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13 Faces of Jason: Mark Rudolph

The webcomics guru loses his head over Friday the 13th

By Rob M. Worley     February 04, 2009

13 Faces of Jason: Mark Rudolph (slideshow)
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13 comic book artists. One scary dude in a hockey mask...Each day Comics2Film @ Mania.com presents a new original work by a comic book artist in anticipation of the opening of the new 'Friday The 13th' movie!

Our latest and most gruesome work of art comes from webcomics creator and guru Mark Rudolph, who's happy to help Jason get a head. But first Mark must face our 13 maniacal questions!


1. What is your favorite Friday the 13th / Jason movie and why?

While I really like the first movie as a franchise starter and a damn fine horror flick, 'Friday The 13th Part VII' is actually the one I revisit the most. It actually has a narrative, an A & B story and turns Jason into a true force of nature (even though he was a zombie in VI, he still pretty much acted as a dude.) He's is in full-on zombie mode and goes up against a capable adversary in the form of Tina the telekinetic girl, which climaxes in a great final battle with another Jason unmasking. It also features one of the most striking images in horror. Jason chained to a boulder at the bottom of a lake. Classic.

2. What is your favorite horror movie?

Boy, that's a tough one. I can't say I have an all-time favorite one, but some favs include: The Beyond, The Omen, Evil Dead II and The Changeling (with George C. Scott).

3. What is your favorite moment in all of the Friday the 13th film, comics, TV, etc stories?

Everyone loves the sleeping bag kill, but I really dig the face off between Tommy Jarvis and Jason in 'The Final Chapter'.

4. Arrow through the throat or machete in the head?

Machete in the head if your talking about Mark, the wheelchair bound guy, from #2 who is sent reeling down the stairs.

5. Jason vs WHO? And why?

I wanna see Jason in the future on a post apocalyptic Earth. Where he is feared like a god character in tribal cultures.

6. Tell us about your unluckiest moment.

At a my birthday party when I was like 7 or 8, we were playing darts and I got one stuck in the back of my head by an overeager thrower.

7. Tell us about your most horrific camping experience.

When I was a kid and would go camping with my folks, I decided I wanted to be a big boy and sleep in the back of our truck, in the topper. It rained that night and sounded like I was in the trenches of WWII (the rain hitting the aluminum topper sounded like machine guns). Not only that, but even at that early age I was familiar with Jason and didn't sleep well until daylight.

13 Faces of Jason: Mark Rudolph

8. If you ever decided to become an iconic horror figure, what would you wear on your face and what would your weapon of choice be?

I don't know, it's all pretty much been done before. Maybe a Ronald Reagan mask and weld an American flag on a pole. Or like Washington and use an axe, or Teddy Rosevelt and use a big stick. Each kill could be a different presidential cliche.

9. On which special day would you do your killing?

President's Day.

10. But, sadly, you're not an iconic horror figure, just a comic book artist. Tell us about some of your recently-published works...

I've released two installments of my 'Thrills From Space' anthology series, that fuses modern storytelling with silver age excitement and awe with a Rod Serling writing sensibility (addressing some universal human truth). The books are hand-printed with silk screened covers and vary in format.  'John Oxbow: Man Out of Time' is available at cvcomics.com in the store.

My illustrations also appear monthly in Decibel Magazine, an extreme music publication.

11. What's next? Tell us about your upcoming work...

Currently I'm working on plotting a property with a writer friend, Working on the 2nd installment of 'Mulligan's Run' (a silver age sci-fi story) and also have an interesting take on the superhero taking shape that should see the light later this year. I also am part of a collective called Tiny Astronaut, which specializes in silk screened cards and comics. More info on that can be found at tinyastronaut.com.

12. What's your dream project?

To be able to get paid to continue to do personal projects. But if you mean properties-- I'd like to take a go at...there's two at the top Kamandi & The Six Million Dollar Man.

13. Where can fans find your stuff on the web

I do a comics weekly practicioner podcast, called Art & Story with Jerzy Drozd where we try to really dig under the hood of all elements of sequential storytelling, the show can be found at http://cvcomics.com/artandstory and all my work can be found at CVComics.com. I also contribute to Sugary Serials, an all ages comics anthology with 80s Saturday morning sensibilities.



'Friday the 13th' opens today...Friday the 13th. Visit FridayThe13thMovie.com for more fun with Jason!


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darkheart00 2/4/2009 2:17:14 PM

Nice looking piece. Don't care much for the bright, blue, starburst background but still nice. Best part is this guy actually seems to be very familiar with his source material.

Wallace85 2/4/2009 8:35:37 PM

I'm loving that art piece I like how it's got that almost heroic background but of course it's no hero it's an unstoppable machete wielding super zombie here to kill your ass.

A good friend mine was that telekinetic chick's assistant lol

mckracken 2/4/2009 11:12:23 PM

I do like Mark Rudolph's artwork, very clean... almost too clean, but nothing to gripe about. also like the severed head and the machete, very nice... not to keen on the dark grey skin color but you know, I supposed if I had been through as much as Jason has been through, I might just look like a california rasin also! LOL!

F:13 VII is actually my third favorite Jason flick (after part 1 and The Final Chapter - part 4) and its the one that typically gets the least air play on TV or Encore or Starz. I think if you say "Jason fought a telekinetic girl" the typical answer would be "WHAT? no way.. when?" because it takes a REALLY devoted Jason fan to have actually made it through parts 5 and 6 and still be loyal for 7 and then the dreadful Part 8 (the Manhatten trip) followed by Jason goes to hell and Jasons X.

Today I had the opportunity to buy Friday the 13th volume 2 graphic novel but passed... I'm still on the fence if i cant buy volume one first.



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