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2001 News In Review - July Television

Next TREK breaks tradition.

By Frank Kurtz     January 07, 2002

The cast of ENTERPRISE
© 2001 UPN

With their coming ENTERPRISE, Paramount breaks from a long lasted tradition.

Fan buzz was growing for the fast approaching fifth STAR TREK TV series, despite word that Paramount had decided to break from a tradition established during STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION. The production announced that they would no longer be accepting unsolicited scripts for the program from fans.

The ABC TV network already commited to 15 episodes of a new TV series called THE KINGDOM for their fall 2002-2003 season. Created by Stephen King, the supernatural dramatic TV series will focus on a hospital built on an ancient cemetery. King will executive produce the series as well as write the 15 episodes. He also planned to leave the 15th episode finale open for a second season.

In related news, the TNT cable network announced that they would be creating a four-hour miniseries remake of Stephen King's vampire novel, SALEM'S LOT.

Meanwhile, in the arena of established TV series, GENE RODDENBERRY'S ANDROMEDA producer Robert Hewitt Wolfe announced that the series had been picked up at least through a fourth season, with odds in favor of a fifth.

In addition, Chris Carter signed a deal to stay on board THE X-FILES in the capacity of executive producer for the program's ninth season.


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