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13 Faces of Jason: Jason Kruse

Toon creator QUESTS to Camp Crystal Lake

By Rob M. Worley     February 07, 2009

13 Faces of Jason: Jason Kruse (slideshow)
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13 comic book artists. One scary dude in a hockey mask...Each day Comics2Film @ Mania.com presents a new original work by a comic book artist in anticipation of the opening of the new 'Friday The 13th' movie!

Day 7 of our series is a Saturday. It's only natural then that we let Jason T. Kruse, creator of the 'World of Quest' cartoon, show us what Jason would look like if he was mowing down horny teens in front of impressionable children in his own Saturday Morning toon show! But first, he must wake up to our 13 questions!


1. What is your favorite Friday the 13th / Jason movie and why?

'Part 7' because the girl has telekinesis and uses it really well to beat the hell outta Jason

2. What is your favorite horror movie?

Tough call. Probably a toss-up between John Carpenter’s “Prince of Darkness” and “The Thing

3. What is your favorite moment in all of the Friday the 13th film, comics, TV, etc stories?

Love when he punches the boxer’s head off in 'Jason Takes Manhattan'

4. Arrow through the throat or machete in the head?


5. Jason vs WHO? And why?

'The Monster Squad' because it would amuse me.

6. Tell us about your unluckiest moment.

That day at the plant…I’m sorry, I can’t go on.

13 Faces of Jason: Jason Kruse
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7. Tell us about your most horrific camping experience.

Just going camping is horrific for me. I like the “Great Indoors”

8. If you ever decided to become an iconic horror figure, what would you wear on your face and what would your weapon of choice be?

A mask of Bea Arthur and I’d kill with a rubber chicken

9. On which special day would you do your killing?

Arbor Day. Save the trees!

10.  But, sadly, you're not an iconic horror figure, just a comic book artist. Tell us about some of your recently-published works...

Well, the second volume of my graphic novel 'The World of Quest: Volume 2' was released in December of ’08. It’s basically about a banished former hero who is literally forced to be the bodyguard to a spoiled, young prince. In the latest volume Quest and Prince Nestor make their way into the deadly "Forest of Edj" to speak to the Rocks--oldest, wisest and most boring of beings in all of Odyssia to find out the whereabouts of "The Dagger of the Way" before the forces of evil do only to get separated.

While Quest is pursued by an angry mob of Snarls, Nestor meets up with the wily, thieving griffin, Graer, who may have his own agenda.

'The World of Quest: Volume 1' is also available in fine bookstores everywhere.

11. What's next? Tell us about your upcoming work...

Right now I’m penciling and inking a "Batman: The Animated Series" children’s book for DC comics. After that, not sure what I’m doing.

12. What's your dream project?

Working on “Quest” and getting some of my other properties that I’m working on getting published.

13. Where can fans find your stuff on the web





'Friday the 13th' opens today...Friday the 13th. Visit FridayThe13thMovie.com for more fun with Jason!


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Wallace85 2/7/2009 3:43:49 AM

Ha ha ha ha I like the piece it's like Jason the Animated Series APPROVED

Part 7 is a favorite of mine and was different to see someone to give Jason a good fight too.

Prince of Darkness man that movie was creepy and disturbing to me like with the guy in the suit whose whole became bugs but was still in the form of a man and with the others trying to spit in the others mouth.Also that pregnant woman with no skin was creepy.But it's one of my favorite movies.

Now why don't we see a Monster Squad series damn it? Let's see them take on the 80's horror slashers since they took on the Universal Monsters.Maybe see them team up with Ash or Cassie Hack and Vlad hell even see them partner up with the Goonies too.

darkheart00 2/7/2009 1:48:56 PM

I have no problem with an animated take on Jason but, 

that is awful. Boooooooo.



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