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Riddick316 9/3/2009 12:48:01 PM

I enjoyed Star Trek, District 9, Harry Potter, Wolverine and Transformers(I saw it online)-I was curious because I liked the 1st one,but heard horror stories about the 2nd one(it was ok).

I saw only these movies,and I liked them in this order.......

ultrazilla2000 9/4/2009 5:47:40 PM

I still don't understand everyone's crazed distaste for Revenge of the Fallen.  It's almost as if it's become "trendy" to bash on it...because I have yet to read any REAL legit reasons why it's hated to the point it is.  The effects were fantastic, best of the bunch this summer, yet even THAT gets ripped on?  Give me a break!  And as for the plot holes go...what summer action movie doesn't have them?  District 9 was FULL of them as well, yet for some reason it's now "trendy" to praise that movie for the same reasons Transformers is bashed?  I don't get it.  

1. What were the aliens doing here in the first place?  If smart prawn (forgot his name) was able to go for help at the end, why didn't he just do that to begin with, instead of coming HERE?

2.  The mother ship REALLY just hovered there for twenty years?!?  They couldn't have found some way of movie it?  If they can cut their way in, they can do SOMETHING over a 20 year span to move the damn thing.

3.  How did all the alien weapons get into District 9???  You really don't think EVERYTHING would have been confiscated by the military before they were even shuttled down off the mother ship?  Same goes for the mech suit!  The military is just going to let something like that exist in alien hands?

4.  The smart prawn actually built that shuttle craft underground???  Out of what?!?

Anyways, I know someone somewhere will think they can explain all this away, and that's fine, because I can do the same with any of the plot holes in Revenge of the Fallen.  Yes District 9 was a good movie, it was very interesting...but Revenge of the Fallen was ENTERTAINING, and I just think it's stupid to rip on something so much, and yet praise something else so high when it has obvious flaws as well. 

I'm done...my soap box is squished...

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