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HudsonTaco 9/2/2009 6:49:39 AM

I enjoyed every movie on this list (except Harry Potter as no one wants to see it with me and GI Joe cause well I have too much respect for myself), I know what to expect from Micheal Bay no surprises there, Terminator was not T1 or T2 but still entertaining, D-9 was different and good, Wolverine was better than X3, Inglorious Basterds was good Tarantino's worst film IMO but even his worst is lightyears ahead of some peoples best.  Hangover  (while way over hyped) was better than Land of the Lost but even LotL was watchable, but is was the worst of the summer movies I saw. Star Trek was the best of the year for me as I had low expectations Every movie after First Contact was garbage, this was familiar but new, an excellent way to re-energize a series that I thought long dead.

HudsonTaco 9/2/2009 6:52:12 AM

For got about Moon yes very good movie, not my fave of the summer but I saw D-9 and Moon on the same day. When have you ever seen two first rate SciFi movies at the theater on the same day? I doubt that will happen again. 

shadowprime 9/2/2009 7:16:03 AM


A recurring source of a lot of debate here is the question of how to "fairly" grade a movie.  Is it legit to grade on a curve, or is there one "absolute" (and yet, personal and subjective!) standard? That is, when you go see GI JOE, or HALLOWEEN 2, or TRANSFORMERS or THE HANGOVER, do you compare them to THE GODFATHER and CITIZEN KANE and GONE WITH THE WIND? Or do you apply different standards, factoring in the genre, subject matter, budget, intent, and the like?

I think the decision as to which camp you are in is a very personal one, and I don't think either side can claim to be wholly "right". I understand both points of view.

I can only say that, for me, I generally walk out of a movie with a sense that it was "worth it" to me, or not. And that my personal reaction IS influenced by expectation, personal preferences, tastes and experiences. It is also influenced by critical reaction and word of mouth. To take a simple example - by the time I saw BLAIR WITCH, I had been barraged with talk about how this was "THE SCARIEST MOVIE EVER" and "AMAZING" and the like. I saw the movie and felt..well..."meh". Would I have felt the same way if I had seen BLAIR WITCH "cold", at a sneak preview? Hard to say, but I suspect my reaction would have been different. I had been prepped for "THE SCARIEST MOVIE EVER".  That is a pretty high standard.

On the other hand, I have definitely come across movies on wasted late nights or early mornings, channel surfing, movies I did not seek out in theaters or even on DVD, and been pleasantly surprised. I have enjoyed them. Was my enjoyment influenced by the bar having been set at a VERY low height? Quite possibly.

All of which plays into what I was saying... I personally lean more towards the floating standards approach. I guess I am not enough of a movie purist to go with the more absolute scale. That approach doesn't resonate as strongly with my personal experiences as a movie-watcher.

I could find fault with a LOT of the movies this summer. None of them were, for me, a DARK KNIGHT (to pick a "genre" movie that, I think, transcended its genre expectations!). But at the same time, a good many of them did feel "worth it" for me ... I had a good time at the movies, I was entertained, I had fun. Is that "damning with faint praise"? Maybe, maybe.



Hobbs 9/2/2009 7:40:02 AM

I'm sticking to the fact this summer sucked.  One of the worst I have been a witness to.  I haven't seen Basterds which I have a feeling is really good but District 9, Up, and Angels and Demons were the best movies. 

I never had faith in Salvation which it proved in every way to me when I saw it.  Star Treks story sucked, sorry people but it did.  It was better than the worst Star Trek movies but pales in comparison to the really good ones like First Contact or Wrath of Khan.  Transformers was so-so. I liked the first one better.  Hangover was funny but I still think Old School was better. 

djphillips25 9/2/2009 7:40:05 AM

The summer movie season is supposed to be all about good, mindless fun. When did that become a bad thing? I personally love to go into a movie and turn off my brain and just be entertained. This was the season where popcorn flicks flourished, and that's a great thing. That's the reason that films like Transformers, X-men and GI Joe are released in the summer. I just want to be entertained. I don't care about the acting or complex characters in big, expensive hollywood blockbusters. Save that stuff for dramas. I don't care how good a film's visual effects are. These days, most of the time they look fake because we know they are fake. And who cares? I don't.

My personal picks for the summer: 

Transformers 2 - A loud, dumb action movie. I loved it.

GI Joe - Another loud, dumb action movie. I'm still lovin' it.

Distict 9 - Just a great sci-fi film. Story was just icing on the cake.

Star Trek - Surprise delight of the summer. Wanted so much to hate this.

Terminator - Smartly follows Terminator 3 and not the lackluster Sarah Connor Chronicles.

X-men - Great action flick.

Inglorious Basterds - Quentin Tarantino can do no wrong.

Halloween 2 - A smart, brutal horror film. The second surpise of the summer after Star Trek. This, along with Watchmen and Distict 9 get my vote for the 3 best films of the year so far.


Hobbs 9/2/2009 7:58:33 AM

I don't want to deny anyone their entertainment.  I like a mindless movie as much as the next person but as people have said on here before why should we lower our expectations if you have it for a specific movie?  They have been making creative, intelligent, fun movies for decades now.  So why did they take the creative and intelligent out of most of these summer movies? 

Avatar is a perfect example, I've already lowered my expectations for the special effects from what I've seen but I haven't lowered it for the story itself nor should I.  I expect better out of a story teller like Cameron and if it turns out to be a mindless movie I'll be very dissappointed.

monkeyfoot 9/2/2009 8:12:37 AM

I don't really get this list. It's comparing all these dissimilar movies to each other like they were individually competing with each other. Oh well, doesn't matter. The point of these list articles is to get people talking and arguing about them. I think it's a great move on the part of you Mania guys. Whether people hate the lists or love them, comment on them or not, they always attract attention. Good job.

And as always on these, I love the graphics designed for each entry.   

hanso 9/2/2009 8:12:47 AM

I am against going Full Retard in order to watch a movie. In Full Retard mode no movie can suck or be great.  Fuck that shit.

Kirk Lazarus said it best "Never go full retard"

Wiseguy 9/2/2009 9:00:25 AM

I enjoyed the vast majority of the summer fare, including GI Joe and Transformers but IMHO the Basterds were the highlight of the summer for me

Not that it matters but as bad as some say this summer was it stands to set the record for the best box office gross ever by the end of this holiday weekend, amazing, yes?

Chopsaki 9/2/2009 9:28:42 AM

This summer was pretty disapointing. I loved Star Trek and that was about it. Everything eles was mildly entertaining if not mediocre with GI Joe sucking royal monkey ass. Yo Joe you blow...

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