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15 Awesome Toys at Comic Con 2011

Exclusives and Premieres!

By Robert T. Trate     July 28, 2011

Mr. Stay Puft was actually harder to find then you would think
© Robert Trate/ Mattycollector


In the wake of Comic Con, there are often many things to look forward to. Outside of the sneak peeks and trailers for upcoming films and TV shows, the toy industry uses Comic Con as a second Toy Fair. Many companies even keep their third and fourth quarter products a secret until the convention. Below are tons of new toys that found their way to the show room floor. You will also find several of the exclusives that became incredibly hard to find by the second day. Best of luck, Toy Maniacs; these 15 Awesome Toys are not going to be easily found. 
15. Sword of Omens 2011

Photos of the Best Toys from SDCC 2011

With ThunderCats ready to explode all over again even we need a Sword of Omens for the wall. Sure, most of the other toys will be geared towards kids, but this one is completely for us. It also gives us an excuse to yell “Ho!” on a daily basis.
14. The Joker in Disguise

Photos of the Best Toys from SDCC 2011

It is hard to believe that Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight is two years old now. It is even harder to believe that Mattel is still making figures from that film. Thankfully they are as top notch as this Joker in his police disguise. This figure is both haunting and beautiful as it is a perfect likeness of Heath Ledger.
13. Evil Dead 2 Figures

Photos of the Best Toys from SDCC 2011

NECA unveiled their Evil Dead 2 Ash figures at Comic Con. There have been several figures of Ash in the past but these, up close, are something different and even special. Any one of these will easily make it into our collection. Well, in 2012 anyway.
12. Baracula

Photos of the Best Toys from SDCC 2011

Yes, you read that right. Some one (well Amok Time) has released a series of Presidential Monsters. They are in the old MECO style and retailing for about $25. Some are better than others, but Baracula and Lincolnstein are both too good to pass up.
11. The Guardian

Photos of the Best Toys from SDCC 2011

One of the many great things about Comic Con is that you never know what you are going to see. The Guardian, from Big Trouble in Little China, is a custom made figure (selling for $500) by Dragotomi. Sure the price is steep but it is one of a kind.
10. The Invisible Man

Photos of the Best Toys from SDCC 2011

The original Universal Monsters will return as Toys R Us exclusives. Diamond Toys had several on display and even a few variants. Don’t get too excited; the likes of the Invisible Man and other characters not included in the top 4 will be out next year.
9. The Joker

Photos of the Best Toys from SDCC 2011

A great version of Jack Nicholson as the Joker has been long in coming. Hot Toys, releasing through Sideshow Collectibles, will be bringing the Clown Prince of Crime to life in the near future. The accessories and details of old Jack make us giddy with joy.
8. Red Skull and Hydra Variants

Photos of the Best Toys from SDCC 2011

One would think that, if you go to Toy Fair, you would learn about variant or chase figures for a big movie tie-in. Where did these come from? Both are great figures and more in tune with the Captain America comic than the film. OMG the price is already steep for these guys. Best of luck finding these bad boys.
7. MOTUC Windraider

Photos of the Best Toys from SDCC 2011

Finally, MattyCollector will be releasing some vehicles for their ever popular MOTUC line. The figure is not included, but it will be released in October. When oh when will we see a Castle Grayskull?
6. The Sentinel

Photos of the Best Toys from SDCC 2011

Now, there is a Sentinel out there already. He is easily found in the toy department. This one, like Galactus last year, comes on a blister card. Why is this cool? Because we love variants and anything else to make a super cool figure even more collectible.
5. MOTUC Man-E-Faces

Photos of the Best Toys from SDCC 2011

One of our favorite MOTU figures is finally joining the new line. There was some online voting for Man-E-Faces and his different sculpts which MattyCollector ran on their Facebook page. This will mean Man-E-Faces will go lighting quick on its sale day; again making this line of toys one of the hardest to complete.
4. Zartan

Photos of the Best Toys from SDCC 2011

Now this is what were are taking about when it comes to a collectible. Zartan, Cobra’s master of disguise, was the figure to have as a kid. Sideshow Collectibles is now providing us with the perfect, modern, equivalent. Zartan is in pre-order mode and available in the fourth quarter (check it out here).
3. Sky Striker/ Star Scream SDCC Exclusive with Cobra Commander

Photos of the Best Toys from SDCC 2011

The box, not pictured, was just as cool as this incredible crossover toy. The mark up after it sold out was also incredible. Hasbro sold it for $54.00; dealers after the sell out wanted $250. I guess Starscream and Cobra Commander got the last laugh after all.
2. Revenge of the Jedi Death Star SDCC Exclusive Box Set

Photos of the Best Toys from SDCC 2011

Big, bad, and fully operational (well not really), this is the Star Wars collector item of the year. The Revenge of the Jedi tie in was brilliant and a fitting tribute to the film. Now, if only there was a way to display it.
1. Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

Photos of the Best Toys from SDCC 2011

It didn’t make Mania’s early must have list, but then again who would have thunk Mr. Stay Puft? This was the most sought after toy at Comic Con. Mattel sold out of these quickly and other dealers were marking them up just as fast. MattyCollector had a presale, but it still shut a lot of collectors out. In a line as limited as the Ghostbusters, Mr. Stay Puft just became the crown jewel in the collection.
The Big Tease at Comic Con:

Photos of the Best Toys from SDCC 2011

Hasbro had another stunning display this year at their booth. What had to be the biggest tease at Comic Con, for toys, was all the new G.I. Joe figures display on an original USS Flagg. The little note on the side crushed all our dreams of buying a USS Flagg all over again.
Robert Trate writes two weekly columns for Mania the DVD Shopping Bag and the Toy Maniac. Robert also participates in a pod cast that reviews movies, comics and celebrates all things geek. Check it out at You’ve Got Geek on You.com. Follow Robert on Twitter for his for Geek ramblings and criticisms.


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GSSCHAN2000 7/29/2011 7:34:16 AM

invisible man looks visible to me. lol

karas1 7/29/2011 8:23:37 AM

Star Scream and cobra Commander were voiced by the same actor.  If they teamed up, how would you know who was speaking?  LOL

spiderhero 7/29/2011 8:36:09 AM

karas: By their dialogue. 1 was arrogant & powert mad. The other was arrogant and...Oh wait. I think you have a point.

themovielord 7/29/2011 10:04:25 AM

Cobra Commander made a SSSSS Sound... duh

creekwoodkid 7/29/2011 11:57:06 AM

Baracula...sucking the country dry! Sorry, but that was just way too easy.

GSSCHAN2000 7/29/2011 1:17:55 PM

funny true story:


anyone remember the 1st invisible woman action figure, from toy biz i think ? well i had an sealed empty blister pack for her and as an joke had an friend put it in his comic shop for sale. put an tag saying rare variant, $200. had about 30 ppl ask about buying it.

DaForce1 7/29/2011 5:14:57 PM

 There was almost a riot on Friday afternoon because Mattel had 'run out' of both the Stay Puft dude and the He-Man Queen figure. This was for people that had already paid for the figures and were waiting in the two hour plus long pickup line. Turns out that Mattel staff were selling the merchandise out of the pickup room at the Marriott when all they were supposed to be doing was fulfulling the orders of the people who had bought their stuff online two weeks before the SDCC. 


Mattel and Hasblo had the worst lines (as usual) at the con. Everyone else had less than a five minute wait. 

Miner49er 7/30/2011 12:56:20 PM

What about those unreleased Indiana Jones Raiders figs?

themovielord 7/30/2011 1:08:02 PM

Robert here, the indy figures were okay. their scupts could have been on par with vintage Star Wars line but instead they had a bunch cool accesories.

cellblock303 7/30/2011 6:24:13 PM

I just wanna see more of that Phantom of The Opera figure in the Invisible Man pic.

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