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insaneben 5/25/2010 9:16:50 AM

No love for Dokkoida? Despite sharing a few similarities in the beginning, that series bookends nicely with the anime (only the later chapters of the manga, unlike the last couple episodes of the anime, have more heart).

The real tragedy of losing CMX Manga is the lost potential for other series that could've been released stateside. I was really hoping for them to rope in Shinesman and license-rescue Those Who Hunt Elves, but now I have no idea who will (re)release either of those titles (if ever).

sir_integra 5/25/2010 10:41:38 AM


There were so many titles that we wanted to include in the article that you shouldn't assume that just because a title isn't mentioned, it wasn't liked.  It seemed as if most titles had their fans, perhaps just not enough of them.

niastyle 7/11/2010 6:50:53 AM

You are dead on with your #1 pick. I love this manga. I passed by it so many times on the manga shelves of the book store. The major turn off was that it looked old. But one day I had a coupon and couldn't find anythng else, so I bought it. Best move ever. I was an instant fan. And now I'm a disappointed fan now that CMX is no more. I will desperately miss Eroica and the Major. I hope someone else picks up this title. I think DMP or maybe VIZ would do it justice, and continue the long running series. But not Tokyopop, they have a bad habbit of starting and not finishing series.



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