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ElBaz13 1/28/2014 10:41:17 AM

Agree with you Reek.

Plus I suspect they are calming the fanboy rage with the Mandarin one-shot on the Thor TDW blu-ray.I heard rumours there is a real Mandarin in the picture. If Marvel Studios does indeed go ahead with this retcon, that means they listened to the nerd outrage.

Same goes for Agents of SHIELD. Fans complained on the lack of Marvel characters on the show. They listened and we will get Deathlok, Sif and Lorelei from the comics. Not Iron Man or Hulk but still a sign they want to cater to the fans with some limitations.

It's not just about the costume that nerds were outraged. It was the fact that Singer just added him in the movie while shooting. I think he was adding a mutant at the rate of 1 per 3 days of shoot last summer. There was nerd outrage out there back then.


Higgy 1/28/2014 11:27:51 AM

OMG LOL...Look at that big giant head on Colossus.  It looks like he has this puny body and this enormous head.

To be fair, when they first showed this they didn't have the future people showing up.  So we didn't get to see the rest of the crew.  I wonder if that future Sentinel is Nimrod?


kelso454 1/28/2014 12:37:40 PM

Sorry Singer supporters, Sentinels are way off, and they should be much larger.  Quiksilver looks terrible, the FUTURE SENTINELS?! COME......ON!!! Where did that come from!? Whoever made the comment that people will always find one thing wrong and not focus on the good is also off.  There IS one thing wrong but its a very BIG thing.....Singer was brought back to direct this garbage.

reek 1/28/2014 4:42:52 PM

 OK, I just went back and took a closer look at all the covers now that the Empire website has all of them up.  Quicksilver still looks the lamest but there are more than a couple in their (Warpath, Blink to name a couple) that remind me of a certain Shumacheresque Batman & Robin kind of cheese to them.  A bad costume doesn't mean a bad movie though.   I'm more concerned by how Singer seems to be shoehorning characters into this story to try to cover some checklist in his mind (SpiderMan 3anyone?) and how, since he is teasing Apocalypse for 2016, his DoFP movie is almost certainly going to end on a cliffhanger where Wolverine (because afterall, these are all just Wolvie movies aren't they) comes back to what is supposed to be a corrected timeline and finds...Oh No, Age of Apocalypse.  I was hoping for a re-boot to the X franchise before they tried to do Apocalypse.

ElBaz13 1/29/2014 6:35:20 AM

Wow! Nerd outrage galore.

The Quicksilver backlash is one of the top news on Yahoo homepage. LOL!

Wiseguy 1/29/2014 7:24:55 AM

Damn, fuck, God damn it all to hell, fu*#$@ mother&&(&$# son of a bit@# I swear to f&*@# $%#^&& ##% $#^

Well there goes most of the optimism I was clinging to for dear life.


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