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Television News In Review

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2001 News In Review - September Television

America's sense of security shattered in terror attacks.

By Frank Kurtz     January 09, 2002

© 2001 Fox

The whole world changed on September 11th when 4 airliners were hijacked by Al Queda terrorists, two of which were deliberately crashed into the world Trade Center towers. The structures collapsed on live television on virtually every channel. A third jet collided into the Pentagon with a fourth apparently stopped from doing further damage by a brave group of passengers who chose giving their lives in an attempt to stop the craft's hijackers from doing further murderous damage.

Everything came to a halt, especially Hollywood, which had to contend with producing entertainment in a time when people might question the need for it or whether it was in good taste.

Within a week and a half, though, the entertainment industry mobilzed as best as they could and gathered together a who's who of music, movie and television stars for an unprecedented televison fund raiser devoted to victims of the attacks as well as those brave souls who died trying to save them. Called AMERICA: A TRIBUTE TO HEROES, the program was aired live on virtually every cable network in a two-hour slot of a Friday night, eventually pulling in well over $100M.

Meanwhile, this same month saw the debut of UPN's new STAR TREK TV series, ENTERPRISE. The season premiere resulted in the second biggest night in the history of the UPN TV network averaging 12.54 million viewers. The net's biggest night was the VOYAGER premiere.

On the BUFFY front, Michelle Trachtenberg let drop that Joss Whedon had spoken to her about taking over for Sarah Michelle Gellar on BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER or starring in her own spin-off series. They're still working on it, too.


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