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10 Wishes for Toy Fair 2012

Fingers crossed

By Robert T. Trate     January 20, 2012


Toy Fair is only a few short weeks away and your Toy Maniac could not be happier. It is the official start to the convention season and I will be in attendance. Each and every year all the big (and small) toy companies meet in New York City to shop their wares. It is here where department stores, comic shops, and novelty places will decide on what they will and won’t carry. What it means for you Maniacs is hopefully a first look at the movie, TV, and comic book likeliness for all your favorite properties. Though we won’t actually know until the second week in February, here is The Toy Maniac’s 10 Wishes for Toy Fair 2012.
10. The Unexpected

10 Most Anticipated Features at Toy Fair 2012

It might sound strange but the unexpected surprises at Toy Fair usually out weigh the big releases. During, my very first year at Toy Fair I walked into a giant Dalek from Doctor Who. A quick glance at the booth and I saw just how many toys this show actually had. I then realized I must have been missing something. I went home and Netflixed the entire re-launch. Toy Fair made me a fan of Doctor Who. So with each new year I look forward to the unexpected surprises and what they’ll mean for the rest of the year.
9. Bladerunner Figures

10 Most Anticipated Features at Toy Fair 2012

2012 marks the 30th Anniversary of Ridley Scott’s classic film. By now, someone should have the rights to make figures to this sci-fi film noir masterpiece. NECA has produced incredible likenesses of movie characters in the past; everything from Alien to A Christmas Story. Who better than to tackle Bladerunner?
8. The New Darth Maul Figure

10 Most Anticipated Features at Toy Fair 2012

He has been teased to us all last year, but he is coming. He’ll definitely make an appearance at Toy Fair. Hasbro may keep him hush hush but Lego let the first Savage Opress figure out of the bag. Then again, practically every Star Wars character gets a figure (almost 10 times over). It is only a matter of time.
7. Helms Deep Play Set

10 Most Anticipated Features at Toy Fair 2012

Lego has already announced a deal to produce both Lord of the Rings and Hobbit renditions of our favorite characters and scenes. My wish is to see one of their mega sets (a la the Death Star or a Star Destroyer) of Helms Deep. The Hornberg Courtyard being the main piece, but imagine all the smaller sets that could accompany it.
6. Bag End Play Set

10 Most Anticipated Features at Toy Fair 2012

The Hobbit will probably be the main focus of Toy Fair. That much is certain. What will probably be the first Hobbit play set is Bag End by Lego. The scale and intricacies are what will make or break this item. It will also be interesting to see if it comes with all the Dwarves and Gandalf.
5. Prometheus Figures

10 Most Anticipated Features at Toy Fair 2012

Will it be NECA or Mezco that will have the license rights to 7” inch renditions of the cast? They should be pretty cool, but expect only two or three figures from this movie. Personally, I think it’s the Hot Toys and Sideshow Collectible versions that are going to rock the house.
4. Avengers Quinjet

10 Most Anticipated Features at Toy Fair 2012

If Hasbro keeps the Avengers figures in their standard 3.75-inch ratio, the size of the Quinjet is all that really matters. A small dinky one that can only accommodate one to three figures will not be enough. The Quinjet has to be Millennium Falcon size and there must be seats for everyone. It will undoubtedly be the centerpiece to the collection and a must have for collectors.
3. The Death Star Play Set

10 Most Anticipated Features at Toy Fair 2012

It might be just a wish but damnit it’s my wish. I hope I am not alone in wanting a reproduction of the greatest Star Wars playset ever released. Of course it could use some updating and a few tweaks here and there but this one demand to be made. If anything, Hasbro, make it a Comic Con exclusive or perhaps take orders on it. You won’t regret it. 
2. Castle Grayskull Play Set

10 Most Anticipated Features at Toy Fair 2012

With every crazy figure (and now vehicle) that MattyCollector is releasing in their Masters of the Universe Classic line, I’ll be shocked if I don’t see this in February. They have made a few bases in the Grayskull style, but they all pale in comparison to an actual playset. MattyCollector has their schedule already for most of 2012 (see here) with only two figures yet to be revealed at Toy Fair. Castle Grayskull has to be coming soon, it just has to be.
1. San Diego Comic Con Exclusives

10 Most Anticipated Features at Toy Fair 2012

As I mentioned earlier the convention season officially starts with Toy Fair. The pinnacle of the summer is, without a doubt, Comic Con. Many of the smaller companies (NECA, Mezco) rarely mention their exclusives this far in advance. Hasbro and Mattel, on the other hand, unleash several at Toy Fair to begin the frenzy. Last year, many of their exclusives sold out on the first day. By the next day they were going for 5 times their original price.
Robert Trate writes three weekly columns for Mania: the DVD Shopping Bag, the Toy Maniac, and The Geek Life. Follow Robert on Twitter for his for Geek ramblings, Cosplay photos and film criticisms.


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Wyldstaar 1/20/2012 1:47:49 PM

I'd definitely like to see more Doctor Who toys on the toy isle of mainstream stores, rather than just specialty stores at outrageous markups.  I had to pay $20 for that red Dalek pictured above.

Of the toys on the wish list, I don't think much of a lot of them.  How would a toy version of Bilbo's house be fun in any way?  Nothing happens there of interest.  The fun doesn't start until he leaves The Shire.  I knew someone as a kid who had the Death Star playset.  I wasn't impressed.  It was awkward to play with, and didn't inspire the imagination.  We had more fun setting up our own command centers out of cardboard and the various construction sets we had like Lego and Construx. 

I do approve of Castle Grayskull, though.  It was not only awesome looking, but it's design was well executed.  All you had to do was fold it open and put whatever you wanted behind the front of the castle.  It was also far cheaper to buy than any other 'base' playset at the time.

littlemikey979 1/20/2012 4:20:06 PM

Oh, if I had kept my old He-Man toys. Had Grayskull and Snake Mountain, the one that you could 'ooz' characters in.

samurai1138 1/22/2012 8:21:44 AM

You didnt ooze characters in Snake Mountain, you oozed them in one of the Hordak playsets, it wasnt the Fright Zone set, it was the other one, someone help me out with the name, I dont want to google it.

Wyldstaar 1/22/2012 11:29:13 AM

 It was just called the Slime Pit.

demonfire 1/22/2012 4:44:44 PM

got to admit of all things on this list i am looking forward to the quinjet the most since original heard it was being considered as a baf. as for the death star and castle greyskull sadly those two will not be a reality at toy fair since hasbro has stated no plans for the death star unless it shows up in a movie or the cartoon and mattel has stated they want to do greyskull but no plans right now. blade runner will be amazed if someone finaly not only reveals they have the rights to figures but shows some early protoypes like of decker .as the hobbit the one thing i hope toy fair reveals is what smaug is finaly going to look like as a figure and if he will be tree beard size.



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