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ElBaz13 1/10/2013 9:07:29 AM


Avengers will not win. The nomination was just a token acknowledgment. This award usually goes to the movie that doesn't necessarily have the best SFX but the one with more critical recognition (or nominations)

2011 Hugo beat Transformers and Harry Potter (which had better sfx)

2002, Two Towers beat Episode 2. LOTR were good, but nothing beats ILM

I'm sure there are more examples.

Life of Pi is this year's Hugo.

Wiseguy 1/10/2013 9:20:14 AM

LOL violator

I'd like Avengers to win but Life of Pi is as equally deserving IMO. The effects there were pretty spectacular too


violator14 1/10/2013 9:20:21 AM

 Well it should! And im not just talking about the Hulk. The Iron Man special effects are always awesome and badass.

U know that reminds me, I was Just watching Iron Man last night cuz it was airing on television. And that scene where he's taking his armor off for the first time got me thinking how his ability to take off his armor has evolved. It's so cool how in part 1 he was having such a hard time taking it off in that scene where Pepper comes in and he says, "This is not the worst thing you caught me doing". And then in Avengers he's able to walk down that pathway and his armor is taken off him step by step. Btw does anyone know if that is in the comic books, or is that just the genius of the special effects guys? 

Anyways ElBaz, i still think it has a good chance.

hanso 1/10/2013 9:30:51 AM

 Balls I say!  I knew TDKR wouldnt get love once Skyfall started taking it away and the director race was too strong for Nolan to show up.  Guess he'll have to try with Interstellar next.  Anyway, I thought Skyfall would show up for best pic.  Looks like Ill have to check Silver Linings and Lincoln since they are probably the front runners.  I got Beasts of Southern Wild at home so 'll give it a look too.

I was rooting for Affleck to get a nom and win.  Its between King Spielberg and David o Rusell imo.

DarthBob 1/10/2013 9:33:55 AM

I don't really care about the oscars and I have no plans to watch as usual. I go see movies that interest me and not because they are advocated by a group of pretentious voters. However, the fact that The Avengers got a nod and TDKR didn't brought a smile to my face. The Avengers one ups TDKR again! I do believe that academy voters prefer dialogue that the viewer can actually understand. Nolan should have provided subtitles for Bane's garbled dialogue; might have gotten a best foreign picture nomination.

Tevii 1/10/2013 9:40:11 AM

 I'm sooooooo happy to see Nolan and TDKR didn't get anything. When they announced they were pushing for an Oscar nomination, I couldn't figure out why. The movie had absolutely zero reason to gain an Oscar. 


mellowdoux 1/10/2013 10:29:12 AM

 "...And the Oscar nominees in the category 'Best James Bond Film starring Daniel Craig & Javier Bardem' are..." ;)

Higgy 1/10/2013 10:55:15 AM

As if Avengers wasn't nominated for best picture.  It was clearly some of the best acting I've ever seen in a movie.  Joss Whedon deserves an Oscar.


blankczech 1/10/2013 12:42:56 PM

 As usual the comments are very entertaining.  Like the one that says The Avengers got an academy award nomination because "academy voters prefer dialogue that the viewer can actually understand."  Forgetting I guess, that the Avengers' nomination is for special effects which has absolutely nothing to do with dialogue.

Another commenter thought the acting in the Avengers "was clearly some of the best acting," he had ever seen in a movie.  To which I would say "Love is blind."  I think that kind of loyalty is a good thing.

I agree with Elbaz13 that the Special Effects nomination bestowed to The Avengers is just a token acknowledgment and the film probably will not win.  Even if Life of Pi doesn't get the award as expected, I thought the effects in Prometheus and The Hobbit were better than those in The Avengers.  Super heroes and Super villains flying around and smashing into skyscrapers and stuff has become fairly commonplace in movies.

Marvel Comics lovers can rest assured in the knowledge that The Avengers has all ready won the only award that really counts" Top money grossing movie of 2012. "  All the other awards are subjective and relative.  My 5 year old and 7 year old grandsons loved it and that carries a lot of weight with me.

InnerSanctum 1/10/2013 2:03:55 PM

 Um, what a crock.  Why I put zero stock in the Academy.  It is voted on by the industry elites.  And, I can say, they overlooked some of the best films this year.  

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