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15 Faces of Jason: Guy Davis

The B.P.R.D chief renders our most disturbing image yet

By Rob M. Worley     February 13, 2009

15 Faces of Jason: Guy Davis (slideshow)
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13 14 15 comic book artists. One scary dude in a hockey mask...Each day Comics2Film @ Mania.com presents a new original work by a comic book artist in anticipation of the opening of the new 'Friday The 13th' movie!

Our final Friday comes from none other than Hellboy artist Guy Davis. Mr. Davis reached deep down in the ichor and murk of the Jason mythos to provide the most disturbing face of Jason Voorhees yet. We ask that pregnant women or anyone with a heart condition or preexisting psychological condition please leave the room. The rest of you may first peruse the 13 questions of the damned!


1. What is your favorite Friday the 13th / Jason movie and why?

I'll confess that I've only seen the first 2 films, and out of  those I remember liking and getting spooked by the first one the most. I really need to give them a rewatch and see some of the others.

2. What is your favorite horror movie?

'Bride of Frankenstein'

3. What is your favorite moment in all of the Friday the 13th film, comics, TV, etc stories?

Creepy shit-covered baby Jason Vorhees dragging the girl out of the canoe at the end of the first film -- great surprise after the twist of the murders being committed by his mother!

4. Arrow through the throat or machete in the head?

Arrow through the throat!

5. Jason vs WHO? And why?

Dr. Phibes! The classic brain versus brawn! Phibes would spend days devising some elaborate scheme ...but probably end up getting an arrow through his neck.

6. Tell us about your unluckiest moment.

Something involving hard-boiled eggs and food poisoning.

15 Faces of Jason: Guy Davis

7. Tell us about your most horrific camping experience.

I don't have any -- growing up, our house was in front of a big forest, so I would go plodding around there a lot but I never went camping. I did get asked to be a camp counselor in junior high and I remember one reason I didn't want to do it was because I just saw that damn film!

8. If you ever decided to become an iconic horror figure, what would you wear on your face and what would your weapon of choice be?

An Ernie Bushmiller "Nancy" mask and a baseball bat! Now that's iconic! You can tell I've already put some thought into this!

9. On which special day would you do your killing?

I don't know -- maybe Wednesdays.

10. But, sadly, you're not an iconic horror figure, just a comic book artist. Tell us about some of your recently-published works...

Right now I'm series artist on the Hellboy spin-off comic 'B.P.R.D', written by Mike Mignola and John Arcudi for Dark Horse comics.

11. What's next? Tell us about your upcoming work...

With 'B.P.R.D' going monthly, I'm working ahead on the next story line after the current "Black Goddess" and also just did a few backup features that Mike Mignola wrote for the current 'Hellboy: Wild Hunt' mini-series.

My creator-owned horror comic, 'The Marquis' is also coming out this year in a new collection from Dark Horse comics with a new stories slated to start in 2010.

12. What's your dream project?

I'm really a lucky bastard since right now I'm getting to work on projects that I love with B.P.R.D and at the same time my own personal projects like The Marquis. I guess my dream project is to be this lucky until I retire.

13. Where can fans find your stuff on the web

A  little bit of everything is on my website at - GuyDavisArtworks.com.



'Friday the 13th' opens today...Friday the 13th. Visit FridayThe13thMovie.com for more fun with Jason!


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Wallace85 2/13/2009 1:43:04 AM

Awww it's little Jason how sweet ha ha ha ha awesome pic.

darkheart00 2/13/2009 7:58:25 PM

That is a disgusting piece of work. I love it !!!!!

WINNER !!!!!!!



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