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isgrimner 1/4/2010 7:57:26 AM

I would boot Hayden from the list, and probably swap a few other's too.  The chick from Chuck is much more attractive than Hayden, and could take her place.  These lists are all subjective to one's personal tastes, so it really don't mean much in the end.

I also agree with egoist  that Morena Baccarin should be on the list, even with her super short hair.  I think she does look better with long hair though.


I can give no love to the Seeker chick, mainly because I read 4 of the books and kind of hated them.  I wanted to finish once started but could only take so much punishment.  Therefore I refuse to watch the show. 

HighFiveMan23 1/4/2010 8:00:16 AM

How bout Anna Paquin from True Blood? 

invisioner 1/4/2010 9:08:09 AM

 Yeah, Hayden sucks, and not in the good way. Where's Boomer? Anna Paquin, Summer Glau, Lena, Evangiline,  heck, Alli Larter is way better than Hayden! C'mon! Someone needs to get some to at least pick better choices!

ThemanG01 1/4/2010 9:20:01 AM

Can someone explain to me how Dexter keeps showing up on genre lists?  Great show, but doesn't really fit into the speculative fiction category.

midwest216 1/4/2010 9:23:16 AM

I would like to add the lady playing the alien in the V series, she is hot like fire!

ddiaz28 1/4/2010 10:11:12 AM

midwest216 ... you are unkowingly agreeing with previous posts. =) The fire hot alien in V is Morena Baccarin of Firefly fame.  And Anna looks great in True Bloodl but I don't think she'd crack the top 10.

Phetus 1/4/2010 10:39:51 AM

while i do agree with some of these choices, and not necessarily their orders (missy should definitely be higher on the list), there are a few on this list that are on the list every year, and should really be taken out of the running to make room for new blood.

I'm not saying that Eliza Dushku and Jennifer Love Hewitt aren't beautiful, I just think that they've been around for so long that its time for more people to recognize beauties like Yvonne Strahovski from Chuck.


and am I mistaken, wasn't Julie Benz the ATF agent in Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day?  

that southern accent is sooo sexy! 

Jakester 1/4/2010 10:51:15 AM

Hayden is definitely super bangable, but the problem with her is she acts like she knows she's hot and people should bow down before her because of it, to which I say, "eff off, slut.  Paquin's hotter than you, and she goes naked."

JLH just has a nice rack, sure.  but Baccarin and Glau are hotter.  Still, not a bad list.

redhairs99 1/4/2010 11:02:22 AM

Phetus, I haven't gotten to see Boondock Saints 2 yet, but yes Julie Benz is in the film.

ponyboy76 1/4/2010 11:04:38 AM

Summer Glau, Lena Hedy, Morena Baccarin, Claudia Black, should all be on that list instead of Hayden and the girl from Vampire Diaries. Stop giving that show any credit!

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