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ProfessorW 8/29/2009 1:31:50 AM

 This sounds like a very interesting book.  

However, I'm not sure that I'd agree that "the dissemination of information via the internet has made it much harder to indoctrinate the "sheeple" with propaganda than it has been in previous times".  Surely, the Internet has made it possible for any Tom, Dick or Harry to propagate inventions, myths and just plain lies on a scale which was unimaginable a hundred years ago?  And, from what one reads in the newspapers every day, there is no shortage of "sheeple" who are desperate to believe whatever pap is fed to them.  My guess is that the Internet is a heaven-sent breeding-ground for extremism, whether religious or otherwise.  One man's hysterical fantasies are another man's information...

Muenster 8/29/2009 6:05:44 AM

Oh for Pete's sake don't let Sonyman read this.

StarlightGuard 8/29/2009 6:18:48 AM

some people really, really just want the world to end


wow, I didn't know that THIS was the subject of Baigent's book....now I gotta go get it when it arrives

and thank you Hermione.......I mean Stella :)

LittleNell1824 8/29/2009 6:48:14 AM

I agree with the Professor. Let's say you're a fan of a Rush Limbaugh, and he says some things that make you wonder, so you to decide to learn more about them on the internet. But, you know that Rush don't lie - he says so himself and gets very angry when callers even imply it, so you only visit sites that agree with him, like The Drudge Report, The National Review, and Breitbart. This makes you feel that you're getting background information on your opinions, but you're just getting affirmations. The same is true if you watch The Daily Show and then back up Jon's opinions by reading news from Huffpost and The New York Times.

The internet makes it easy to feel that you've fact-checked your opinions and become more knowledgeable, when you're actually just finding one of the many websites that agree with popular figures or your own opinions. I can find tons of websites with a subtle white-supremacy bias - does that mean I've stumbled on some bigger truth? No. But, it does mean that I've found a lot of new places to feed my increasing paranoia about the inherent insanity of us.

LittleNell1824 8/29/2009 6:59:10 AM

Oh, and I have to agree with Baigent. I was raised in an evangelical church and have Southern Baptist relatives. These people want Armageddon, like, yesterday. They've spent their lives avoiding things that look fun, and they want their promised rewards right now. If the world doesn't end as "predicted" then all their worldly sacrifices have been for nothing. 

huskers97 8/29/2009 11:09:46 AM

even if we didnt have this christians jews and muslims warring aginst each other there would still be conflict...it is in human nature...there would still be war...like the cockfingerer in korea...though the muslims have taken it to an extreme level... not all christians jews and muslims think this way...in fact the vast majority dont and nell i have the same relatives....if you paid attention you would relaize they dont want amageddon, they want the return of christ and rapture, but the rest of what you said is  true.... armageddon is coming tho..whether biblically or not...its is in human nature to destroy ourselves...and that is what we are up to

Squid 8/29/2009 9:49:14 PM

If it's human nature to destroy ourselves... we're not doing a good job of it.  Shouldn't we have obliterated ourselves much earlier than this?  DvlDrvr13, in the article above, he points out that he's talking about Fundamentalists, not every person who holds to those three religions... and therein lies the problem.

It's the fundys we should be worrying about.  Basically, if you adopt an "I'm right, you're wrong, and I will not accept any proof to the contrary" you have become a fundamentalist.  Your mind is closed, and it's useless to try and change your mind, because you won't accept anything that might show your opinions to be wrong.  So, to support yourself and your ego, you seek out others like yourself... and the group grows stronger.  This pattern continues, groups swelling in size, until a crisis point is reached, and the group lashes out at their perceived oppressors.

This pattern of behavior runs throughout various groups... fundys, conspiracy theorists, monster hunters, basically anyone who has closed their mind off to contradictory evidence.  Alone, a single individual is not much of a threat, but in large groups, such people are dangerous.




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