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ElBaz13 1/27/2014 7:13:53 PM


Not sure where all these Singer supporters are. The only comments I'm reading on various websites and facebook are negative. Mostly about Quickflamer.

What bugs is Singer added him during the shoot, shortly after Whedon announced he was bringing it Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch in Avengers 2. Very douchebag move if you ask me. On top of that, he ruins the look completely. This looks like Impulse but in silver.


reek 1/27/2014 11:12:40 PM

 Man, the nerd rage on this one hit faster and harder than Batffleck.  Quicksilver hatred was even on Yahoo news by lunchtime today.  It looks like Singer has himself a littel PR problem.

DarthBob 1/28/2014 5:20:16 AM

Overall I think these look pretty good; the future Sentinel is totally bada$$!

makabriel 1/28/2014 6:30:56 AM

 I agree, Darth.  people LOVE to focus on the one negative out of the 25.  Honestly, I think the  new Toad looks worse than Quicksilver.  The future crew looks pretty nice and the Sentinel looks pretty creepy as well.  Not sure about Bishop though.

monkeyfoot 1/28/2014 6:35:30 AM

Yeah, Reek I agree: Nerdrage - its what's for dinner! And do you know what happens from nerdrage as has been proven countless times over the years - nuthin'. It has not been shown to change productions or even affect box office. Why? It's only a very small but vocal minority doing it.

hanso 1/28/2014 6:41:07 AM

Is the future Sentinentl the last one pictured, the all black one?  That one looks dope.

Quicksilver, I don't even know wtf is going on with that but I do like the goggles.

nemesis1_57 1/28/2014 7:48:46 AM

Out of all 25 covers only two look ok Pyro and the Future Sentinel but even that's wrong cause it look more like a Guillermo Del Toro creation.


ElBaz13 1/28/2014 7:55:46 AM

That's Sunspot, not Pyro

ElBaz13 1/28/2014 7:56:57 AM

Wasn't Rogue cut from the movie? Why bother with her on a cover?

reek 1/28/2014 10:10:41 AM

 @Monkeyfoot, I don' t thnk anyone would accuse me of being an optomist but I do actually thnk nerd rage, or at least fanboy involvement has helped to make comic movies better.  Of course many film directors and screen writers believe they are more talented than the writers that create comic books, even if those characters endure for 30, 40 or even 50 years.  As such, they feel too free to "re-imagine" these stories, usually to disasterous results.  Nevertheless, I think avoiding fanboy backlash has been one of Marvel Studios motivations, and until Mandaringate, they were doing a pretty good job.

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