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DeeJay4ADay 5/21/2010 8:12:16 PM

Kara... you already know that I've been with you in regard to Ben being evil. That's not to say that evil people can't occassionally do good things. Even Bale's American Psycho was capable of paying a good deed forward. Of course, after doing so, he would *still* be an American psycho. Ben might do some good things by the time the finale wraps, but he's still the Charles Manson of the Lost universe.

Esoteric... you'r right about Walt having some connection to (maybe communication with?) animals. Still, didn't the Other named Bea once say that he would "appear in places he wasn't supposed to?"

angst9ine 5/21/2010 9:01:20 PM

11/   Walt will be in it.   perhaps as a guidance to the on island folk.  

10/ nadia....no doubt...im just not sure why this is a pressing question when there is so many more, but i digress its not my list.

9/ Hmmm   smokie is not the mother.....however i am torn if smokie existed prior to Jacob tossing his brother in the light or if it turned his brother into it.......im leaning towards smokie existed and the mom was the protector.  smokie conned MIB into his scheme, even making him venture into understandings of the electromagnatism,  he turned into his original mother to guide him ( such a smokie thing to do)  basically it was smokies first loop hole....got MIB to kill mommy protector....just a little to late...cause she already transfered her duties to Jacob......this would also explain how the village was destroyed..

8/ juliette.

7/ okay.....because they blew up the bomb in 1977  they changed the course of history....Desmond was not there to miss the buttons thus pulling the plane from the sky.....(well there was no button).....they also barried the island whilst doing that.........but once the plane flew over the island  that is the first time there lives split (slu lives) the time caught up to them splitting them selves from the life they were leading and the life (island only) since episode 1.     once they gain consiousness of all this they are able to stop smokie  ( here is the catch)  stop him once he reaches there current world (SLU).   That bieng said  the real time line as we know it..smockie wins...kills everyone gets off the island.........until he meets the SLU crew who are full of an ammo of knowledge on how to kill him....perhaps they dont let him talk.....i dont know..

6/ not sure....i think we all came up with are own conclusion....and that will be that.....and i like it like that.

5/  I dont know who wrote it........so i wont take credit   but i like the fact that it has mothers blood on it.

4/ haha  i can see them sharing a coffee with some harmless flirting in SLU while Juilette is waitng for Jack to attend the concert.

3/ well  everything is colliding...i am guessing this is where ol smokie some how kills Jack in 2007 and it is bleeding into the SLU

2/ part of the rules.??     maybe he cant cross the ash of someone he killed??  i dont know, i believe they will leave this to open to enterpatation.

1/ ben is neither nor........but he will make a good choice in the end....not sure if its redemtion enough....not sure on how many hail mary's there is for genocide  im thinking he would need at least 2 lives and a time machine to complete.....oh wait!!


angst9ine 5/21/2010 9:48:52 PM

drunkin version

11/ walt will have at this point be the star of the Harlem Globetrotters.  upon sailing across the pacific for a game with is team they get stranded on a mysterous island. where they are forced to play a game of basketball vs the current lost cast. Smocke munipulates the losties for this challenge..  it ends with funny hijinks,  as a smocke twirls a basketball on his fingers with a 1 2 sike,  to slam dunk for the final blow...as the globetrotters are banished from the island.

10/ threesome!! now thats an answer

9/ mom is smokie and protector leaving jacob confused and MiB more confused until he becomes smokie and Jacob is like WTF i only got the protector job why cant i do that, leaving faithful viewers even more confused when smokie for the first 2000 years thinks he is protecting the island from the protector who in which is Jacob. basically its like a three stooges episode with only 2 stooges and somewhat smart diologue

8/ its a man... thats the ultimate end LOST twist......Jack life partner is no other than......i dont want to ruin everything.                        okay okay Lapidus

7/ they dont collide...it just ends with no explination at all...in fact they go out of there way to make sure it makes no sence what so ever,,,,,,in fact it will actually end like every other damn episode.

6/ magic mushrooms play a bigger plot line in this show than you would have imagined.....but it all makes sence now doesnt it......damn island is riddled with it!!!!!!!

5/ THe dagger was used one to hunt things and kill things and stab things therefore it is deemed as a usefull device to hunt things and kill things and stab things.

4/ yep......sawyer goes for a coffee  and Juilette is there,,,, they drink the coffee....small talk.....such as how the play offs are going and such....couple laughs....a little discussion on air quality in new york compared to L.A  some more laughs.....boing   end of episode.....brilliant.!!

3/ Jack sucks at shaving....he has always had this problem....only in SLU world mind you....every time he shaves YEP! another nik....of course he going to look in the mirror ....who wouldnt.....i cut my self shaving im gonna have a gander........cue Remington commercial..........upon changing brands...all is well......Jack is happy  end episode....

2/ perhaps he just does not like ash.....did anyone think of that??????????????

1/ see my first post im done..............

BobKM 5/22/2010 6:05:08 AM

I guess it was a bad time to be away from Mania for two days.  I still have to read this article and 33 or more comments.  But here's what I posted already, over at the "What They Died For" thread:

- - - - -

Wow, I just saw the DAMONandCARLTON posts. I was almost buying it for awhile, but I was surprised that they'd read Mania. Despite Joe's brilliant reviews (and our brilliant comments), I'm sure there are many, many Lost sites that get more attention.

The second comment here kind of gives away that it's not them.

DeeJay, I'm not the only one who does long comments. How about esotericcandy (or as I called him once, esoteric Scot Eric)? What DAMONandCARLTON said to esotericcandy is a bit suspicious to me.

I checked the profile to see how many comments DAMONandCARLTON had posted, and that's how I noticed Joe's pre-finale article at http://www.mania.com/11-lost-series-finale-questions_article_122715.html (before I had noticed it in the RSS feed).

I suppose I'll be be posting all of my future comments there until the Finale review is up in a couple of days. (But I'll check back here a couple of times, too, to make sure I'm not missing anything.)

- - - - -


One thing I didn't mention over there:  The fact that DAMONandCARLTON knew Kara didn't like the new Star Trek movie didn't prove he/they read other parts of Mania.  We mentioned it in the Lost threads.  Having said that, I don't think it was really them, but whoever it was did an excellent job.  (And gave us an extra "Lost mystery" to solve.)

I don't know if speculation of who the real poster is has been done in this thread (I'll catch up soon), but I guess my prime suspect is millean.  D&C's comment to him is also suspicious.  (Or it could be xpal, who tried to covering his tracks by commenting "lmao.")  I wish I could remember which of you have been mentioning the podcasts frequently.  But I'm sticking with millean until I know otherwise.

almostunbiased 5/22/2010 7:28:54 AM

I have been dissapointed in the shows simpleness as all our imaginations have come up with so many better things than what the show has been giving us.  Still best show on TV, but not as good as I hoped.

Some of these things I had forgotten about, but a few prove to me that teh writers had no clue what they were doing and making crap up as they go.

I'm pissed as hell that Jacob just says, you guys can chose, it can be any of you.  That just cheapens it for me, but still I'll wait and see what's up with all that.  Oh and the people in the cave was a huge dissapointment too.  Still love the off island stuff.  I'm looking forward to all that.  A little sad to that it is ending as there is nothing to take its place.

almostunbiased 5/22/2010 7:29:48 AM

Oh and wouldn't the son of Jack be the son of the wife he had in the earlier seasons.  I just assumed that.

DAMONandCARLTON 5/22/2010 7:47:55 AM

 I love this show, and am sad it is coming to an end.

Just as an FYI, I just came clean as to my true identity over on the review of "What They Died For".  If you want to know who I am, I'm going to make you go over there and read the boards.  (I was merely playing a little joke on all of my LOST friends over on that board.)

DAMONandCARLTON signing out... for what likely may be the last time ever.

Hobbs 5/22/2010 7:55:25 AM

Holy crap...I just about fell off my chair when jedi mentioned Bush as Evil. Dude, you really have to stop watching MSNBC for your news. He was a moron, not evil. And it is easy to judge what is right or wrong. Your moral compass needs some adjusting if you can't figure out that murder is evil. Murder with a just cause, you mean like what the Nazi's did to the Jews. In their mind they were doing it because they thought it was best for the world...oh no, we as a civilization can't judge something like murder or mass murder as evil. Maybe you need to find religion to help you figure out your morals.   What Kate and Sawyer did was wrong and they would have to answer for it eventually.  Joe, I still think you raise that question beause its going to cause a debate.  I can't believe from everything that you write that you can't tell Good from Evil.

What about the Aaron question?  That one is obviously not going to be answered either nor are all the clues they left to Ancient Egypt.  Or why when someone moves the Island are they teleported to a different time in the middle of Tunisa?  Remember when Ben did it he went to a hotel where he was a preferred customer and had to ask what year it was.


Hobbs 5/22/2010 8:36:52 AM

I see spoiler alerts are starting to pop up on a lot of different web sites...THANK YOU for point them out first.  Seeing I only have to wait till tomorrow I would much rather wait it out than know how its going to end.

BobKM 5/22/2010 9:08:19 AM

Whew! OK, I'm caught up. Nice list of questions, Joe. Like everyone else, I might rank their importance differently, but they're all interesting and your reasons for wondering about them are nicely written, maybe even better than usual.

A few thoughts:

  • I've seen two minor questions recently that may answer each other.  Someone asked recently what the payoff might be for Ben having Annie as his childhood friend.  In this thread, Wyldstaar asked who was being referred to when we learned Ben had a crush on Juliet because "you look just like her."  Well, we may not know what happened to Annie, but I bet as she grew up, she looked just like Juliet.
  • Why so much speculation about who let Desmond out of the well?  Isn't the simplest explanation the most likely (even though this is Lost), that Desmond not only talked Sayid out of killing him, but also got Sayid to supply a rope?  True, Sayid did say to Jack "There's a well. . . Desmond's inside it," but he may have just been giving him a starting place to look, a general vicinity.  He may have meant "Desmond was inside it."  He didn't have much time to clarify.
  • Maybe Desmond really is still in the well.  He could have opened up the wall in the bottom of the well and is crawling around inside the island.  Sayid could have provided the rope just to misdirect Smlocke.  Or to give Jack (or someone else) a way to climb down and join Desmond.
  • Island Desmond could be just as all-knowing as the SLU Desmond, and may have even known how reduce the effect of Sayid's "infection."  Desmond even may have provided to Sayid some insight into the future, since before he died Sayid said, "it's going to be you Jack."  In any case, Sayid did seem to be back on the good side after talking to Des.
  • DougRed4, thanks for the info you've given about the Darlton event.  I especially found the explanation for the Dharma food drop interesting.  And it's interesting that there will be an "answers" disc in the Season 6 DVD set (according to hanso and others).
  • It sounds like we have a simple answer about why The Others abducted children, and the main reason is long-term planning.  Since they couldn't have children of their own, they needed to keep their numbers from dwindling.  (And they also wanted Walt in particular because he was "special.")  But we still need an explanation for why The Others stopped being able to have children in the first place.  (Probably an S6 DVD answer.)
  • Like esotericcandy and cheekymonkey, I didn't notice it was the ancient dagger used to kill Liz Lemon. I thought it was Locke's regular knife, which Smlocke used to cut Sayid's ropes at one point. (But that brings up an interesting point. Did Smlocke get ahold of Locke's real knives somehow, or does he make duplicates out of smoke?)
  • As for why the ancient dagger is special, I like angst9ine's idea that is became special after it was used to kill Mother.  I don't know if there's even any "magic" from having her blood on it, it's just important because that's what it had been used for.  It's the reason Jacob became upset when he saw Richard had the dagger, and said "Where did you get this?"  And that event, in turn, is why Dogen gave Sayid the same instructions and the same tool to attack Smlocke.  Tit for tat.
  • almostunbiased, Jacob saying "you can choose, it can be any of you" surprised me a bit, but it didn't bother me because it fit with his policy of letting the people he brought to the Island find their own path (whether right or wrong) and make their own choices.
  • DAMONandCARLTON, nanny nanny boo boo.   ;^)  See more at the "WTDF" review.

By the way, Kara, I'm glad you saw and responded to my comment on the TV Wasteland thread.  I think Saturday is the latest we've kept comments going in TVW so far.

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