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Chopsaki 5/18/2010 1:07:25 AM

The very first chest burster in Alien before we knew what to expect, Return of the Jedi: Boba Fett going out like a bitch, The Deer Hunter: Russian Roulette, but I'd have to say the best by far is...The Mist! That scene at the very end with 5 survivors and only 4 bullets, I mean...just...wow. Frank Darabont, you sir have balls.

SarcasticCaveman 5/18/2010 1:52:26 AM

Back when it first came out, I have to imagine that Trekkies had a huge WTF moment on Spock's death scene in "Wrath of Khan".  Main characters aren't supposed to DIE! 

madmanic999 5/18/2010 2:33:35 AM

I think the Departed should be on here somewhere.... That was the BIGGEST WTF death EVER.

marcd30319 5/18/2010 4:19:15 AM

11. Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze: Don Rubio Gorro

This quirky cult fav had plenty of WTF moments, but the death of this weakly, thumb-sucking, pint-sized clerk-turned-criminal got his ill-gotten rewards the hard way when the climatic earthquake caused the golden geyser to erupt, drenching Rubio in molten gold. And the final insult is when his gold-encased body is found, the musical cue of "La Cucaracha" is played. A true WTF death!


rgtchtiger 5/18/2010 4:40:43 AM

 It's a sub-par movie at best, but Heath Ledger's fate in The Patriot had my jaw on the floor.  First of all, the entire shootout between his militia and the Brits was intense, and I honestly did not see his death coming.  It was the most shocking moment of the entire film.

And SarcasticCaveman is right - where is Spock's death on this list?  How is it not at or near the very top?



Flint521466 5/18/2010 4:42:08 AM

Donnie's heart attack in The Big Lebowski was a WTF for me.  It wasn't gruesome or anything.  It was just so random.

David Warner's head gettin' lopped off by a sheet of glass in The Omen stands out to as well. 

jppintar326 5/18/2010 4:45:48 AM

As I recall, we don't actually see Butch and Sundance die.  It ends on a freeze frame of them going to their deaths.  I always thought that was cheesy especially since the deaths of Bonnie and Clyde and all the main characters in The Wild Bunch died very violently.  We actually saw them die.  I compare Butch and Sundance to these two films because they are from the same era.  I personally think Wild Bunch and Bonnie and Clyde stand the test of time better because their stories were more serious while Butch and Sundance had a story that was a little too jokey at times.

For that reason, I think The Wild Bunch and Bonnie and Clyde deserve to be on this list, not Butch and Sundance. 

Here's another one: the death of Julianne Moore early in Children of Men?

ultrazilla2000 5/18/2010 4:59:15 AM

When a few puny missiles took out "Godzilla" in the 1998 American travesty.  The "King of the Monsters" killed by a couple of missles?!?  WTF!?!

LooneyBinJIm 5/18/2010 5:15:46 AM

I think the opening scene from Ghost Ship with the gorrote wire should get honorabe mention.

ponyboy76 5/18/2010 5:49:09 AM

Not sure who wrote Deep Blue Sea , but they must have watched a lot of cartoons. That is one funny ass scene. SLJ is trying to get all inspirational and a giant shark just jumps out the water and eats him.  Hilariously cartoonish.

That scene in Ghost Ship is definitely a WTF?

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