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14 Faces of Jason: Nathan Fox

We break the bank with a special guest monster!

By Rob M. Worley     February 13, 2009
Source: Mania

14 Faces of Jason: Nathan Fox (slideshow)
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13 14 comic book artists. One scary dude in a hockey mask...Each day Comics2Film @ Mania.com presents a new original work by a comic book artist in anticipation of the opening of the new 'Friday The 13th' movie!

Nathan Fox artist on 'Pigeons from Hell' and 'Fluorescent Black' pulled out all the stops for our second image today, depicting one of the biggest cinematic slug-fests of all time. There are details on how you can buy a print of the image online at the bottom of the article. But first, the 13 questions from hell....


1.What is your favorite Friday the 13th / Jason movie and why?

I must admit, I haven’t seen all Jason movies but after catching up on a few and my memories from back in the day, I’d have to say 'Freddy VS Jason' takes the cake. It has some great one-liners and just seeing Jason on fire chasing the chubby bully kid through the corn field and then hatchet him as he runs into the rave scene makes me chuckle every time.

2.What is your favorite horror movie?

I have a few but the tops I keep going back to are 'Alien', 'War of the Worlds' and 'Donny Darko'.

3.What is your favorite moment in all of the Friday the 13th film, comics, TV, etc stories?

I would have to say the rave scene I mentioned above in the corn field. Jason’s on fire, kills the chubby football bully, slaughters more kids. Turns to a kid who tries to fling glasses of beer on him for some reason who gets slaughtered and then the fire gets put out cuz when he cut the beer flinging kid down he slashes a keg at the same time and is no longer on fire.

You can’t get more awesome hokey horror flick entertainment than that. Ha.

And that scene is followed up with this exchange in the Scooby Doo Van as our protagonist’s make their would be escape – “Yo, Fuck that! That dude in the hockey mask is real.  Dude, that goalie was pissed about something…” (Puff, puff, give…)

4.Arrow through the throat or machete in the head?

Machete in the head through means of a cause and effect, mouse trap – the game, type event

5.Jason vs WHO? And why?

14 Faces of Jason: Nathan Fox

Tag team day dream battle - The boogieman from that cartoon series 'The Real Ghostbusters' and Mumrah VS Jason and the big guy character in Bio Shock. Ha.

Or maybe just that boogie man character. That was one of the scariest creatures I had ever seen as a kid. Sorry,… that’s the best I got.

6.Tell us about your unluckiest moment.

Every time I open a fortune cookie

7.Tell us about your most horrific camping experience.

Boyscout Camp in Texas’ Devil’s Backbone region. Slipped running down a hill and partially dislocated my spine, closed my knife on my thumb cutting it in half down the nail, 3 scorpions kept trying to get into my tent and an angry skunk kept room and board off and on in the wooden pallet the same open tent rested on. Ha.

But to top that one was the boyscout transition ceremony from Webelo’s to Boy Scouts. That was one of the freakiest, white cult experiences of my life. I really felt like I was being led to my death as a sacrifice by fire. I had never been as in deep a fear for my chubby isolated suburban life in the woods as I was that night.

8.If you ever decided to become an iconic horror figure, what would you wear on your face and what would your weapon of choice be?

A creepy home made Kaiju mask and the power of “will power” over my victims. Controlling their fate and orchestrate punishment in elaborate ways.

9.On which special day would you do your killing?

Any time, any where, any day…

10.But, sadly, you're not an iconic horror figure, just a comic book artist. Tell us about some of your recently-published works...

'Pigeons from Hell' through Dark Horse just came out in TPB.

Fill-in issues I’ve worked on for Vertigo’s 'DMZ Friendly Fire' and 'Hidden War' are out in TPB as well as the 'Batman: Black & White' Sidekick story in Volume 3.

11.What's next? Tell us about your upcoming work...

Currently finishing up 'Flourescent Black' that debuted at San Diego ComicCon last year in Heavy Metal Magazine and a few comic projects in the works for the near future and pitches floating around as we speak.

Aside from comic work I still freelance as an editorial and advertising illustrator. The Burton Open posters I did last year should be out soon for the 09 Burton Open. Recent work in Playboy, Fortune, Wired, NYTimes Magazine and Entertainment Weekly. So stay tuned and keep you eyes peeled!

12.What's your dream project?

Actually contributing huge narrative awesomeness to the history and world of comics, illustration & film/games for the rest of my life and still be a killer dad along the way. Oh, and doing it all after moving to Japan… we can all dream, can’t we?...

13.Where can fans find your stuff on the web

Fans can buy a color print of this Freddy Vs. Jason illustration starting today at STORE101.

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'Friday the 13th' opens today...Friday the 13th. Visit FridayThe13thMovie.com for more fun with Jason!


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Wallace85 2/13/2009 1:41:00 AM

Freddy vs Jason was great Ronny Yu did right with that movie,and hands down this is the best art piece in this series.Grant it  it's not a solo pic of Jason but it's just too badass with Freddy in it and with his own arm going through his chest.

darkheart00 2/13/2009 7:56:18 PM

 Hmmm, it's a bit of a mess. I think he over-inked the piece IMHO. Not one of my favorites. 



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