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13 Faces of Jason: Francesco Francavilla

ZORRO artist cuts his mark in Jason

By Rob M. Worley     February 13, 2009

13 Faces of Jason: Francesco Francavilla (slideshow)
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13 comic book artists. One scary dude in a hockey mask...Each day Comics2Film @ Mania.com presents a new original work by a comic book artist in anticipation of the opening of the new 'Friday The 13th' movie!

Friday the 13th is finally here and today's first victim is Francesco Francavilla, the artist who pitted Dracula against the Wolfman, storyboarded the new 'Wolverine and the X-Men' sereis, and brought 'Zorro'  back to comics glory. The generous soul that he is, Francesco laid two faces of Jason on us today. But first, the spine-tingling 13 questions...


1. What is your favorite Friday the 13th / Jason movie and why?

Definitely the second one because it introduces Jason as we know him, an unstoppable killing machine.

2. What is your favorite horror movie?

'Profondo Rosso' by Dario Argento (known to many as 'Deep Red'). I had to wait until I was 17-18 to be able to watch it until the end because it's so scary.

3. What is your favorite moment in all of the Friday the 13th film, comics, TV, etc stories?

I love the scene in the shack from the second movie, with Jason's mother's head on the altar and all the candles. Very creepy...

13 Faces of Jason: Francesco Francavilla

4. Arrow through the throat or machete in the head?

Machete in the head. I might survive that because I am a hard-head.

5. Jason vs WHO? And why?

Jason vs Jason of course. What? Jason who? Jason Bourne! C'mon, that fight's gotta be all kinda cool.

6. Tell us about your unluckiest moment.

Getting a fine on a bus the only time in my life I didn't buy the ticket (there wasn't time to buy one since the bus was leaving).

7. Tell us about your most horrific camping experience.

I was still a teen when I mistakenly grabbed a snake on the ground thinking it was a piece of a hose. We (me and the snake) had just a few instants staring in each other's eyes before we started to run...

Each of us in opposite directions!

8. If you ever decided to become an iconic horror figure, what would you wear on your face and what would your weapon of choice be?

I really like the 'Scream' mask but last Halloween I got myself one of those Immortals mask (from '300') and I have to say they are pretty creepy.

Weapon? The pen, of course, because everyone knows that the pen is mightier than the sword.

9. On which special day would you do your killing?


13 Faces of Jason: Francesco Francavilla - Bonus Image!

10. But, sadly, you're not an iconic horror figure, just a comic book artist. Tell us about some of your recently-published works...

I just finished the first arc of 'Zorro', published by Dynamite and written by comic legend Matt Wagner, which has re-introduced the very first masked hero on the comic scene after a long hiatus. Being a lifelong fan of the character, I felt very blessed to be part of it. After a break on the second arc, I should be back for the third arc for more Zorro swashbuckling.

For horror fans, the trade edition of 'Sorrow', with co-creators Rick Remender and Seth Peck, is still on bookstore shelves.

And for those who love good, old-school horror tales, I worked with Steve Niles on 'Dracula Meets the Wolfman,' which can be read in the recently published hardcover edition of Fantastic Worlds of Frank Frazetta.

11. What's next? Tell us about your upcoming work...

I am currently working on a one-shot issue for the critically acclaimed Vertigo series 'Scalped', created by Jason Aaron and RM Guera. Love that book since day one, so again I feel lucky to be part of it.

I am also currently working on a co-creator 6 issue mini for Wildstorm which should be announced very soon. Keep an eye out for it because it's really cool stuff (and gets a little bloody too).

Finally I am working on a personal project I can't really say anything yet except that will bring Fear back on the shelves. 

12. What's your dream project?

There are a few (some personal too) but let's just say a Batman story or two, possibly a horror one, would be lots of fun.

13. Where can fans find your stuff on the web

You can find updates on all my current works (in comics, magazines, and movies) on my official website FrancescoFrancavilla.com  or enjoy some good ol' pulp illustration at my blog Pulp Sunday  where every Sunday I air some old radio show and try to illustrate it (and not just on Sundays).



'Friday the 13th' opens today...Friday the 13th. Visit FridayThe13thMovie.com for more fun with Jason!


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Wallace85 2/13/2009 1:34:59 AM

First just wanna say the Transformers 2 trailer shows that it's gonna be epic.Second just got back from the midnight showing of the new Jason flick,and I must say it did not disappoint at all.Jason was fast,smart and brutal and lots of tittys nice little homage to the 80's Jason films.And these pieces are great too I like how he gave him the burlap mask and gives him the overalls like he wore in part 2.

darkheart00 2/13/2009 7:52:34 PM

 Nice. Love the "sack head" Jason one.



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