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Wiseguy 1/28/2013 10:01:35 AM

I think LINCOLN deserves to win everything except maybe best supporting actress because Anne Hathaway was sublime in Les Miserables

What's Downton Abby?

ElBaz13 1/28/2013 10:18:32 AM

Downton Abbey is a British TV period drama set in the early 20th century that chronicles an atristocratic family.

I have a few friends who watch it and like it. That premise doesn't really appeal to me unless they start fighting aliens, zombies and do some time traveling. :)

Dazzler 1/29/2013 4:55:26 AM

Still none of these movies are on my radio for even being good movies.  Have to wait for Spike awards as usual. 

blankczech 1/30/2013 11:39:11 PM

 Only one Mania writer posted a list of the best movies of 2012 on this website and he selected a musical -

 Les Mis    #1.  

No Aliens, Zombies, or Time Traveling in that one and while I'm not sure what a Spike Award is...given the channels machismo posture I doubt Les Mis will get one.

I can get a list of Golden Globe or SAG awards winners anywhere, I'm more curious to see what other Mania critics(besides Rob Vaux) thought were the best of 2012.





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