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2002 World Con is in High Gear

Heaps of Bestselling SF Writers in Attendance

By Chris Wyatt     September 01, 2002

World Con 2002 - Con Jose
© 2002 Con Jose
World Con, the seminal SF literary convention is in full swing. The 2002 convention, called Con Jose, is currently being held in the McEnery Convention center in San Jose, California. The five day event began unofficially with a round of parties last Wednesday night. The official opening ceremonies were held on Thurday the 29th, hosted by the convention's guest of honor/toastmaster, Tad Williams (bestselling author of the OTHERLAND series).

The panels at this year's convention have been excellent. Here's a look at highlights from just a few of the over 500 hours of programming that have already been held:


During a panel hosted by "The Killer B's" (a trio of popular SF collaborators, composed of Daivd "STARTIDE RISING" Brin, Greg "BLOOD MUSIC" Bear, and Gregory "EATER" Benford) Brin called for local SF fan groups to promote SF to younger readers.

"Look around the convention," says Brin. "You don't see that many younger faces. And yet, if SF is going to deliver on its promise of opening new horizons, we have to make sure that the rising generation is thinking about the future and what it holds. Perhaps it's up to area fan groups to adopt junior high shools, or to select one class or even one teacher and donate science fiction literature, or otherwise promote the reading of SF to our children. Let's get them thinking about the coming century and how to improve it!"


During a panel entitled "The Secret of My Success", bestselling authors Alan Dean "SPELLSINGER" Foster, Orson Scott "ENDER'S GAME" Card, Terry "SWORD OF SHANNARA" Brooks, and Tad Williams shared tips for upcoming writers.

"No one got to this panel without hours and hours of looking at a blank page and working hard to fill it up," says Foster. "Sometimes upcoming writers forget that fact. They think about what it would be like to get their name on the cover, but it's not about that. No one will give you that. You have to be the one to do the work to get it. This isn't a cool thing to say, but it's true: writing is all about discipline."

"It also has to do with skill," notes Card. "You may have a great story to tell, but if you haven't gotten the skills to tell that great story then no editor is going to get to the end of your manuscript."


During a reading and Q&A session, cyberpunk legend and SPACELAND author Rudy Rucker announced that his classic 80's techno-novel FREEWARE has been optioned for production as a feature film.

"I've had a novel optioned before and the film never happened, so from that experience I know to only believe it when I see it, but the producers seem very serious about the project," says Rucker.

World Con continues with panels, book signings, concerts, costume contests, room parties and art shows through Monday. Tomorrow night will feature the ceremonies for the annual Hugo awards (the Oscars of genre fiction).

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