy and basically came down to the soundtrack. Look, no Queen in the soundtrack means Breck’s take is pretty pointless. Queen rules, suckas! So the answer to “does he fit?” is, no. We reserve the right to change this decision if Queen ends up in the film.

10 Compatible Fresh Directors

5. Joseph Kosinski

The newbie of the list, Joseph Kosinski has no prior experience directing a Hollywood film but he’s somebody to keep your eye on especially come late 2010. Kosinski comes from a commercial spot background and has done some kick ass game spots like Halo 3’s “Starry Night” and Gears of War’s “Mad World.” Kosinski’s first film, Tron Legacy, is set to release December 2010. The sequel to Disney’s much beloved original is already generating buzz from the few glimpses that have been shown and is one of the most anticipated titles to release this year. 
Is he compatible? Well ask yourself this, does Mike “The Situation” creep on every female in the Jersey Shore? The answer is a “Hell Yes!” Joseph Kosinski is money baby, money. Just watch the Tron Legacy trailer which looks insanely awesome. No really, look at the trailer and immerse yourself in the awesomeness that is Tron Legacy. No need to panic, no need to shout. Kosinski and Tron Legacy fit like a glove, no doubt.

10 Compatible Fresh Directors

4. Shane Acker

Representing for the animation side is Shane Acker. The former visual effects animator made himself known when he wrote and directed 9. No not the crappy musical with Bill “The Butcher,” the other 9. You know the one featuring characters that look like they escaped from Little Big Planet and had the voice of Frodo? With the help of Tim Burton and Timur Bekmambetov, Acker expanded his Oscar nominated short into a full on sci-fi post apocalyptic animated film. The movie was a much more mature and adult oriented film than what is usually found with the animation in the US.
Is he compatible? : Yes he will fit into whatever he decides to do next which may be a sequel to 9 hopefully starring Sackboy. Main reason he fits with his future project is that his first film showcased smart storytelling, great design, atmosphere and cool action sequences.

10 Compatible Fresh Directors

3. Duncan Jones

Hey everybody its David Bowie’s kid. Duncan Jones, the British director hit the Hollywood scene with the 2009 science fiction thriller, Moon starring Iron Man 2’s Justin Hammer. The indie flick decided to focus on story (weird right?) instead of action and ended up delivering a quality sci-fi thriller. For his encore, Jones has lined up a nice cast and returns to sci-fi with the Source Code, a film that sounds similar to Déjà Vu but with bombs going off to keep the tension going. 
Does he fit? Yes, a thousand times, yes! This film fits Duncan Jones perfectly. In Moon, Jones pretty much kept the film in one location and kept us interested throughout. This will come in handy for Source Code a film that mainly takes plane inside a train car. Source Code, like Moon, is also a new property and not a big budget film which should help in taking the pressure off having to please geek fandom and delivering for the suits. Bet the house Source Code becomes another feather in Mr. Jones’s cap.

10 Compatible Fresh Directors

2. Neill Blomkamp

Neill hooked up with Peter Jackson to develop a Halo film but Microsoft being the bitches that they are decided to put Halo on hold and poor Blomkamp’s dream of unleashing Master Chief at a movie theatre near you was crushed. Out of the ashes of his dead dreams his first film, District 9, was born and the movie put Blomkamp on the map. The film released in August 2009 was a breath of fresh air to all the crap that was release that summer and delivered a much needed dose of originality to an otherwise formulaic summer season. District 9 is a superb flick and hands down one of the best films of 2009 which is why it managed to sneak into the Best Picture Oscar race.
Does he fit?   Any man that delivers a Best Picture nominee with his first time at bat most definitely has skills. The low budgets for his films will keep the suits at bay affording him more creative control and final say in the decisions being made. District 9 showed that can only mean good things for Blomkamp’s future projects. While he doesn’t have anything concrete as his next move, his fit into any of his rumored projects, an original sci-fi film or a District 9 sequel, is a guaranteed slam dunk.

10 Compatible Fresh Directors

1. J.J. Abrams

Jeffrey Jacob Abrams. The most experienced and famous of this bunch, having directed many episodes for television (Alias, Lost and Fringe) only has two feature films (Mission Impossible 3 and Star Trek) under his belt. J.J is going back to well with his next films as he is set to direct everyone’s favorite couch jumping scientologist, Tom Cruise, in Mission Impossible 4 and also has lined up a sequel to Star Trek that will no doubt have Trekkies (or is that Trekkers?) upset that Uhura isn’t wearing the same color panties she used on Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan.
Is he compatible? Think of it like this, if this was eHarmony Abrams would be a perfect match for both franchises and well on his way to the altar. J.J. refocused Mission Impossible to the team aspect of IMF instead of the Ethan Hunt show and is single handedly responsible for getting people to care about Star Trek meaning the cat is doing something right.
We here at Mania love watching directors go at it.  Maybe we just have too much time on our hands, but here are a pair of talented young directors fighting in Alfonso Cuaron Vs. Guillermo Del Toro.  For the middle card, we have Sam Raimi Vs. Christopher Nolan and James Cameron Vs. Peter Jackson and the headliner fight: George Lucas Vs. Steven Spielberg. It is gonna be a director's battle royale!

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redslayer 3/22/2010 12:49:31 AM

I'm first!

I'm also one of the 57 that saw Let the right one in. Let's see if this guy can pull it because the original was great, not like all that Twilight crap!

HudsonTaco 3/22/2010 1:49:37 AM

Good article Hanso.A year ago I would have put Zack Snyder on this list, like all the choices though. Abrams did a fine job on MI:III but I hope he dosen't direct MI:IV every new movie should have a new director at this point. Loved Star Trek as well.

Moon was good old fashioned "SyFy", really enjoyed it. D9 was also very good. We will see about  the Spider Man reboot, Spiderman 2 is one of the best IMO.

HudsonTaco 3/22/2010 1:51:08 AM

The Proposition is not a western, it takes place in Australia, but it feels like one I suppose. Good movie.

garygriffith03@yahoo.com_home 3/22/2010 2:43:17 AM

this is a good list of upcoming directors who can possibly put themselves on the map

and receive major recognition. the fans would have to wait and see what movie will be HOT or NOT




ninjaBam 3/22/2010 4:19:01 AM

 Pretty nice line up of directors, can't disagree here.

jppintar326 3/22/2010 4:27:34 AM

JJ Abrams is single handedly responsible for destroying Star Trek for his overhyped, overrated vision.  Also spare me the arguments about how great Lost is because I stopped watching it for good two years ago and haven't looked back since.

I hope that new Spiderman crashes and burns after what Sony did to Sam Raimi and Spiderman 4.

jedibanner 3/22/2010 5:52:54 AM

oh no, not again....why can't people realize the start trek franchise HAS BEEN REVIVED and that it's the best thing that ever happened since Wrath of khan???

the fact you don't like lost jppintar says it all.....you should look back into what your missing, it IS the best show on TV.

Although I agree with you on the spider-man thing....this movie will be good to download and that's it.

lusiphur 3/22/2010 5:58:41 AM

Great, original list Hanso.  I just have to question putting directors in who don't have a project in the pipeline (that we know of).  How do we "find out the compatibility these directors have with their respective new projects" if they don't have a project.  Just sayin' your list could've been a couple names shorter.

wallyrus 3/22/2010 6:18:10 AM

 I don't blame Breck Eisner for "Sahara", the books aren't well written.  From what he had to work with, it was actually pretty good.  

"9" sucked.

"Moon" rocked.

Can't wait for "Tron Legacy"

ddiaz28 3/22/2010 6:25:54 AM

Oh c'mon dude ... please no "firsting" here.  I can't stand that.  I'll forgive you this once =)

Nice list Hanso.  But I have to agree with lusipher's statement.  Although the director's that haven't announced their next project might be great at most genre's, I'm sure there are some films that they just wouldn't be compatible with.  Most likely they'll stick with what they know though.

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