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lyovmyshkin 9/22/2009 11:10:44 PM

Let's see how far the rabbit hole goes! Enigmas are the essence of obsession for those of us who fundamentally beleive in possibilties that exceed normality. (Bear in mind all religious souls, orthodox and esoteric fall under this description) it is a type of fanaticism indeed, based on faith for most part, like zealots and initiates of mystery schools, there is a carrot that we dangle in front of ourselves, it seduces, torments, betrays and confides in equal measure, like any lover!. :)

Thank you Lloyd and toeveryone else involved for your efforts, this truly is a SCIENTIFIC enigma so far, and unlike the crystal skulls, the pyramids in Eqypt and South America and any other number fo seemingly unresolvable disputes, an anwser for you and we watchers seems so close and tangible. Exciting times.

P.S. To wylddstar and Squid; You might as well go to any church and berrate the congregations ala Richard Dawkins. Altough your later posts weren't as teedious as you original ones, I couldn't help noticing that your arguments often centered on Lloyds conclusions. What do you care if he has made such conclusions, his conclusions are his own and a very important question is why they upset you so? "Know thyself", I know that for me there is an element of self seduction and faith involved in "mysteries" Think about where your reaction stems from because undeniably from the current data at our disposal this is an enigma. In terms off occams razor I cannot see any application here because the evidence presented seems to defy any definition at this point, there can be no shaving at this point because there is no scientific explanation which matches. Indeed plurality must exist! There is indeed a nescessity for plurals, because this is unresolved, your attack on Lloyds oppinion is a waste of time as far as my logic is concerned, and one of the time honoured sayings, in my family at least "All logic is specious, and too often used to avoid and protect our limits of comprehension and knowledge" or something like that. best of luck Lloyd. :)

Wyldstaar 9/23/2009 5:05:55 PM

Lloyd doesn't upset me at all lyovmyshkin.  I have continued to post a few more times because I enjoy a spirited debate.  Heck, I've been known to get into message board debates with people I actually agree with, if I see them using false logic to support their position. 

I am under no delusion that I can convince Lloyd that he's wasting his time.  If you choose to characterize my posts as a waste of time, that's fine.  I like to relax and blow off some steam by posting on some of my favorite websites.  You and Lloyd are posting here, wasting time as well.  My later responses focused on Lloyd's conclusions because Lloyd kept responding.  Then, the Daily Mail article became available to read, and I just couldn't resist.  It provided too many opportunities for me to pass up.

LloydPye 9/25/2009 5:56:00 PM

Lyovmyshkin: Thanks for your support of my position, if not my opinion. That's really the key, I think, separating opinion from position. I think you're right in that Wyldstaar and certainly the Squid seem to have trouble doing that. My position is that testing needs to be done, and my opinion is that its result will show the Starchild to be a human-alien hybrid. I base my opinion on ten years of research and fact gathering, while their negative opinion of my opinion is based on highly effective brainwashing that begins in first grade, if not kindergarten: "Science is never wrong. Sometimes it may not be exactly right, but it can never be entirely wrong because scientists have 'credentials' and are 'experts.' So Lloyd's opinion can't possibly be correct because it conflicts with the collective agreement of experts." And so we're stuck with their endless carping that my position, the testing, is not really worth anybody's time, especially my own, even though I know more about why I'm doing this than anyone on earth.

Wyldstaar: It's hard for me to imagine the level of arrogance it requires for someone like you, who knows virtually nothing about the facts behind the Starchild case, to come on a board like this and imply there is great sadness in the fact that you can't possibly convince me that I'm wasting my time pursuing the goal of simply finding out for certain, and beyond all possible scientific doubt, whether or not the Starchild is, or is not, a human-alien hybrid. What does it matter to you, really? Not a penny of the testing money will come out of your pocket, or Squid's for that matter, or any other critic or skeptic. So what's the problem? Why the attacks? Why the ridicule? Why the supercilious attitude that what I think has no value at all and I should just slink off into a cave somewhere and leave people like you to go on believing what you believe? Why can't you just take a "hands-off" approach and let the chips fall where they may?

Seriously, what is in this for you? What kick do you get out of trying to belittle me and the effort that has taken up ten full years of my life? Do you think I didn't have other things to do? Possibly better things to do? Because I actually did. I had a life before the Starchild, and nothing about it included UFOs or aliens. I had to learn everything I know about those from February of 1999. So let me assure you, and Squid, and all the others I've had to spar and battle with in the past decade, that I'm not a stupid man, nor a silly man, nor someone who enjoys the role of Don Quixote. It's not who I am at all. But by the end of 1999 I knew the Starchlld couldn't possibly be a human deformity, and I also knew that only genetic testing could prove one way or the other exactly what it was. So that's become the whole focus of the effort.

Testing. A simple word. Testing. Let's test it. Why can't you just quietly, politely step back and let me shove my ten years worth of life out onto the table and then throw the dice? What does it matter to you?....to any critics and skeptics? What are you risking? Nothing! I'm the one taking all the risk, the totality of it. If I'm wrong, only I will die carrying the stigma of it. So why can't you just stand aside and let me go for it? Why cause all this hassle for me along the way? What joy do you get from that? What kind of emotional or mental jollie does it give you? I wonder about that every time I come up agains someone like you telling me I should never have started on this path, and I should definitely just pack it in before the test even begins because, almost as if you're doing me a favor, "you can't possibly be right about it." And why? See the first paragraph....the "experts" have assured you that I can't possibly be right.

We're gonna need a helluva lot of crow, guys.....a helluva lot of crow.



OneTruth 11/27/2009 11:51:46 PM

Testing will not prove that God created the Starchild skull,  on the day of creation.  That He created it at an "age" of 900 years ago just bears testimony to His powers. It is the devils that has created all the subsequent argument. Lets all agree that maybe while not human, it is still one of God's creations. We are all children of the "stars".

Rolhaus 3/28/2010 10:01:16 PM

Mr. Pye, the promotions for your eBook claim that it contains irrefutable proof for the starchild's alien connection, yet you still want $250,000 for further DNA testing. That's some kind of overkill, isn't it?

Also, how does filming the DNA test "ensure its integrity"? In case you're not aware, film can be shot/edited/manipulated to convey any message the filmmaker wants to, and would never be accepted as proof in any scientific establishment or court of law. To give you an example, Star Wars was a fictitious story that should in no way be regarded as the absolute truth. Just so you know.

Wyldstaar 8/13/2010 9:09:03 PM

On the off chance that Rolhaus actually reads this...

Yes, it is true that film footage can be manipulated. It is also true that this process can be very expensive, if you want to manipulate the footage to the point that someone analyzing it can't tell the difference between the original material and the faked one. It would be expensive to the point of being cost prohibitive to fake the film. That's why all of those "alien autopsy revealed" sort of shows all got debunked. It's entirely possible with modern technology to fake an entire alien autopsy, even to the point of providing tissue samples for independent analysis. Of course, such a hoax would cost in the neighborhood of $50 million.

Please don't take the above statement to mean that I actually endorse anything from Lloyd. I think he's a goof, but I also believe that he's totally sincere in his position on the 'starchild'. He wanted the money because his "irrefutable proof" is nothing of the sort. Certainly nothing any reputable scientist would accept as proof, which is why he needs the test. A DNA test using the most modern methods is extremely difficult to refute, and since he genuinely believes it will give him the answer he expects, that's what he's trying to do.

I just visited his site again, to see how he was doing for a laugh.  Now he's got a YouTube video up stating that some of the new genetic testing has been done.  The name of this geneticist is a mystery, since Lloyd doesn't bother to say who he is in the video.  There is no mention of any of this DNA testing on his sites section on the matter.  This mystery scientist states (according to Mr. Pye) that there's genetic code that cannot be identified, which is exactly the same thing that Trace Genetics told him.  No actual scientist appears in his video.  All of the claims and ascertions continue to be made by Mr. Pye alone.  My personal favorite is when he explains how a human mother could breed with an alien.  There is of course no mention of how two beings with totally different genetics could concieve a child.  If his theory on the matter were true, then any species could be cross-bred with a human.

OneTruth 10/22/2010 1:15:00 AM

What interesting commentary.  Of course none of this rules out a more likely option that God created the "alien" and placed it on earth.  This of course doesnt require us to believe in other life forms on other planets, exhibiting advanced technology able to travel to earth etc.  To use Occam's razor technique, in the overall schema of unbelievable scenarios, it makes just as much sense to choose the one with the fewest assumptions as the most complicated one.

OneTruth 10/22/2010 1:31:01 AM

What interesting commentary.  Of course none of this rules out a more likely option that God created the "alien" and placed it on earth.  This of course doesnt require us to believe in other life forms on other planets, exhibiting advanced technology able to travel to earth etc.  To use Occam's razor technique, in the overall schema of unbelievable scenarios, it makes just as much sense to choose the one with the fewest assumptions as the most complicated one.

Wyldstaar 11/18/2010 7:44:47 PM

Did you really just try to use Occam's Razor as a proof for the existence of God (and thus the Starchild)?  Don't be absurd.  That's almost as bad as those "intelligent design" nutjobs.  Either you have faith in God, or you don't.  Trying to use science to justify your faith only proves that either you don't actually have faith, or you don't know anything about science.

I do however find the notion that God created the Starchild skull as a practical joke to be very funny.  It's always been obvious to me that She has a twisted sense of humor.

jnager 3/13/2012 7:08:23 PM

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