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madron 7/31/2012 1:13:33 PM

I came across your Bloodline/Priory of Sion related article, amongst others, whilst conducting my own research into exactly who this strange little weirdo, Nicolas Haywood, really is. My reason for researching him is totally unrelated to your Bloodline stuff, although I had read all that bunkum in the eighties.

The very same Nicolas Haywood spent several weeks last summer (2011) in the quaint little fishing village of Mousehole, Cornwall, UK, where I live. Early on he aroused much local interest by spending hours manically hugging and dancing with himself, both on the beach and in the streets around the harbour. Once established he went on to claim, to anyone who would listen, that he was actually Nick Heyward (note the different spelling) the English singer, songwriter and guitarist best known as the frontman of the early 1980s UK band, Haircut One Hundred. As evidence, he gave croaky renditions of Haircut 100s minor hits and even offered to perform at someone’s wedding! Astonishingly, many people actually believed him, until I proved that the five feet nothing little oddball didn’t even remotely look like the real six feet something Nick Heywood who can be viewed on YouTube performing at recent gigs in London.

And then, just as suddenly as he popped up, he disappeared – although his similarly odd Canadian girlfriend is still here renting the same house.

He was definitely the same guy, with the same condescending smirk, as in the several YouTube interviews about Bloodline but who the hell is he really? Ambassador of The Priory of Sion, adopted son of a Royal courtier, pop singing impostor, private dancer, or raving, multiple personality schizoid not taking his meds?
Has he gone off to investigate the many Cornish legends, will he come back claiming to be King Arthur’s heir, has he been bumped of by the Priory, is he in The Priory doing rehab?

So many unanswered questions. Perhaps someone should try to smooze up to the girlfriend to see if we can find out more.

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