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oberonqa 5/18/2010 1:05:48 PM

How about Optimus Prime dying in the Transformers Movie (1980's cartoon movie, not Revenge of the Fallen).  Seriously.... no one could have seen that coming.

Or how about the famous heart-eating scene in Last of the Mohicans (even though the indian did say he was going to do it for most of the film... who actually expected him to pull it off?)

And of course, Spock dying in Wrath of Khan was a big big WTF moment for it's time.  Same goes for Kane and the chestburster scene in Alien (hell... for that matter... the entirety of Alien 3 could be called a giant WTF death due to Ripley getting facehugged...). 

Yea this list has some good mentions on it... but it's missing some of the truly GREAT WTF moments.

supercollector 5/18/2010 3:59:25 PM

so all good comments but I think some of you are missing the point.  The WTF momment is like.....POW and their dead and your like....WTF!!?!?!? WTF momments are not deaths you might see coming, or long drawn out death scenes like Spock's.

docwho 5/18/2010 5:04:11 PM

To Live and Die in LA is the biggest for me.  William L Peterson is the main character the whole movie and then, SPLAT, a head shot and he is history.  The rest of the movie is Ira from Mad About You as the hero. WTF!

metalpause 5/18/2010 7:46:24 PM

oberonqa nailed it. Optimus Prime... Dead?!

DarkXid 5/18/2010 8:25:26 PM

 If he was a character, I would give honorable mention to the cat in The Boondock Saints.  Mainly because of Rocco's last line of the scene after looking at the massive splatter stain on the wall "Is it dead?"

animefanjared 5/19/2010 1:21:52 PM

Killing Hitler was probably the most brilliant thing Taratino did in Inglorious Basterds.  Up until you learn that Hitler's going to be at the movie screening, you're really just counting the minutes until Sofie's plan succeeds.  Once you find out he's actually going to be there, it suddenly puts the entire outcome of the movie into question and makes the film much more interesting.

optimuslivs4evr 5/20/2010 5:45:18 AM

Spocks death scene may have been drawn out, but when you first watched it you somehow didn't really expect him to die.  Then he did.

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