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esotericcandy 5/21/2010 10:30:16 AM

Nice list there Joe – glad you kept it to a reasonable number (though I would think ya would have picked one of the numbers – like 8 or 15 – as opposed to 11).

Here’s my thoughts on each one:

11. While I’ve heard a rumor Walt may indeed APPEAR in the finale – I agree the odds of an actual explanation are fairly remote. However – I think the explanation goes a little something like this.

Walt had some sort of latent psychic/telekinetic abilities before the Island – hence the bird crashing into the window as he gets angry at his mother (while reading a book about very same bird). Perhaps this also drew the polar bear to him when he was reading that comic book. Do I need further explanation of Walt’s powers – not really – that’s fine. I believe he was targeted by the Others – on behalf of Jacob – because not only might he be a viable candidate – more he could be a true weapon against MIB.

As Jacob appears to foresee things (like his own demise) – he also foresaw that Walt would not be a factor after all (in fact his father would prove to be a more important chess piece in the game) – and thus it became acceptable for Walt to leave.

10. While I am 99% positive Shannon will show up in the finale – I refuse to believe to accept the couple weeks Sayid spent with that spoiled brat trumps the years of searching for his lost Iraqi love – that impacted his life for the past decade . Not that I care that much – but I’d declare that to be BS if they intimated that Shannon was the true love (which sadly, would not surprise me at this point).

09. I would like an answer to how Fake Mom filled up the well and did the burning purge of the village – and being able to become some form of the Smoke Monster does make sense, for how else would they explain it? I’m less certain we’ll get an explanation for that though – I’d put the odds at less than 50-50.

08. Dude – you can ramp up the odds to 100% that we’ll get the answer to who is David’s mom. I say I’m 95% certain it’ll be Juliet – with the remaining 5% on Julie Bowen’s Sarah – since they filmed the Modern Family finale in Hawaii – so she was in the right state at the right time…

07. Every time I try to theorize about how the two universes will merge, my nose starts bleeding and I go into convulsions – but since they absolutely will answer that one – I’m confident I won’t require hospitalization or burial after Sunday evening.

06. Man – I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE an explanation for the Hurley bird. Sure – most people (the casual LOST viewers) have forgotten about it – but then again – most people forgot about Adam & Eve too. Jorge Garcia has openly mocked the idea that they would answer that question – but that was before he received the finale script – so who knows – maybe they can squeeze it in there somewhere? Maybe we’ll find out it was MIB? There has always been some suspicion he has taken the form of animals such as Kate’s horse (though that MIGHT have been rejected by Darlton some time ago) or even the spiders that bit Nikki & Paulo.

05. You left out the most significant death of all with that blade – Jacob & MIB’s fake mom! I honestly didn’t realize Smlocke used THAT blade to slash Liz Lemon’s throat -- are we sure about that? I do not think there will be ANY additional explanation regarding that dagger – the fact that it was used to kill the fake mom by MIB is probably the most significant thing about it (so it once had her “blood” on it). We might be in Hurley bird territory now (as far as likelihood of any additional answer), but I’m sure the dagger WILL be used in the finale!

04. Absolutely, positively, 100% agree Sawyer & Juliet will make that coffee date in the Safe Landing Universe. It’s probably the easiest LOST moment to forecast since Michael was Ben’s man on the boat.

03. Man – I’ve been wondering about the bloody cut on Jack something fierce. I initially thought it might be foreshadowing of Jack’s death on the Island – but one of the other dudes on the Manic LOST message board speculated that perhaps Smlocke holds the dagger to Jack’s throat – even cutting him a bit. That’s the best explanation I’ve heard so far!

02. Wow – I never even thought of the ashes as something to need an answer about – and I honestly mean it never occurred to me. That IS a good question – and yeah, if there’s no explanation – that is bizarre – what ios it they would have burned up to create those lines of ash surrounding the temple and Jacob’s cabin – and why was there no similar protection by the four-toed statue.

01. Yeah – we’ll DEFINTELY know by finale’s end if Ben is truly “good” or “evil”. I’m going with Misguided and responsible for heinous acts – but redeemed and essentially good in the end!

DAMONandCARLTON 5/21/2010 10:44:04 AM

Great article Joe!  We could chime in right now and tell you how many of your questions will be answered on Sunday night, but that would take all of the fun out of it.

By the way, we posted a comment on the review of "What They Died For" that several of you regulars may want to check out.

In any event, it's been a great ride.  Have too much stuff to do today, so we'll check back in later when we can!

Damon & Carlton

xpaladinx45 5/21/2010 12:08:24 PM

Karas - i still think you are wrong, but i admire your for sticking to your guns :)

cheekymonkey 5/21/2010 12:10:19 PM

I thought the knife that tookout Liz Lemon was different...it looked likeit had a bigger blade

cheekymonkey 5/21/2010 12:15:10 PM

Fake mom is the most interesting question, but I agree with a previous poster- what about women not being able to give birth?  Richard disregarded it when he was talking to Locke in season 4(?), but it seems important enough.

I vote Ben is good, much like Vader in the end. 

lracors 5/21/2010 12:32:09 PM

Hummm interesting... My spin

#11. Either A. He's electomagnetic immune or B. Red Herring by the Others to get Michael to get to Jack which is pretty convoluted... or C. They have no clue (and i don't really care anymore).

#10 Nadia not even a question.

#9 I think that it's implied that she's otherworldly strong or the smoke but i don't really think this will get answered the way we would like it.

#8 Eh... so what

#7 That is the ultimate question isn't it.  I have no idea i just hope it's good.

#6 Good question i also vote for Horus

#5 I don't think we will find out

#4 Best couple ever... besides Jin and Sun

#3 This could be a clue that the SLU is collaping due to the fact that it should not have been created.  Which means... perhaps SLU will merge into the orignal continuity.

#2 Ash circles well according to ancient folklore is the ash from burnt wood and coal used to keep out (or in) evil.

#1 I'm leaning towards somehow being good at the last moment.

endomayne88 5/21/2010 12:43:15 PM

I think I'm going to be agriest that they don't address Walt. But I also want to know what was up with that psychic that Claire saw in Season 1 that made her get on flight 815...


I think this EPIC Lost Parody answers more questions than the finale will, plus it's pretty hilarious: http://www.digitalfuntown.com/videos/184

makabriel 5/21/2010 2:00:58 PM

Something everyone should read..


DougRed4 5/21/2010 2:22:20 PM

That's pretty cool that Damon and Carlton answered here!  Great session last night, guys.  Thanks for doing that for us fans!  Damon, I was the guy in Seattle!   ;)

Unfortunately, many people here seem to be pig-headed (should that be boar-headed?) about things, even when they are explained to them (or maybe it's just that a big chunk of Maniacs don't read the other posts).

I've already told you what Damon and Carlton said about #11 (Walt).   So endomayne88 (and others), the answer to that question has already been answered.  They also talked a bit about Claire's psychic and the food drops.  Here's what they said (at last night's event):

- Walt was "special" (like Hurley and Miles).  The others realized that, and thus wanted to get their hands on him.  The reason they got him off the show (in real life) was because the actor was getting too big/tall.

- They were kind of amused about people's reaction to Claire's physic.  They told how a later episode revealed that he was a fraud, but that people just wouldn't hear it ("but Aaron's special!").

- They admitted that the Dharma drops were a mistake, and was done in response to fan questions (why is Hurley not losing any weight?).

One other thing Damon revealed (spoiler ahead)



is that there will be a Star Wars reference in the first seven minutes of the finale!   :)

And if you don't want to know who all shows up in the final episode, watch with your hand blocking the credits on the bottom of the screen.  They're contractually obliged to show who was in it, so they can't keep an actor's name off of there just for fans to be surprised.   :)

Since they were answering tihese questions, it more or less hinted that they were not things that would be resolved/revealed in the finale.

myklspader 5/21/2010 4:12:40 PM

 My overall opinion is that ABC should have let these guys have a full 22 episodes to explain stuff for this season or the writers should have made more of these lingering details and answered them in the previous season. I still like the show overall but feel that we are getting short changed in this tail end of the series. 


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